Farewell Poems for Teacher: Goodbye Poems for Teacher

Sweet farewell greeting to teacher from students

Farewell Poems for Teacher: A teacher’s contribution makes for the most priceless of memories in a student’s life. No matter how much students grow up, they can never forget the sweet compliments, harsh remarks, generous encouragement and unflinching support given to them by their teachers. If your favorite teacher is resigning to take up a new job, retire or go on a sabbatical, this is the time to express your gratefulness and love for them. Describe the feelings of respect you have for your teacher with a heartwarming goodbye message written in a greeting card. If you are friends with your teacher on Facebook or Twitter, share a cute farewell quote. You can include a beautiful poem or a funny anecdote if you are going to give a speech during the farewell party. Teachers deserve to know how much you will miss them when they are gone.


1) Like a rare gem

Found in the depths of the earth

You are one of those jewels

Of whom there is a dearth

Like a prized possession

Always kept safe and secure

Your teachings and lessons

Will be in our hearts for sure



2) As my favorite teacher

Leaves and goes away

I love her very much

Is what I want to say

As she explores

A whole new future

I want say how much

I’ll always miss her



3) Please always remember

That we’ll miss you a lot

For that all that you’ve done

And all that you’ve taught

Don’t ever forget that

You will always be

Embossed in our hearts

And our memory



4) Teachers come and go

But their memories are forever

The lessons that they teach

Are forgotten never

Teachers keep changing

Every now and then

But great ones are remembered

Time and again



5) Your absence will leave

A vacuum in our souls

For in our life you played

Such an important role

We will feel blanked out

And empty from inside

These will be the results

Of not having you by our side



6) At your farewell party

We will be mourning

The loss of a teacher

So kind and caring

Your send-off will be

More like a tear fest

We will grieve the loss

Of a teacher who is the best


7) When a teacher like you leaves

A bank of knowledge leaves with him

When a teacher like you goes

A classroom starts looking dim

When a teacher like you retires

Students shed many a tear

We’ll feel the same way when we

Lose a teacher like you so dear



8) It is difficult to

Say goodbye

To my teacher

Who helped me to fly

To you as I bid

A final adieu

All I can do is

Give many thanks to you


9) The corridors of our school

Will seem empty

There will be something amiss

In each lobby

The classrooms will seem

Blank and bare

As we lose our teacher

For whom we deeply care



10) Teacher’s Day won’t be

The only day when we miss you

We’ll remember you dearly

On Friendship’s Day too

For you have always been

Not just our teacher

You’ve been a friend

To us who is so dear


Beautiful farewell poem to say goodbye to teacher

11) Bidding farewell

Is always tough

Words never prove

To be enough

Saying goodbye

Is never simple

To a teacher like you

Who is so special


12) You gave us

A world of knowledge

You prepared us

To attend college

You trained us

In every etiquette

You taught us

Every skill set

We hate to see you

Leave us and go

Your resignation

Has been a big blow



13) You didn’t just teach us

To live with curiosity

You have lit a fire

Which will burn continuously

You didn’t just teach us

To work with excellence

You have taught us to gather

More life experience

You aren’t just a teacher

You are our guru

As we say our goodbyes

We also want to thank you


14) Rip your resignation letter

Just tear it apart

Is what we all wish

From the bottom of my hearts

Throw it in the bin

Burn it in a fire

Is the only thing

That your students desire



15) There is no way in which

I can summarize

How your tutelage

Has been a grand prize

There is no way for me

To thank you enough

Life without your guidance

Would’ve been real tough



16) We never knew

Teachers could be so cool

Until the day

You joined our school

But it isn’t fair that

You are now leaving

Without you class

Will be utterly boring



17) I wish you were

Always with me

To guide me until

An eternity

Bur sadly you are

Leaving us to go

And join another school

Much to our sorrow

Our loss has become

Someone else’s gain

We wish you farewell

With a lot of pain


18) Saying goodbye to you

Is painful and sad

For you are the best

Teacher we’ve ever had

Not seeing you

In class tomorrow

Will bring us grief

And much sorrow



19) Teachers come

And teachers go

But there is one thing

I want you to know

In my heart you have

A special place

I will always remember

Your serene face

I wish you farewell

As you go elsewhere

I will miss all your

Tender loving care



20) Today is a day

Which good and bad

My feelings right now

Are both happy and sad

I am happy for you because

You’ve advanced your career

But I am also sad

Because you won’t be here

I will fondly remember

Our long rendezvous

For it is impossible

To forget a teacher like you


Farewell card message poem for teacher

21) Sad farewells are given to those people

Who are extremely prized and special

Dear teacher, you are one such person

You are the reason school is so much fun

We will miss all our classes with you

We hope you that you will miss us too



22) We apologize

For all our mischief

It must have given you

So much pain and grief

For all our silly pranks

We are so sorry

Please don’t leave us

For reasons so petty

We promise to be good

We will never make a fuss

Please promise that someday

You’ll be back to teach us



23) In the balance sheet

Of our school this year

A big loss will show up

Now that you aren’t here

For it is impossible

To quantify your value

Your absence will make us

Badly miss you



24) In the puzzle of my life

You have been the mentor

Your guidance has inspired me

And taken me higher

In the game of my life

You have been a referee

In the right direction

You have always guided me

In the horizon of my life

You have been the rainbow

I bid you a tearful goodbye

Hating to see you go


25) Our school will need

A big miracle

To find another teacher

Like you so special

It will take at least

One more year

For our class to get back

Its joy and cheer

On all your students

Please take some pity

Tear your resignation

And come back immediately



26) You have found

A greener pasture

But what about

Our future

You have discovered

A new opportunity

But we have been left

Hanging in agony



27) Being taught by you

Has been a privilege

Your classes have given me

The wealth of knowledge

Being guided by you

Has been a great opportunity

At this juncture please don’t

Abandon and leave me



28) The only sounds

You will hear today

Will be cries and sobs

Of our emotions gone astray

The only sight that you

Will witness around you

Will be our sad faces

And our moods so blue



29) There are a few teachers

Who can never be forgotten

They are teachers like you

Who are one in a million

There are a few teachers

Who can never be replaced

From memories of the heart

They can never be erased

Such teachers in this world

For me are very few

Bur today I want to confess

One such teacher is you



30) Your future

Is bound to be bright

But without you

We may not be alright

Your new endeavors

Are bound to be successful

But your absence

Will make us mournful