60th Birthday Poems

Beautiful sixtieth birthday greeting for dad and mom

60th Birthday Poems: A sixtieth birthday is an important and treasured milestone of life. It is the time to look back at beautiful memories that have flown by. Whether it is your dad, mom, boss, colleague, grandpa or grandma – congratulate them for turning sixty. Create a beautiful photo journey with a collection of old photographs. Place a mix of sweet messages and funny quotes on each picture and share it on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. If you want to go the traditional route with a gift and some fanfare, accompany it with a cute poem written on a greeting card. Let your wishes add a touch of elegance and grace to someone’s special day.


1) There is charm and grace

In a few wrinkles on the face

There is poise and elegance

In having so much experience

There is wisdom and respect

In living a life which is so perfect

There is honor and dignity

In turning a grand sixty

Happy birthday


2) Six decades of life

You have lived so fine

There is no reason for you

To complain or whine

Your life has become

A perfect example

Of what it takes to be

An ideal role model

Happy 60th birthday


3) Look how far

You have come

Look how your life

Has been awesome

Look at all the things

That you have got

Look how your family

Loves you a lot

Look how stunning

Is your life’s view

Happy birthday dear

I am so happy for you


4) Even at this age

You are full of elegance

Teeming with inner beauty

That has permanence

Even at this age

You are full of verve

Your vivacity is what

You have managed to preserve

Even though one day

You will turn eighty

I want you to always

Stay like this, dear mommy

Happy 60th birthday


5) Of success and progress

Sixty is the new synonym

Of dullness and lethargy

It is an antonym

Life begins at sixty

Don’t let it slip away

From my heart I wish you

A happy sixtieth birthday


6) May your soul be

Forever adventurous

May your state of mind be

Always joyous

May your inner beauty be

Free of wrinkles

May your spirit be

Free of crinkles

Happy 60th birthday


7) You are too old

For throwing a party

You are too young

To pass the day smugly

You are too old

To wear a birthday cap

You are too young

To celebrate with in a nap

Such is the dilemma

Of being sixty

Welcome to the age

Of perplexity


8) Sixty the age when

People turn pale and light

But you are becoming

More radiant and bright

When other start withering out

You have become more fragrant

May the sixth decade of your life

Turn out to be brilliant

Happy 60th birthday


9) I want some of your wisdom

On your sixtieth birthday

To rub off on me

In each and every way

I also want a bit

Of your knowledge

So that I can use it

To my advantage

I want every single trait

Each and every quality

That will make me like you

When I am sixty

Happy 60th birthday


10) You wouldn’t have thought

When you turned twenty

That you would become

So successful and happy

You wouldn’t have thought

When you turned thirty

That your life would be

So cheerful and merry

You wouldn’t have thought

When you turned forty

That your family would become

Your first priority

You wouldn’t have thought

When you turned fifty

That you would shoulder

So much responsibility

Now that you are

Approaching sixty

You should put your feet up

And just take it easy

Sweet birthday quote for turning sixty

11) May the skies turn red

May the trees turn blue

So vibrant and colorful

May the day be for you

May the flowers turn neon

May the oceans turn burgundy

So vivacious and flamboyant

May your life turn out to be

Happy birthday


12) It is time to become

A child once again

To live without any

Worries or pain

Your carefree years

You must now embrace

May your sixtieth be the start

Of a terrific phase

Happy birthday


13) May you have

A new hope for tomorrow

May your future

Be without any sorrow

May you look forward

To a new ambition

May life give you

A new passion

By turning sixty may you

Turn a new leaf

Relax and live life

Without any regret or grief

Happy 60th birthday


14) At sixty there is no need

For you to listen and heed

Other people’s unnecessary advice

Or be compulsively be nice

It’s time to do things as you wish

And do whatever that you cherish

May you live life as you want to

I wish a happy birthday to you


15) Some say that sixty is

Just like turning fifty

