Birthday Poems for Grandma

Sweet birthday card poem for grandmother

Birthday Poems for Grandma: Grandmothers are cute, gullible and adorable. They care for their grandchildren and love spoiling them. Just like how your nan showered you with birthday wishes and gifts when you were a child, make her birthday a special celebration too. Come up with the sweetest quotes and write them on your own handmade greeting card to wish your grandma a happy birthday. The effort will show her how much you love being her grandson or granddaughter. Ideally you would want to get the whole family together for a quaint celebration over dinner. Visit your grandma and spend some time with her by yourself if the family get-together doesn’t seem likely.


1) A woman so graceful

So fine and beautiful

A woman with a penchant

For everything elegant

A woman with poise

And refined choice

My dear grandmother

Like you, there is no other

Happy birthday


2) Kids who don’t have grandmas

Would never come to know

How life without one

Can be so dull and low

Kids who haven’t seen

A grandma’s love and care

Of life’s sweetest emotions

Would never be aware

But God has give me

No such chance to complain

Thanks Heavens, I have you

Else I would have gone insane

Happy birthday


3) Soft and tender

Is her heart

Yet she is crackling wise

And uber smart

Sweet and affectionate

Are her ways

To listen to her advice

It always pays

Happy birthday grandma


4) I hope I have your genes

Not just those of mom and dad

For I want those qualities

That you have always had

I want your intelligence

Dexterity and grace

I want your agility

Along with your beautiful face

I want everything that would

Make me your replica

Because you are the most

Amazing woman, dear grandma

Happy birthday


5) Although your hands are jittery

And you are a little fidgety

Although you have become finicky

And a bit emotionally touchy

Although you are sometimes grumpy

And also slightly moody

I still think you are sweet, cute and funny

Happy birthday to the most awesome granny


6) All these years you have spoiled me enough

But you have also taught me how to be tough

How can I forget all the fun times that we shared

Patience and concern for me, how you have always spared

Your wise words and warm hugs, I will never forget

I will draw inspiration from them, whenever I am upset

Happy birthday, to the most amazing grandmother

Like your impact on my life, there can be no other


7) Even this gift, card and flowers

Can never remotely convey

How much you mean to me

In every little way

Thanks for understanding me

When I was understood by no other

You have been undoubtedly

The world’s best grandmother

Happy birthday


8) Not many grandchildren

Are as lucky as me

To get a grandmother like you

In life’s scorching journey

You are not just my grandmother

You mean a lot more to me

A grandma, friend and a mentor

And my closest buddy in the family

Happy birthday


9) You are my dear nan

You are my lovely gran

You are my sweetie

You are so lovely

You are like my pal

You are such a fun gal

You are so adorable

Granny, you are so special

Happy birthday


10) Looking straight through all my ways

Interpreting all the expressions on my face

My grandma is super duper cool

She is my life’s unofficial school

Understanding all my problems and confusion

She brings about the sweetest solutions

Knowing exactly what is going on in my heart

My grandma has been my favorite from the start

Happy birthday