Birthday Poems for Stepmom

Cute birthday poem message for stepmom

Birthday Poems for Stepmom: Popular culture has often portrayed stepmothers in bad light. Bond with your father’s second wife if you want to do your bit to shed this stereotype. Her birthday is a nice opportunity to write down the feelings in your heart and making a sweet poem out of it. This isn’t your regular greeting card so don’t be too cheesy. Talk about the relationship that you share with your step mom and reflect on how far you have come along. Show her that even though you are her stepchild, your maturity is way beyond your years. Your rhyme should be touching enough to change your stepmother’s perspective towards being a part of your family. Whether you love her or hate her, don’t forget that your stepmom is your father’s love. If not for anything else, do it for your father’s happiness.


1) Our journey together

Had a bittersweet start

We couldn’t see eye to eye

Or talk heart to heart

Our relationship together

Had a rocky foundation

With many obstacles

That created stress and tension

But thankfully all that ended

And everything is well

Now as mother and child

In each other’s heats we dwell

Happy birthday


2) I never knew

That a stepmom could be so loving

I had no idea that

That she could be so endearing

I was unaware about

A stepmom’s goodness

I was ignorant that she too

Could bring happiness

Thanks for smashing down

All these stereotypes for me

By being the best

Stepmom there could ever

Happy birthday


3) Dad’s happiness comes from you

And my happiness comes from dad

After your marriage with him

Not a single day he’s been sad

The fact that you make him happy

Makes me a happy man too

That is the reason why

I will always respect you

Happy birthday


4) If I put myself in your place

I would hate me a lot

For the way I treated you

The misery on you, I brought

It must have been so tough

To carve your own way

Into the lives of two kids

Who wanted you to go away

But you put up with us

Showing so much resilience

I applaud your hard work

Your unfailing patience

As a note of thanks

For what you’ve done

We want to confess today

That you are a wonderful person

Happy birthday


5) I am lucky girl

To not have one angels but two

Looking over my life

That’s my mother and you

I am fortunate to have

Two mothers of different kind

One given by Nature

The other being my destiny’s find

Happy birthday


6) I don’t want to know the reason

That you became my dad’s new wife

I don’t want to get into the details

Of why dad didn’t like his earlier life

I don’t want to taint my thoughts

With irrelevant biases

Like the rest of my family

I don’t want any prejudices

Because you are my father’s choice

I accept you wholeheartedly

Giving you a warm welcome

Into your new family

Happy birthday


7) The role of a stepmom

Is really tricky

But you aced being one

To my sister and me

Our expectations from a stepmom

You have surely surpassed

For in the last few years

So much joy we have amassed

Apart from a great stepmother

You are a lovely friend to us both too

We may not express it often

But we both do care about you

Happy birthday


8) For you, the word stepmother

Is an unnecessary label

For I consider you to be

My mother who is special

Even the tag of second mom

For you, isn’t applicable

Because you are a mother

Who is truly incredible

Happy birthday


9) It must have been tough for you to enter

A family offering nothing but resistance

Putting effort in befriending kids like us

Who showed nothing but hesitance

It must have been an ordeal to live

In a home with such a cold ambience

Not uttering a word of complaint

Always suffering in silence

For all those moments of pain

Dear mom, we apologize

We confess that in our lives you have

Been a very pleasant surprise

Happy birthday


10) Instead of malice you gave me so much love and care

Instead of hate you gave me lovely memories to share

Instead of cruelty and spite you gave me relief

Instead of worrying me you took away all my grief

Instead of nastiness you gave me an embrace

Your arrival in our house gave life a new phase

You aren’t a stepmother, you are my new chum

Having you around means I’ll never be glum

Happy birthday

Sweet birthday greeting card for stepmom

11) Being related by blood

Is not what makes a relationship

It is made by the strength of trust

And the warmth of a friendship

Sharing the same genes

Is not what creates a connection

It is the love and care

That makes for a relation

Such is our story as well

We aren’t related by blood too

But despite of that, dear mom

You love me and I love you

Happy birthday


12) I couldn’t understand why

My mom wasn’t right for my father

I hated being forced into

Accepting a new stepmother

I felt sick in the stomach thinking

That my dad got himself a new spouse

