Birthday Poems for Ex-girlfriend

Sweet birthday poem for ex-girlriend to write on a greeting card

Birthday Poems for Ex-Girlfriend: Constantly staring at your ex’s Facebook thinking whether to send her a birthday wish or not? Having second thoughts about giving her a small gift? As long as you don’t cross any boundaries, rake up bitter memories of your breakup or instigate feelings of anger, there’s nothing wrong in saying that you miss her and cherish your friendship. Sending her a sweet quote in a greeting card is sure to make her break into a nostalgic smile. If you want to keep a safe distance, wish her on Facebook or Twitter with a platonic message. Just avoid bringing in a romantic angle – she might have started dating someone else.


1) It is time to forget

Our bitter past

Begin a new friendship

To make it last

Forget the hurt

We’ve given each other

Be better friends

Understand one another

Start a friendship

All over again

Erase all memories

Of anger and pain

Happy birthday


2) I am not one of those guys

Who thinks of his ex-girlfriend as his enemy

Not I am one of those

Who cannot see things practically

I don’t happen to be the one

Who thinks about taking revenge

For me nor you are

The girl I want to avenge

I am just one of those guys

Who thinks it’s okay

To wish my ex-girlfriend

A friendly happy birthday


3) I can never forget this date

Even if I wish to

Even though of you I have

Many memories that make me blue

Even if I clear my mind

And make it a clean slate

To wish you on your birthday

I wouldn’t hesitate

Happy birthday


4) It is time for me to break the ice

Lose apprehensions and be nice

It is time for me to stop the fight

And to argue who was right

It is time for me to undo

The hurt that I have caused you

Let me make a fresh new start

By wishing you well with all my heart

Happy birthday


5) Wishing an ex-girlfriend

On her birthday is not a crime

To get back together as friends

Is a good thing, anytime

Today is the right occasion

To say sorry and repent

To make up for all the hurt

Please accept the gift I have sent

Happy birthday


6) I would be lying if I said

That I have forgotten you birthday

The truth is that I am wondering

To you what I should say

May you get the best of everything

You deserve nothing less

Even though I am your ex-boyfriend

For you, I wish only happiness

Happy birthday


7) I wish I could cuddle you

On your birthday

With your hair I wish

I could fondly play

I wish I could take

Your hand and place it in mine

And celebrate your birthday

With a bottle of wine

Happy birthday


8) I don’t know if you

Have a new boyfriend yet

But if you do, please tell him

He has no reason to fret

This text message from me

Is just a friendly way

To forget the past and wish

You a happy birthday


9) I hope that you get the best in life

But I secretly hope that you don’t get a new guy

I hope that you get all that you desire

But not a new boyfriend, even if you try

I hope that you achieve all your dreams

But I secretly hope that you stay single

If you ever decide to get back with me

My happiness, you will double

Happy birthday


10) I still remember your birthday

Because my bond with you was strong

By wising you today

I don’t think I am doing anything wrong

Wishing you has given me

A reason to keep in touch

I don’t do it out of a formality

But because I like you very much

Happy birthday

Cute friendship quote from ex-boyfriend to ex-girlfriend after breakup

11) We are exes

Not enemies of each other

It doesn’t matter if

We aren’t together

We will always be friends

For the times to come

In spite of our past

Our friendship will blossom

Happy birthday


12) I still think that

You are a cool gal

Even though you are

Now just a pal

I still see you

As my dear friend

Even though our relationship

Has come to an end

I still feel that

Even after a breakup with you

My good wishes

Will never discontinue

Happy birthday


13) The happy days we spent

With each other are gone

But that does not give me

A reason to be forlorn

I still prize the friendship

That still remains

Even though when I think

About our past, it pains

But today I will put

All those thoughts aside

I want to see a smile

On your face, bright and wide

Birthday candles on your cake

As you blow one by one

I hope that your life is

Always full of joy and fun


14) This poem is to make you see

Your special day doesn’t matter to me

Because you cruelly broke my heart

