Anniversary Poems for Parents: Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Sweet happy anniversary greeting card poem for parents

Anniversary Poems for Parents: Wedding anniversaries are not just a celebration for the married couple, but for their children too. Your mom and dad’s marriage anniversary is your chance to spoil them with wishes, gifts and warm hugs. Start the day by giving them a handmade greeting card. Such a sweet gesture will instantly put a big smile on their faces. Spend the rest of the day tagging both of them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest in funny posts heart-warming messages and cute quotes about love, marriage and life. Your parents work hard all year round to pay the mortgage, bills and your expenses – all this while making sure that your life remains as smooth as possible. As a loving daughter or son, show them that you appreciate their efforts. Make their anniversary celebration a day to remember.


1) I consider myself so lucky

To have parents who share

Such a good chemistry

Of love, respect and care

When I think of my life

I feel nothing but happiness

Thank you both for making

Life’s journey so priceless

Happy anniversary


2) I know you want to spend time today

With each other without any interruption

But I will take just two minutes of your time

To make a sweet declaration

I love you for being my parents

And the kind of friends that you have been

Super cool mums and dads like you

I haven’t yet come across or seen

Have an awesome wedding anniversary

Rekindle your love for each other

As I bask away in the pride

Of having the world’s best father and mother


3) To mom and dad…

I’m glad to celebrate

Your anniversary

If not for your union

There would be no me

Have an awesome time

Today and forever

Don’t do anything stupid

To let your ties sever

You are an awesome

And a fabulous couple

On this anniversary

May your happiness double


4) A clandestine code

A secret magic potion

An indecipherable logic

A formula number one

We wonder what is it is

That makes you both tick

Your marriage is straight out

Of a lovely romantic flick

Happy anniversary


5) Dear mom and dad…

Your married life is a great example

Of the sacrifices made by couples

Your married life has been so fine

It has aged gracefully like a vintage wine

Your married life has been full of care

To each other, you have always laid your hearts bare

Your married life has been perfect and ideal

It is an example of love which is pure and real

Happy anniversary


6) Anniversaries will come and go

But you will always be the best married couple I know

Friends may leave or stay

But you will always be there show me the way

I hope you get everything you want

Although you both have enough to flaunt

I pray to God on your anniversary

That every kid in the world gets parents like me


7) Dear mom and dad…

You have no idea about

How happy I feel today

As I see you both together

I join my hands and pray

May no sorrow touch you

May no pain come near

May your life be a breeze

Full of happiness and cheer

Happy anniversary


8) Your lives and relationship have taught me a lot

That love and affection can’t be bought

I have learned how to trust

How to be fair, righteous and just

Where would I be without you both, I don’t know

Thanks for always being my shadow

My best wishes are with you on your anniversary

To have parents like you, I am extremely lucky


9) When I think of love

I think of you, mom and dad

You are the best parents

I could have ever had

When I think of a happy life

I think of you, mom and dad

How you have always been cheery

I have never seen you sad

As your anniversary nears

I think of you, mom and dad

This sweet poem is with love

From your dearest lad


10) The only few words that come to mind

When I think of total happiness

Is the smiling picture of you both

Free of all sorrow and distress

The only visual that comes to mind

When I think of matrimony

Dear mom and dad, is you

And your beautiful journey

Happy anniversary