I Love You Poems for Ex-Girlfriend: Poems for Her

Poem for ex-girlfriend desperately waiting for you to come back

I Love You Poems for Ex-Girlfriend: Looking for ways to tell your ex that you are still not over her? Nothing can come close to the heart-melting charm of a romantic poem, handwritten on a note or a card. You must lay your heart bare if you want her back in your life. Think about your breakup, think about the pain of heartbreak and think about how loneliness is rotting you from inside. Write down all these sad feelings on a piece of paper and put it all together in a short rhyme. Tell her how sorry you are and let her know that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get a second chance. Maybe she is still thinking about you, maybe she is missing you – but you will never find out unless you tell her how you feel.


1) Like a wasteland, my existence

Has become barren and dry

The only sign of life is when

I purge my emotions, as I cry

Your voice echoes in my head

As if you were not far, but near

For long, I know I cannot sustain

Being lonely, without you here

Agonizingly, day after day

I am sinking in a pit, bottomless

Desperately clinging on to hope

That you’ll pull me out of this mess


2) Jealousy eats me up from within

When I see you with other guys

I can’t believe I let you go

I can’t believe I said goodbye

I am sorry for being selfish

I am sorry for giving you pain

But I promise to redeem myself

If you take be back again

I love you


3) Our relationship, with its curves and bends

The love, along with its ups and downs

Life with you, along with its twists and turns

Why did these beautiful things, have to end

Our kisses, so dreamy and romantic

Our hugs, so warm and comforting

Our cuddles, so cute and adorable

I had everything, but now, I have nothing

I apologize, for all my mistakes and lies

I am sorry, for the hurt and pain

I am regretting, for letting you go away

I love you like crazy, give me a chance again


4) You are not my friend

Nor are you my enemy

You are my life’s

Most precious memory

Even though you are my ex

I don’t want you to be my past

Let’s forget the bitterness

Baby, I want our love to last

I love you

Sad breakup poem for her ex-girlfriend relationship

5) The only thing I was afraid of

Was from my life, losing you

The day you walked away

All my fears came true

I don’t know what to do

In loneliness, I’m suffocating

As I ponder over what lies ahead

Even the silence is deafening

I love you


6) I have tried moving on

I tried hard to forget you

But instead of depleting

My love for you grew

My heart has spoken

For you, it is aching

Please come back

You, are my everything

I love you


7) I hate the way we fought

I hate the way we argued

I hate the way we broke up

I hate the battles that ensued

I hate that HATE

Got the better of us two

But no matter how much it pains

I can never, ever hate you

I love you


8) Time may have passed

But I haven’t moved on

Never in my life, I believe

Will there be a new dawn

Darkness, has enveloped

My life, my soul, my heart

Stuck forever, in this gloom

Until we stop being apart

I love you

Love poem for ex-girlfriend I still love her

9) Why did it comes to this

Why did it all crumble apart

We had everything going for us

We were perfect, from the start

I can’t believe we let

Little things get in our way

I wish, time could be turned

Back to those beautiful days

I love you


10) I take the entire blame

For the dirt that we threw at each other

I take full responsibility

For the way we moved away from one another

All these months of loneliness

Have taught me a cruel lesson

The solitude and despair

Makes me regret what I’ve done

Give me a chance to redeem myself

Give me a chance to show you my love

Give me a chance to make you smile

From our bitter past, let’s rise above

I love you


11) I deleted my Facebook

Our pictures made me miss you more

I deactivated my Twitter

Your old tweets made my heart sore

I got a new email address

In an attempt to start over

But nothing seems to be working

My life is void of love and pleasure

The only way out of this vacuum

Is to confess that I still love you

I want you to know that

My feelings for you are true



12) I don’t like the fact that I call you my EX

I wish I could turn back the clock

I regret all the fights and arguments

All the hatred, I wish I could just block

I want to make a lot of amends

I want to start by saying that I am sorry

I still love you and I want you in my life

My future without you, looks blank and scary

Thinking about you poem for her ex-girlfriend boyfriend regret

13) In my life, an icy jungle

All I can see is a haze

Losing you has put me

In a trance-like daze

Days are just whizzing by

Nights are painfully long

Just about everything

Appears dreadfully wrong

Time seems to be stuck

In thoughts about you

