Anniversary Poems for Parents: Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Beautiful marriage anniversary poem for mom and dad

11) Today is not just your anniversary

It is time’s ultimate testimony

That you were always meant for each other

Destined to be, my mother and father

As you commemorate this special day

There is something that I want to say

That apart from being the best husband and wife

You will always be the stars of my life

Happy anniversary


12) Here’s to the best parents in the world

They are the reason I am here

It’s only because of them

That I have nothing to fear

Here’s hoping they get the best of life

As they celebrate their special day

I wish them both a happy anniversary

May their happiness never go away


13) When a handsome and compassionate man

Marries a stunning and mature woman

What results is a relationship like yours

Filled with joy, happiness and lots of fun

What also happens consequently

As a life-changing side effect

Is that they bear beautiful children

Like us, who turn out to be perfect

Happy anniversary


14) The best part of your anniversary is

That there are lots of smiles all around

As the house gears up for a party

And gets decorated form ceiling to ground

As everyone raises their glasses

For a lovely couple’s toast

Let me also say

That I love you the most

Happy anniversary


15) When you came together

As husband and wife

You embarked on a journey

To share a wonderful life

When you both became

Father and mother

You decided to give me

A wonderful future

Let’s celebrate and enjoy

Such a beautiful family union

I wish you a happy anniversary

Hope you have lots of fun


16) Those who make for good couples

Don’t always make for good parents too

But one couple who is an exception

Mom and dad, that couple is you

You are not just amazing parents

But also an exceptional pair

Your best years of marriage ahead

With us, we want you to share

Happy anniversary


17) Thanks for getting married

Thanks for becoming a couple

Thanks for giving me birth

I hope I make your happiness double

Happy anniversary to you both

Dear mom and dad

I have planned a beautiful celebration

Like something you have never had


18) If anyone wants a definition

Of love, care or affection

They should think of you both without hesitation

Because you are love’s human incarnation

As we start your anniversary’s celebration

We take it is a confirmation

That you will always be each other’s reflection

And remain committed to each other with devotion

Happy anniversary


19) I wonder what keeps you both ticking

Even after so many years

Is there a magical formula

That keeps you both free of tears

I wish a happy anniversary

To the best parents ever

I hope you have great life ahead

Immersed in romance forever

Happy anniversary


20) Your worth is more than that of gold

Which is known to everybody

You don’t need anniversaries

For proving that to anybody

Your love is more valuable

Than silver or platinum

For apart from being a cool couple

You both are parents simply awesome

Happy anniversary