Birthday Poems for Grandma

Touching birthday quote rhyme to grandma from dranddaughter or grandson

21) A grandmother’s smile

Is like a candle’s flame

The darkness of sorrow

It can easily tame

A grandma’s tender hug

Is like a balm to the heart

Even after a weary day

It can give a head start

A grandma’s advice

Is like a secret key

To living life without

Stress and anxiety

Happy birthday


22) Dear nana…

Ever since I was a toddler

You have treated me like I was special

Your role in my life

Has been so important and crucial

I love you a lot

And appreciate your wisdom, so sound

Even if I went around the world

A person like you, I would never have found

Happy birthday


23) What would our family do

If we weren’t blessed with a grandmother like you

From where would we seek advice

If it weren’t for your wisdom, so calm and nice

Who would we go to, when we face trouble

If it weren’t for your warm hugs that made our happiness double

Thank you grandma for always being around

If it weren’t for you, in our own mistakes we would have drowned

Happy birthday


24) Dear grandma…

Forget that you have aged

Think about how far you’ve come

Forget the problems you have right now

Think about how your family is so awesome

Forget what you have missed in life

Think about what you have achieved

Forget the things that God didn’t give you

Counts the blessing that you have received

Happy birthday


25) Ever since I was born

You have cocooned me

Since my childhood

You pampered me silly

Even while I was growing up

You bathed me in affection

When I was an adult

You gave me motivation

In every phase of my life

You’ve been my pillar to lean on

Time will change circumstances

But the memories will never be gone

Happy birthday


26) When I was small

You held my hand

When I grew a little

You played with me in the sand

Then I grew up a little bit more

I realized how much love for me, you had in store

Now I have become a big girl

I realize that I love you more than anyone in the world

Happy birthday grandma


27) My dearest gran

I am your biggest fan

I wouldn’t know what to do

Without consulting you

Your hugs are synonymous with comfort

You calmly hear everything that I blurt

My life is incomplete without your touch

I love you very much

Happy birthday


28) Your whole life, you have

Done nothing but give and give

All your sacrifices and selflessness

Is why, we blissfully live

What would mum be without you

What would I be without mum

So ultimately you are the reason

For all of us being so awesome

Happy birthday


29) Kids who have been good

Through their growing years

Get the best grandmas

Who always hold them dear

Kids who have been nice

And responsible all along

Get blessings from their grandma

That always keeps them strong

Since I have been nice

Well behaved and responsible

I too got a grandma like you

Caring, loving and a bit too special

Happy birthday


30) Dear grandma…

The whole family has gathered

To celebrate your birthday with grandeur

We will pamper you like a queen today

A fantastic time, is what we want to ensure

After all, you dedicated your life

To bringing us all up in the best possibly way

We are thankful for everything you have done

Thank you, is what we want to say

Happy birthday