Retirement wishes for teacher: Happy retirement wishes for teachers and professors

Retirement wishes for teacher: Take ideas from this post to write your own messages and quotes on a Happy Retirement greeting card for your teacher or professor. You can also send your congratulations and best wishes in a warm text message, inspirational email, touching letter, funny Facebook post or a cute Pinterest image. Whether it is your favorite teacher in school or professor in college – retirement is your chance show appreciation and gratitude for their commitment in a job that can sometimes be a little thankless, heartless and ruthless.


1) As you retire, you leave the corridors of the school but you will never be able to leave the corridor of our hearts. Happy retirement to our dearest teacher.


2) Retirement for a teacher means giving up a job, not giving up the right to teach. Even after you retire, I hope you never stop imparting wisdom and teaching kids the important lessons of life. Happy retirement.


3) Do you know why you are retiring rich? That is because you are leaving with priceless gifts of our respect, memories, loyalty and love for you. Happy retirement, congratulations.


4) Everyone retires with a pension fund but very few teachers like you retire with the respect and love of all their students. Happy retirement to the real star of this school.


5) If you thought that dealing with crazy students was the hardest thing you had to do in your life, wait till you have to deal with grandkids. Happy retirement teacher.


6) Your retirement is not just a big loss to us, but a big loss to the nation. Because teachers like you are the real assets who make ordinary children grow up into good citizens. Happy retirement.


7) Even though you are retiring, we promise that the values and knowledge you gave us will never retire. Happy retirement.


8) Out of sight is out of mind – this is considered to be a thumb rule of life, but you are the exception to this rule. Even if you aren’t going to be in my sight anymore, you will always be on my mind. Happy retirement to my favorite teacher.


9) The walls of this school will feel hollow, corridors will feel empty and classrooms will feel lifeless without the inspirational presence of a teacher like you. Happy retirement to an awesome teacher.


10) Your retirement is a celebration of the patience and tolerance you showed in putting up with annoying students like us all your life. Congratulations.


11) Welcome to a phase of your life when you will not associate numbers with grades, bells with classes and a marker pen with a whiteboard. Welcome to retirement. Congratulations.


12) My mom always said that everyone realizes the value of things and people in their lives when they start losing them. As you retire, I realize how true my mom is. Happy retirement to my teacher who I will dearly miss.


13) A teacher like you can never really retire. Even if you stop coming to school, you will continue to do things that inspire kids like us every day. Happy retirement.


14) I never believed in miracles but now I do. It is nothing less than a miracle that I found a teacher as dedicated and knowledgeable as you. Congratulations.


15) It doesn’t really matter to me whether you retire or not because I have added you on Facebook, followed you on Twitter and connected with you on WhatsApp. So I can still be in touch with you and get my favorite teacher’s wisdom whenever I want. Happy retirement.


16) Don’t worry if your heart is not covered under medical insurance. Your students will vouch for the fact that you have the best and most loving heart ever. Happy retirement.


17) Dear teacher, retirement is when life finally comes around and asks if you want to go on a permanent vacation. Happy retirement.


18) Retirement for such an active teacher is going to be is strange because you will go from being in a phase where you have lots to do, to a phase where you have nothing to do. Happy retirement.


19) I don’t want to rebel against inflation, corruption, arms policy or international relations. I want to rebel against the age limit of retirement in our country because great teachers like you don’t deserve to go quit so soon. Happy retirement.


20) Happy retirement to our TEACHER who has always been Terrific, Enthusiastic, Adorable, Cheerful, Happy, Easygoing and Respectable.


21) We are happy for you on your retirement but we envy your grandkids because they will not be the focus of all your love and attention after you retire. Happy retirement.


22) The worst party that I am attending this year is your retirement party, because I hate you see you go. Congratulations on retiring.


23) How I wish that I was born a decade earlier. Then I would have the chance to be your student for ten more years of my life. Congratulations on your retirement, dear teacher.


24) If someone asked me what I want to become when I graduate next year, I will say that I want to become the dean of this university so that I can cancel your retirement orders. Happy retirement dear professor.


25) You always gave me straight A’s for being an Amazing student. Today I give you a straight O for being an Outstanding teacher. Congratulations for retiring, dear teacher.


26) We don’t feel like celebrating your retirement today because the retirement of a great teacher like you is an event which should be mourned, not celebrated. Happy retirement.


27) If all retired teachers like you got together and opened a private school, I would be the first student to enroll. Congratulations to my favorite teacher.


28) Today is your Retirement Day and Independence Day because you will finally get freedom from quarreling kids, annoying students, dominating supervisors and a nagging principal. Happy retirement.


29) You are not just retiring from teaching. You are retiring from one of the most important jobs in the world – which is helping your students to dream big. Congratulations on your retirement.


30) I am proud that I had a person of authority like you in my personal life. It is because of your knowledge and wisdom that I have become a person of authority in my professional life. Happy retirement.


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