Some say that

It is the new forty

I don’t care whatever is

The real meaning of sixty

As long as you remain

Happy and healthy

Happy 60th birthday


16) Don’t ever be scared of age

As it’s just a numeric

Your life has just begun

To be amazing and fantastic

Don’t ever be skeptical

Of how the future will be

It’s going to be awesome

After all, you’re just sixty

Happy sixtieth birthday


17) Time to see a new dream

Time to think up a new fantasy

Time to conjure a new thought

Time to wish a new fancy

Life doesn’t end at this age

It actually begins at sixty

May you live life to the fullest

Is what I wish wholeheartedly

Happy 60th birthday


18) You have finally

Become a big boy

Let’s raise a toast

To this happiness and joy

Now you can say

That you are mature

About that even though

We are not yet too sure

But all this doesn’t matter

For when you are sixty

You can behave like a child

As carefree as you can be

Happy 60th birthday


19) Don’t kid yourself

You are about to grow

Old and very fragile

I hope you know

Don’t delude yourself

You’ll be weak soon

A walking stick will seem

Like a real boon

Until you reach

This phase so bad

Have fun in life

Like you’ve never had

Happy 60th birthday


20) For sixty long years

On this earth

You have lived successfully

Showing your mettle and worth

You’ve achieved what it takes

To make a wonderful life

You have a great family

Lovely kids and a wife

There’s not a single thing

That you don’t posses

You life is already full

Of so much happiness

You might be the most fortunate

Sexagenarian the world could see

I congratulate you for

Turning a cool sixty

Happy 60th birthday card poem

21) A sunrise is beautiful

But so is a sunset

For turning sixty today

Don’t harbor any regret

The autumn of your life

Will be so serene

You will be the happiest

That you have ever been

Happy 60th birthday


22) They are many benefits

Of turning sixty

You can become forgetful

Or careless and sloppy

Without having any worry

Of being criticized

That is the reason sixty

Is an age which is so prized

Happy 60th birthday


23) The perfect juncture of life

For you has now arrived

It is the time to look back

On how wonderfully you’ve thrived

Take a moment to reflect

On life’s wonderful treasures

And the happiness that you have

Been blessed with in good measure

As you bring in your sixtieth

Birthday revelries

I hope that you always

Bask in good memories


24) No one can believe

That you are turning sixty

It is impossible to judge

That you are so elderly

People who don’t know you

Would laugh if they were told

That you have today

Turned sixty years old


25) You are the best example

In life, for everything

From you, we all have learnt

How to accomplish something

You are the perfect role model

From whom we’ve learnt a lot

You are the reason that

Good values we have been taught

Thanks for everything mom

We raise a toast to you

Sexagenarians in this world

Like you are very few


26) As you live a beautiful life

And gradually grow old

May your spirit never wither

May it always shine bright as gold

As you take on new journeys

And discover in life, new routes

May you never lose your spark

May you never succumb to doubt

As you turn sixty

And welcome a new phase

I wish that you spend

The rest of your life with grace


27) Sixty is a number

Which is magical

It has the ability to

Make life more special

Sixty is a figure

Which is exquisite

It can make you enjoy

Life to every bit

Sixty is an age

So perfect in every way

I wish you the best

On your birthday


28) I want to live life

The way you have lived it

I want to do things

Like you, with a lot of grit

I want to achieve goals

Just like you’ve grabbed them

With my success, like you

I want to overwhelm

Of your amazing life

I want mine to be a copy

Happy birthday to the person

Who’s been a role model to me


29) Don’t put your feet up

Not just yet

Life will offer you

A lot more, I bet

You still aren’t that old

So don’t take the liberty

Of slacking all day

For you’ve turned just sixty

Happy birthday


30) Although you are sixty

Your mind is as young as twenty

Although age will slow your body

You’ll still behave as if you’ve turned thirty

Although you’ll take things more easily

You will retain the focus you had at forty

So even though you’ve turned sixty

In everything, you score perfectly

Happy 60th birthday