I detested having a random person

Taking decisions in my house

But over a period of time you ensured

That my feelings for you evolved

Putting effort in our relationship

You got all problems solved

I wish a happy birthday to a person

Who I’m glad to have in my life

As my dear friend and new mom

Not just as my father’s second wife


13) Our relationship is not biological

But that doesn’t make you any less special

You haven’t given me birth in a hospital

But that doesn’t make you any less exceptional

We haven’t been connected by an umbilical chord

But that doesn’t stop me from thanking the Lord

For picking me to be your stepson

And giving me a stepmom who is a great person

Happy birthday


14) The word step was never

A part of my dictionary

To think like that about you

Would never occur to me

I have never viewed you

As my father’s second wife

You will always be a part

Of my family and my life

Happy birthday


15) There isn’t much of an age difference

Between the both of us

But that isn’t the reason why

I should be making such a fuss

At the end of the day you are

The woman my dad has chosen

So maybe we both should try

To be happy and have some fun

Let this birthday mark the start

Of our new relationship

Forget bring stepmom and stepdaughter

And forge a new friendship

Happy birthday


16) I wonder why stepmothers

Have always been shown in a bad light

I wonder why they are depicted

As having undue might

I wonder why they are painted

As people who are cruel

The source of all the fights

And arguments that they fuel

For you, are the exact opposite

To the rule, you are an exception

I thank fate for giving me a stepmom

For whom I have nothing but admiration

Happy birthday


17) I hope I emerge a winner

In being a good stepson to my stepmother

I hope I become successful

In having a heart like her which is beautiful

I hope I am victorious

In aping her to be as generous

I hope I too can be a champion

And emulate her to be a good person

Happy birthday


18) It’s not your fault

That my parents went through

An ugly divorce

It wasn’t because of you

I don’t blame

You for breaking up our family

Maybe that is just how

It was meant to be

Although I admit I will always

See you as mom number two

Here’s wishing happy birthday

With love from me to you


19) Although there was

Lots of stress and tumult

My parents’ divorce

Led to just one good result

I got introduced

To a new person

Who made my life happy

Full of cheerfulness and fun

I have forgotten all the bitterness

Hoping that you have too

On your birthday please forgive me

In any way, if I’ve hurt you

Happy birthday


20) Of a loving stepmother

You are a true example

For me you are a woman

Who is really special

From my mentor to my friend

You have been everything to me

Never having slipped up

On a mother’s responsibility

Of all the stepkids in the world

I am one of those lucky few

Have a happy birthday

Mom, I love you

Beautiful birthday card poem to stepmom from daughter

21) So what if we aren’t a real mother daughter duo

Better than most people, each other we know

So what if we don’t share the same DNA

We love each other in every possible way

So what if you haven’t seen any of my childhood

We have shared many other memories that are good

So what if the world calls you my stepmother

I will always love you as my real mom, now and forever

Happy birthday


22) The wall, barrier and partition

Between a stepmother and her stepchildren

The artificiality and the manipulation

In their relationship which causes frustration

Of popular culture is a depiction

This image has no authentication

The genuine and real illustration

And the perfect demonstration

Of the dynamics of a step relation

Is the one between you and your children

Happy birthday


23) When my parents divorced

My life was scarred

All reasons of being happy

In my life, I had barred

I was totally plunged

In a world of darkness

With no light of hope

Or any happiness

But then you arrived

Not just as my stepmother

But by showing me joy

You became my savior

Happy birthday


24) I admire you

For you, are a woman of substance

I respect you

For you, command reverence

I like you a lot

Because you have never misused

Your role as our stepmom

You have never abused

This is the reason why

I have never seen you as an outsider

Here’s wishing a happy birthday

To my dearest stepmother


25) You have given me so much love

That you could cause serious embarrassment

To all the real mothers of the world

Who have failed to show their kids commitment

You have put in so much time for me

That you could put many mothers to shame

For making these women insecure

You could be the one to blame

Because you are an awesome stepmom

You beat real moms at parenting too

You deserve an awesome life ahead

I wish a happy birthday to you