Birthday Poems for Grandma

Beautiful birthday greeting card poem for grandma

11) Dear grandma…

Never-ending, is your life’s vision

Still vivid, is your imagination

Timeless, is your vintage fashion

Endless is for you, our affection

Your life, is sheer motivation

To live our own, sans frustration

Still strong, is your determination

Don’t ever stop being an inspiration

Happy birthday


12) Apart from my friends

I always had you to go to

When my besties couldn’t understand

Why I was feeling blue

Apart from mum and dad

You were always there

Not just in your mere presence

But to genuinely give me care

You have been

My life’s softest cushion

Grandma, you are truly

One in a billion

Happy birthday


13) Grandmothers are fun

Because they love you a ton

Grandmothers are nice

Because they are full of surprise

Grandmothers are sweet

They always bring you many a treat

Grandmothers are the best

Because they put all your worries to rest

Happy birthday dear grandma


14) My grandma may have a wrinkly face

But no one can keep up with her pace

My grandma may not have a very chic look

But she is a diva on Facebook

It may have been a while, since nana went to college

But she has a lot of prudence and knowledge

My grandma is much more than what’s meets the eye

My love for her, it is impossible to quantify

Happy birthday, my dear grandmother


15) My grandma is funny and cute

She is a person no one can dare refute

My grandma never thinks twice

Before pampering me, with things so nice

My grandma is caring and loving

Her warm hugs will never stop trending

Not ordinary, my grandma is so unique

Her love and pampering, is all I seek

From her caring ways and her prudence

I have always got a lot of guidance

This short little poem is my own

Tribute to the love she has shown

Apart from her massive contribution

She is also my life’s biggest inspiration

Happy birthday


16) Dear grandma…

I still remember the way

You put your hand on my head

To drive my worries away

Before tucking me into bed

I also remember how

You closely watched me grow

From a toddler to an adult now

All your nurturing really shows

Happy birthday


17) In our family pictures

When I look at you

I don’t just see a grandma

But a dignified lady too

In our family reunions

When I see you up and about

The fact that you are the best

I confirm, without a doubt

Every time I need inspiration

Or a breath of fresh air

I know for me, dear grandma

You will always be there

Happy birthday


18) Fond memories of childhood

When we both used to play

Will always be in my heart

In my mind, they will always stay

Thanks for your beautiful touch to my life

In more ways than one

Happy birthday, dear grandma

Life without you would have been no fun


19) Cotton candies and baby dolls

Is what my grandma bought me when I was small

Nothing has changed since I have grown

More and more love, my grandma has shown

Many of my precious childhood memories

I owe to no one but my darling granny

Today I wish her a happy birthday with all my might

My nana, I never want to let her out of my sight


20) Most grandmas have walking sticks

But you are so youthful

At your age like you

I too want to be beautiful

Most grandmas look dull and tired

But your face is flawless

When I become old and fragile

I too want to be faultless

In short I aspire to be

Whatever you are right now

Happy birthday grandma

I will always love you and how