Congratulations messages for passing exams: Best wishes for passing tests

Congratulations messages for passing exams: Proud parents can congratulate their son or daughter by writing inspirational quotes on a Congratulations Card. Friends deserve funny Facebook posts and cute pins on Pinterest. Colleagues can send best wishes by congratulatory emails and ecards. Girlfriends and boyfriends can congratulate each other with sweet text messages, hugs and kisses. Teachers can write motivational messages on a greeting card. Whether it is a bar exam, school projects, SAT, boards, college entrance tests, semester tests – take ideas from this post to send your best wishes, good luck and congratulations to someone who cleared an important exam.


1) Centuries ago, battles were fought with swords and shields. Today, battles are fought with knowledge, intelligence and college degrees. Congratulations for arming yourself by passing your exams.


2) The best students are not those who are the most intelligent. The best students are those who take advantage of their talents and work hard to surge ahead of all their classmates – just like you. Congratulations for getting good grades my boy.


3) Even Wolverine couldn’t have cleared these exams. You may not have blades of steel but your pen is mightier than any blade on this planet. Congratulations.


4) Exams will come and go but your determination, commitment and self-confidence will stay with you forever. Congratulations for passing the tests.


5) Exams may not be the ultimate test of life but they are definitely the ultimate test of character. By passing these exams, it has been proven that you have a strong character, full of determination and commitment. Congratulations.


6) Do you know what your girlfriend, mom, dad, brother, sister, teacher and friends have in common today? They are all Proud of You for passing your exams. Congratulations.


7) Just like how a diamond is worthless until it is polished, intelligence is worthless if it is not put to good use. You have used your intelligence to shine like a diamond. Congratulations for passing the tests.


8) This exam may not be the biggest test of your life. But by passing with good grades, you have proved that you are ready to take on the biggest tests of your life with full confidence. Congratulations.


9) It doesn’t matter whether you want to become a lawyer, doctor, astronaut, engineer, dancer, CEO or any other professional. What matters is that by passing these exams, you have proved that you have the ability and talent to become anyone you want to be. Congratulations.


10) Poor students always find problems and look for excuses. Good students like you always find solutions and move ahead. Congratulations for passing your exams.


11) My Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are dedicated to celebrating the success of a bright student like you. I am going to shower you with Likes, Retweets, Pins and Shares. Congratulations for passing the exams.


12) You are passing exams at the speed of a racing car. This means that you will reach the finish line called SUCCESS before everyone else. Congratulations.


13) I have told everyone that there will be a colorful rainbow in the sky today because my best friend has passed an important exam with flying colors. Congratulations.


14) Education is useless without experience. Experience is useless without education. By getting a degree, you have the best of both worlds. Congratulations for clearing your exams.


15) By passing these exams you have proved that the phrases Beauty Without Brains and Dumb Blonde are a complete myth. You are a Beauty With Brains and a Genius Blonde. Congratulations to the prettiest topper ever.


16) Age old wisdom says that hard work always pays off in life. You have proved this because your good grades in exams will pay for your college scholarship. Congratulations for passing your exams.


17) Many students have intellect, smartness and presence of mind. But only few students like you are able to use it at the right time. Congratulations for passing your exams.


18) Kudos to you for passing this important exam. I hope your result motivates you to pass every challenge that life throws at you. Congratulations.


19) Getting good results will get you into a good college. Getting into a good college will help you get a good job. Getting a good job will help you have a good career. In this journey of life, you have cleared the first step by getting good results in your exams. Congratulations and best of luck for your journey ahead.


20) Dear friend, I will never need to look for inspirational and motivational quotes because you are the biggest inspiration and motivation there could ever be. Congratulations for clearing your papers.


21) My dear brother, congratulations for getting an awesome result. This is one of the few occasions when I feel proud that you beat me.


22) I sent you good luck messages before your exams. I prayed for your success in these exams. Obviously you have passed the exam because of me. Congratulations.


23) Passing the SATs require a lot of perseverance. I hope your perseverance transforms into success in all your exams repeatedly, not just once. Congratulations.


24) There are two Types of students. One, who cry and complain about how difficult, tough and demanding their coursework is to study. Second, who take pride in being able to study and clear a difficult, tough and demanding coursework. You are definitely the Second Type. Congratulations.


25) If annoying teachers and bullying classmates can’t stop you from getting good grades, nothing ever will. You are one tough nut. Congratulations for shining out.


26) The fact that you scored well in your exams does not come as a surprise to me. I always knew that you were destined to be successful – these exams are just the beginning. Congratulations.


27) If you were my friend I would congratulate you but since you are my elder sister, I hate the fact that you got good grades. Now everyone in the family will expect me to be as successful as you.


28) You aced your exams, which is a sign that you will ace many other things in life. Congratulations.


29) While most guys and girls of your age are whiling their time away doing nothing, you have proved that you are going to go places by passing this exam. Congratulations.


30) You are an inspiration to your friends because your success inspires them. You are the pride of your family because your success makes them proud. Congratulations for passing your exams and being a source of inspiration and pride.


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