My feelings, you just ripped apart

While you have fun on your birthday

My heart is going through decay

But that shouldn’t cause a disruption

In your lame birthday celebration

Happy birthday


15) There is no point of dragging

Our breakup in every conversation

There is no reason to

Spoil your birthday celebration

Getting into a hateful rant

There is no need for me to

This message is just for

Wishing a happy birthday to you


16) As a tribute to our relationship

I have our old picture on Facebook

You look beautiful in it

Because that’s a picture I took

I have tagged you in that photo

Just to remind you of all that fun

On your birthday today

I hope you have a good one


17) Today my iPhone beeped

With a reminder which I knew

Would be for your birthday

And that made me blue

After thinking whether

I should text you or not

I decided that I should

For I still like you a lot

Happy birthday


18) I don’t have the courage

To face you upfront

For my mistakes I am

Facing the cruel brunt

If I didn’t cheat on you

Or smother you with my lies

Nothing would have come

In between our ties

On your birthday today

The least I can do

Is send you my good wishes

And say happy birthday to you


19) I have permanently deleted

The memories I made with you

I have forever erased

My love for you so true

I have totally wiped out

From my very soul

Any trace or mark

Of your important role

But one thing that I can’t forget

Is your birthday each year

Today I will wish you

Without even coming near

Happy birthday


20) Old habits die hard

Which is the reason why

I can’t forget your birthday

Even if I try

But I’m glad that this habit

Did not die too fast

By wishing you every year

At least our friendship will last

Happy birthday

Romantic missing you message for ex

21) It’s unfortunate that

We weren’t meant to be

It’s painful that

A future, we couldn’t see

It feels terrible

To look back on our past

And see how our bond

Just couldn’t last

But for you always

The best I will wish

Our memories I will

Always cherish

Happy birthday


22) Every time I think of you

My face breaks into a smile

But before I can give you a call

I pause and think for a while

Although you are my ex-girlfriend

And things are not the same between us

I hope this birthday message

Doesn’t create a fuss

I miss you


23) There are so many things

I would have told you on this day

But those things now I will

Never be able to say

There are so many moments

That I would’ve shared with you

But by breaking up

That opportunity I blew

Let me feel some relief

By wishing you on your birthday

To feel good about myself

That is only way

Happy birthday


24) No matter how bad

Things get between us

No matter if there

Is a really big fuss

No matter how hard

We fight and battle

One thing will always

Remain special

Wishing each other

On our birthdays

Is something we’ll never

Abandon in any way

Happy birthday


25) Nothing can erase

Your birthday from my memory

Even if I try, I wouldn’t

Be able to do it successfully

For this date is engraved

In my mind forever

It has nothing to do

With us being together

Happy birthday


26) Your love has disappeared

Without leaving a trace

Your smile for me

Has been wiped out from your face

Your feelings for me have

Evaporated into thin air

No part of your identity

With me you want to share

Although you have chosen

To show me a cold shoulder

I’ll still wish you happy birthday

Even though we’re not together


27) Things between two people

Don’t change suddenly

Emotions and feelings

Don’t disappear abruptly

Vibes that two people share

Don’t disappear overnight

Even though everything

Between them isn’t alright

The same feelings and emotions

That I once felt for you

Until this day and forever

To feel I continue

Happy birthday


28) Our happy memories

I always savor

I cherish the times

We were together

The things we did

And the places we went to

I am reminiscing while

Wishing a happy birthday to you


29) A special message

For a special lady

Although my ex now

But more like a buddy

A charming girl

Who will always be

As a dear friend

Very close to me

Happy birthday


30) Nothing can stop us

From becoming friends

Our beautiful friendship

Nothing can ever end

Nothing can make us feel

Hate towards each other

Just because we are

Not with each other

On your birthday I hope

To strengthen our bond more

For you are the a friend

Who I truly adore

Happy birthday