Loathing in regret

Is all that I do

I love you


14) I was confused

I had lost my way

For which I apologize

To you today

I had said I hate you

But that was fake

Letting you go

Was a big mistake

I love you


15) I cannot undo what I have already said

I cannot press a button to forget for happened

I cannot wave a wand to rewind back to the past

I cannot give any excuses for what I have done

But I want you to know that everything will change

I want to be the person that you deserve

Trust me, hold my hand and walk with me

For us, I see the most beautiful future

I love you


16) Food, without taste

Paint, without color

Deserts, without sand

Oceans, without water

Mind, without thoughts

Existence, without time

Life, without emotions

Poetry, without rhyme

Such hollowness is how

I feel every single day

Since the moment

You walked away

I love you

Loneliness poem to tell your ex that you still love her

17) My heart keeps beating

Even though it is bleeding

My tears don’t run out

Even though I can’t stop crying

My mind is stuck

At the moment just before

You walked away and left me

On life’s lonely shores

I love you


18) Even though I pretend to be cool

Even though I pretend that I’m not bothered

I confess that I still miss you

My heart is still in a mess, completely shattered

No matter how many months pass by

I just can’t seem to move on

Please come back, I beg you

Let’s give our relationship a new dawn

I love you


19) Our breakup has been

A painful eye-opener

From its shock

I am yet to recover

From my very core

I am frighteningly shaken

From its very middle

My heart is broken

I’m sorry, please forgive me

I want you to come back

That is the only way to bring

My life can come back on track


20) I am tired of pretending that it’s cool

Because it’s not

I want to be yours again

Because I still love you a lot

I don’t want to spend any more time

Crying over how we broke apart

Now, I want to do everything

That mends the gap between our hearts

I still love you poem for ex-girlfriend

21) I have no one to kiss

Your hugs, I dearly miss

I can’t feel your touch

I miss you very much

Take me back

Change your stance

Please give my heart

Just one more chance

I love you


22) I thought I had it all figured out

I was blinded, I was completely wrong

I thought I would be better off alone

But I am getting weaker, not strong

Unknowingly, we began drifting apart

I let petty fights get the better of me

I thought I was ready to be on my own

But life without you is like drowning at sea

I thought I was perfect in almost every way

Life’s mess, took over my mind

I thought I had it all figured out, but I should

Have thought again, before leaving you behind

I love you


23) It would be too little

If I said that I miss my ex-girlfriend

I have become a pale zombie

You can ask any of my friends

Girl, I still love you

I broke up, I was wrong

I want to set things right

This heartbreak, I don’t want to prolong


24) The state of my heart can be summed up

By two words, Never and Forever

My heart refuses to accept our breakup

It will stop loving you, NEVER

My heart is craving for your love

FOREVER, it will beat for no one but you

I hope your heart feels the same way

I hope your heart beats for me too

I love you

I still love you quote for ex-girlfriend

25) Maybe you are smiling

Maybe you are not as sad as me

Maybe you are stronger

Maybe you are feeling happy

Maybe you have moved on

Maybe you have got a new guy

Maybe you have a better life

But I haven’t been able to say bye

I love you


26) My ex-girlfriend, you are not

My hopes are dreams, you are

My enemy, you are not

My love, you are

Your ex-boyfriend, I am not

A guy regretting his mistake, I am

Moving on with life, I am not

Still in love with you, I definitely am


27) How did it comes to this

How did it get so painful

How did we let go

How did it become so awful

I don’t know the answers

To these heartbreaking questions

I STILL LOVE YOU is my only

Answer to this situation


28) I know I have said that I hate you

From the bottom of my heart

Because I had forgotten the value

Of how beautiful love was, in the start

I don’t know if I still have the right

To ask you to be my girlfriend

But I want you to know that my heart

Will beat for you till the very end

I love you

I love you poem for ex-girlfriend

29) I am trying to forget the pain

But I am failing miserably

Not because I hate you

But because I miss you terribly

I don’t want to move on

I want to get back together

Let’s give our love a new dawn

Let’s once again, be lovers


30) How could I have even blamed

Our love, for some of my silly habits

I realize everything I did wrong

I have turned a new leaf, since our split

I still love you, give me another chance

I won’t disappoint, I promise

I’ll close my eyes and wait as long as it takes

For you to come give me a kiss