Anniversary poems for couples

Romantic anniversary card poem for couple

Anniversary poems for couples: There are fewer things that can make a couple happier than knowing that their friends, colleagues and relatives really wish nothing but the best for them. Whether it is for your best friends, colleagues, brother and his wife, cousins, sister and her husband or any other couple you know – make sure your card stands out with a beautiful message. A couple’s anniversary is all about reviving old memories and looking forward to new ones. Embrace this theme and let your wishes be a ray of hope, love and happiness. Stay away from the stock greetings from the supermarket shelves. Instead, write your own sweet poem which is an eclectic mix of cute one-liners that melt the heart and funny quotes which give people a reason to smile. The value of your touching words is priceless because there is no gift in the world that can match up to a beautiful rhyme that comes straight from the heart.


1) Sipping a vintage wine

Reading a poem, so romantic

Cuddling in a warm blanket

In an ambience, so fantastic

Enjoying the cozy bed

Savoring each other’s embrace

Running fingers sensuously

Over each other’s face

I am assuming that

All this will keep you busy

I wish you two love birds

A happy anniversary


2) We know that you argue

We know that you fight

But we also know that you

Make up with all your might

We know you have conflicting thoughts

We know you incompatibly opine

But we also know that in the end

You both do just fine

We know that no matter how much

From each other you differ

You both are always meant

To be with each other

Happy anniversary


3) You both still have

A long way to go

But in your journey

I want you to know

That I will always be

Your alibi

On my shoulder you both

Can always cry

I will support you

In each endeavor

I will be present even

In your future

I will accompany

In life’s long ride

In me you both can always

Confess and confide

As your best friend that is

My word of promise

Happy anniversary to you both

May you live in bliss


4) Today is a good day

To ask for each other’s forgiveness

For the mistakes you may have made

That caused any unhappiness

Today is the right time

To plead guilty and say sorry

You are guaranteed to be forgiven

For today it is your anniversary

Happy anniversary


5) You have a hundred reasons to remember

Memories that are so fond

You have a thousand reasons to cherish

Your unbreakable bond

You have a million reasons to smile

For together, walking through life’s journey

You have a billion reasons to kiss

Each other on your anniversary

Happy anniversary


6) To not believe in marriage

As an institution

Amongst many others in the world

I was also the one

But you both changed the way

I have always thought

By making your marriage an example

Of how you love each other a lot

That is why I really feel

Your anniversary is the perfect day

To thank you for making me think

About marriage in a different way

Happy anniversary


7) You have nurtured

Your marriage like a tree

Given it water and sunshine

By showing maturity

You have also given it shade

Along with cuts and trims

By adding laughter and smiles

When everything was grim

This is why your tree

Has borne fruits and flowers

For it could never have

Better nurturers

Happy anniversary


8) Love birds of your age

Are very rare to see

Who love like teenagers

Whether they’re thirty or forty

You can give younger couples

A run for their money

To Mr and Mrs Romantic

I wish a happy anniversary


9) Life has already given you

The best gifts it had to offer

A lovely house, a lovely marriage

More than perfect partners

What more can you ask from life

To give you in the future

Except for the promise

That you will always be together

Happy anniversary


10) On your anniversary day

To the world, I want to convey

About marriage, what I’ve understood

How it changes life for good

How two people promise to be

By each other’s side until eternity

How they stop being selfish

Their togetherness, how they cherish

How they do everything possible

To make their marriage special

This is what I have learnt from you two

Happy anniversary to the both of you

Happy anniversary wishes for a sweet couple

11) Today is the day which marks

Your lifelong togetherness

Today is the day which promises

Your lasting happiness

Today is the day to commemorate

The day you both said I do

Happy anniversary

To a special couple like you


12) A quotable quote or an epic poem

Should be dedicated to you

Because amazing couples in the world

Like you, are very few

A bench in a park or a signature tune

Should proudly bear your last name

For the way you’ve lived your marriage

You are worthy of some fame

Until all the tribute and respect

Begins to come your way

Happy anniversary to you both

Let me be the first one to say


13) I am proud to see my best friends

Having come such a long way

I can recollect every moment

Along with every special day

Like the one when you first dated

Or the one when you first fought

Along with the one when you decided

That you loved each other a lot

Your anniversary makes me realize

How I have been a part

Of your romantic journey

From the very start

Happy anniversary


14) Enjoy the last few years

Of youthful love between you

Enjoy the last remnants

Of seeing everyday as new

Make most of the romantic spark

While it is on its decline

Once you both get old and feeble

All you’ll do is go out and dine

Happy anniversary


15) The rules of a happy marriage

From you, we want to understand

The way you stuck it out together

Did you have a magic wand

The secret of your long marriage

Everyone would like you to disclose

The story behind how it all happened

And each other, how you chose

Happy anniversary


16) May you always crush on each other

May your marriage always be as hot as a fling

May you always keep the romance alive

Love songs for each other, may you always sing

May you always give each other gifts

One another, may you always try to woo

May your marriage always stay young and fresh

Happy anniversary to you


17) You have taken your baby steps

Towards a lovely marital life

By pronouncing each other

As husband and wife

You have just hopped aboard

A plane that will take you

To an amazing destination called blissfulness

Which has nothing but the best of views

Happy anniversary


18) In the marathon of life

Winners, you both have emerged

From the storm of life

You both have successfully surged

In the jungle of life

You have made your own space

Keeping yourselves out

Of the vicious rat race

Hearty congratulations

I give you on your anniversary

For having lived your life

So successfully

Happy anniversary


19) It takes the strength of a rock

The guts of steel

With the ups and downs of marriage

To be able to deal

It takes the maturity of a man

The understanding of a woman

To make a marriage work

At the same time, have fun

But you both are the ones

Who easily qualify

To be that perfect couple

May your happiness always multiply

Happy anniversary


20) Whether it is your first anniversary

Tenth or the thirtieth

It is that day of the year

Whose importance is mammoth

For it is this special day

That brought you both together

Not just for some time

But eternally and forever

Happy anniversary

Beauiful poem to wish a couple happy anniversary

21) Your marriage is more beautiful

Than the sight of a snow-capped valley

It is more enchanting

Than the mesmerizing tale of a fairy

Your marriage is more inspiring

Than a story of success

It is so much more motivating

Than a book explaining happiness

Your marriage is as stunning

As your lovely pair

I wish that you have many more

Happy years to share

Happy anniversary


22) To each other, your love

Is complementary

To one another, your support

Is supplementary

Your togetherness makes all

Worries ancillary

Your marriage makes all

Difficulties auxiliary

These are enough reasons

To be really happy

On that note here’s wishing you both

A happy anniversary


23) You both are the cause

Of everyone’s envy

You are the reason

Why no one is happy

For everyone wants to be

A couple like you, so hot

Even after years of marriage

Who love each other a lot

Happy anniversary


24) Many years from now

You will look back at this day

Remembering how you had fun

In each and every way

That is when you will realize

How far you both have come

And how your marriage

Has made your life awesome

Happy anniversary


25) A beautiful marriage is

The picture of you both

The perfect example of commitment

Is the way you have stuck to your oaths

A hot marriage is

The one you both share

Between you, there is a sizzling chemistry

Not just concern and care

A happy marriage is

A couple like you personified

On this special day I wish

Life always makes you smile wide

Happy anniversary