I Miss You Messages for Ex-Girlfriend: Missing You Quotes for Her

I miss you message for her memories of ex girlfriend boyfriend

I Miss You Messages for Ex-Girlfriend: Before you even think about sending a text to your ex, think again. Even a seemingly harmless message can create heaps of complications, especially in a situation where love, breakup, heartbreak and loneliness are at the core. If you think that you want to send her a sweet quote or a cute note despite all the drama, take ideas from this post. Read them and be inspired to express your feelings for her. Write down the words that come from your heart and send it to her as a text or a post on Facebook. If you want to be more cryptic about the fact that you are missing her, upload a few heartbreaking images on Pinterest. She might see through the desperation and understand that there is still some love left. Whatever you do, make sure that think the whole thing through. You might end up facing her wrath if she is still reeling under the painful memories of your breakup.


1) Painfully long months have gone by, but your memories still make me wanna fly. I miss you.


2) I miss the moments we hugged to forget life’s sorrows. I miss the times we laughed and lived carefree. I miss the times we cuddled until the sun came up. I miss you… please come back to me.


3) Ever since you have walked away, it feels like I am stuck in a time warp. My memories are clinging on to the past, my heart is stuck in a void and my soul hinging on to the bright light at the end of the tunnel. I miss you.


4) Every fleeting second that we spent together, is a precious memory that I am clinging on to. But memories are no longer pacifying my heart, I need you.


5) Cupid shot an arrow in my heart when I fell in love with you. Now that we are apart, it feels like someone is twisting that arrow mercilessly while it is still wedged inside. I miss you.

Missing you quote give me one more chance for ex girlfriend

6) A momentary respite from the darkness in my life is when I think about what if we our relationship one more chance. I miss you.


7) Even though you are my ex, even though we have moved apart. Even though you have made it clear, that I am no longer in your heart. Just about all the time, there are moments when I think about us two. I can’t help but imagine what if we were still together…. I miss you.


8) Your name is on my lips, your memories are in my mind. Your love is in my heart, your presence is in my soul. I miss you.


9) Even though you dumped me and chose to walk away… my heart is yet to accept this even today.


10) I realize that we can’t be in a relationship any more, the fights and arguments have made everything sore. My heart realizes that we aren’t together right now, but it still misses you and how.

Thinking about you quote for ex girlfriend boyfriend lonely

11) I can think about you all I want but that doesn’t change the fact that my life is drowning in loneliness. I miss you.


12) Missing you is the only thing that gives me pain and happiness at the same time. xoxo


13) I deleted all your texts but I couldn’t remove the memories in my heart. I miss you.


14) I don’t know what I did to deserve this heartbreak, but I definitely know that I have suffered enough to deserve your love once again. I miss you sweetheart.


15) I always thought that I was a strong guy until you walked away. I have been brought down to my knees ever since… making me realize that the source of my strength were your hugs. I miss you.

I miss you message for her still in love with you

16) It took me only a few moments to fall in love with you, but it is taking me forever to move on. I miss you.


17) How can I move on when I never wanted to walk away? I miss you.


18) Every single night I go to sleep hoping that I will wake up to the beautiful sight of your sun-kissed face. I miss you.


19) Nothing can change the way I feel about you, not even a nasty breakup that we had. I still think about you and reminisce about the good times we shared… although it makes me sad. I miss you.


20) I want to experience the warm feeling I got when I hugged you, the shivers I got when I kissed you and the happiness I got when I loved you. I miss you.

Missing you message for ex still love you dont pretend denial

21) I am tired of being in denial. I don’t want to lie any more. I am sick of pretending. Baby, I miss you from my core.


22) I will ask my mind to forget your memories. But how will I ask my heart to forget your love? I miss you.


23) You may have walked out of my life but I will never stop missing you, because I never wanted to say goodbye. I miss you.


24) I know we will never be able to fix what we have broken… but the bond that we once shared, is still second to none. I miss you.


25) You broke my heart but it still beats for you. You pushed me in the pool of loneliness but I still hope that one day you will come back and rescue me from drowning in my misery. I miss you.

Missing you quote to girl from boy aboutsmiels and tears

26) Thinking about you brings a smile to my face but realizing that you are not mine anymore brings tears in my eyes. I miss you.


27) I can’t forgive you, but that is a small problem. I can’t forget you either… that, is the big problem. I miss you.


28) Our breakup sucked the life out of me. Baby, come back and rescue me from my deathbed. I miss you.


29) The flames of heartbreak may have burned me down, but the soothing hope of love has still kept my heart beating for you. I miss you.


30) Loving you was easy. Leaving you was difficult. Saying goodbye was painful. Missing you… is a nightmare.

Sweet missing you card message from ex-boyfriend about love and memories

31) Marred by a bitter end, our love wasn’t always rosy. But nothing can steal, the beautiful memories from me. I miss you.


32) My heartbreak, that you have caused. But still, without you my life has paused. My ex, that you may be. But still, you mean the world to me. My past, that you are. But still, my dark night’s shining star.


33) My mind refuses to let go of your memories. My heart refuses to let go of your love. I refuse to let go of YOU.


34) The tears in my eyes have run out but I still can’t stop crying. I miss you.


35) Time has not healed my wounds. It has only deepened the gash by sprinkling hot embers of loneliness all over my heart and soul. I miss you.

Sad I Miss You message from guy to ex-girlfriend

36) Every sunrise gives me the hope that I will have you in my arms again. But every sunset painfully reminds me of the darkness that lies ahead. I miss you.


37) Sometimes, I close my eyes and pout my lips, hoping that I will be kissing you when I open my eyes again. I miss you.


38) I miss you so much that I still think that our breakup is just a nightmare which will get over soon.


39) A life spent missing you seems like a life sentence titled… To Rot for a Lifetime in Loneliness, Sadness and Tears.


40) lovI need an elevator which will take me to the heavens and back because I miss the angel in my life. I miss you.