I love you messages for brother

I love you messages for brother: Apart from your brother’s birthday, when was the last time you gave him a hug and said I Love You, my dear brother? There is no such thing as Brother’s Day but you can still celebrate the brother-sister or brotherly bond by sending your brother cute messages or loving quotes to let him know how special he is in your life. Whether you are his little sister, younger brother, older sister or big brother, celebrate your bond with him regardless of how much you fight with your bro or hate him for his funny habits. It is a love-hate relationship after all.


1) We are totally opposite like black and white. But the truth is that we are incomplete without each other. To appreciate the beauty of black, you need to see white and to appreciate the beauty of white, you need to see black first. I love you, my dear brother.


2) I like to give you relationship advice, I like to tell you what to wear. I like to tease you about your crush, I like to annoy you with my loud girly music. But that is what sisters are all about. I love you bro.


3) Isn’t it strange that brothers can the sweetest of friends and the most bitter of all rivals at the same time? Love you bro.


4) Friends stand up for each other in times of need. But brothers keep standing for their brothers all the time. Thanks for being one such brother. I love you.


5) I wish there was a national holiday called Brother’s Day so I could celebrate the presence of a special person like you in my life. But since there is no such holiday, I am going to celebrate our brother-sister bond every single day of the year. I love you bro.


6) An older brother is that person to his little sister, who her father or boyfriend can never be. Thanks for being the perfect older brother to a lucky little sister like me. I love you.


7) Do you know what my iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop, Facebook, Twitter and blog have in common? They all have a picture of me and you as the background. I love you bro.


8) Dear brother, I feel strong and safe with you. Even the biggest of boulders, cannot knock down us two brothers standing shoulder to shoulder. I love you.


9) When we fight, we may fight like the worst of enemies. But when we come together, we become a powerful force like no other. I love you.


10) No one can understand the deep love that a sister has for her little brother, except a sister. It is funny because sometimes I feel like giving you boring motherly advice. Sometimes I feel like giving you wise sisterly advice and sometimes I feel like giving you fun friendly advice. In short, your older sister loves giving advice to you in many forms. I love you, little bro.


11) Money or family feuds can tear two brothers apart for a temporary moment. But deep down inside, they know that their bond is stronger than cement. I love you dear brother.


12) Spending my life with you has made me realize that brothers are the only people in the world who will help you succeed in life, even if it means that they will be branded as the lesser successful brother out of the two. I love you, my dear brother.


13) Best friends can read each others’ minds. But only brothers can feel each others’ hearts. I love you.


14) I have always been a carefree and worry-free girl. All my friends are jealous of my free spirited personality but deep down inside I know that it is all because of the fact that I have a protective brother like you. I love you bro.


15) All the men in my life have either broken my heart or made me cry, except you. I am thankful that I have such a loving older brother like you. Love ya bro.


16) You are the only guy in my life who has seen me during my best and my worst. You are the only guy in my life who knows not only my visible strengths, but also my hidden flaws. Yet, you keep supporting me again and again. I love you, my dear brother.


17) The love of a brother is difficult to explain. It is not romantic but it is more powerful that romance. It is not friendly but it is more powerful than friendship. I love you bro.


18) Do you know what brother, friend, hero and idol have in common? They are all names that I call you. I love you bro.


19) The photo frame of my childhood wouldn’t be perfect if a man called my brother wouldn’t be standing beside me and putting his hand on my shoulder. I love you, my dear brother.


20) We are friends on Facebook and we follow each other on Twitter. We read each others’ blog and we follow each other on Pinterest. We email each other and also send each other text messages. We should be known as the cool virtual brothers. I love you bro.


21) A sister can let go of any relationship in her life if the need truly arises. But a sister can never let go of the bond between herself and her brother. I love you little bro.


22) Dear brother, you should officially become a dream catcher. Because out of all the many useless dreams I have had, you have caught the right ones and helped me to achieve them. I love you.


23) I have harassed you a lot by changing the Wi-Fi password of the internet connection at home. But I want to let you know that my heart’s Wi-Fi is always open for the love of a brother like you. I love you.


24) Being your little sister gives me the birth right to annoy you, hug you and nag you from time to time. But more importantly, it also gives me the right to use your iPad. I love you, dear brother.


25) Dear bro, you will be the best dad in the world. Do you know why? Because you are caring, loving, generous and so forgiving. I love you.


26) All my life you have seen me make mistakes, you have seen my bad habits and you have seen me feeling my lowest. And all my life I have also seen you correcting my mistakes, helping me get rid of my bad habits and helping me feel better when I was low. I love you bro.


27) Like and dislike, but mostly dominated by like. Love and hate, but mostly dominated by love – this is how I will describe our cute sister-brother bond. I love you bro.


28) A brother is the person who picks you up when all your friends have left you. Thanks for picking me up bro. I love you.


29) When I was a toddler, you weren’t even born. When I was a preteen, you were a toddler. When I was a teenager, you were a preteen. Now that I have become an adult, you are still a teenager. The conclusion is that you will always be my little brother. I love you bro.


30) Dear brother, you are like a round rubber band. No matter how hard I twist you by being annoying or stretch you by being harassing, you always come back to your original shape as a loving brother. I love you.


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