Inspirational Exam Poems: Best Wishes and Good Luck

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Good Luck Poems for Exams: The stress and nervousness of giving an exam might seem funny but in reality, it weighs down a lot on students. A little bit of inspiration, motivation and support goes a long way. Write a sweet poem on a greeting card to send your best wishes to someone who is reeling under the pressure. Your cute messages and quotes could be the difference between passing and failing for someone who is cracking under the anxiety to get good grades. Whether it is your friend, colleague, co-worker, boyfriend or girlfriend – boost their confidence with your inspiring words. Your rhyme will be just the push they need to study hard and ace their papers.


1) Stress, tension and anxiety

Are not going to get you anywhere

If you let your fears overpower you

Failure, is at what you’ll stare

Life isn’t about finding excuses

It’s about finding ways to move on

Stop blaming situations and problems

Take charge, usher in a new dawn

Good luck


2) Read this sweet text

Over and over again

To help you de-stress

It’ll keep you sane

Look at our awesome selfies

Before your exams tomorrow

And I guarantee

You won’t score low

Good luck


3) I wish you good luck

For your upcoming tests

I am sure you will

Emerge as the best

Considering all the time

And effort you will invest

I hope that you beat

The crap out of your tests

Good luck


4) I know that you are

Committed to your studies

I know that you have

Worked hard endlessly

I know that you believe

In taking things head on

I know you have studied

From dusk till dawn

All your hard work

Will pay off handsomely

You are destined to

Shine out brightly

Good luck

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5) Education isn’t just about

School, classes and grades

It is about knowledge

That with time, doesn’t fade

The true essence of studying

Lies in being passionate

It’s about a zealous urge to be

In charge of one’s own fate

Good luck


6) I know you are well prepared

Your exams will be a piece of a cake

I really hope you do well

In all the papers that you take

Burn the midnight oil

Study hard and toil

Give exams your best try

So you can break free and fly

Good luck


7) The going will be tough

For the next few days

But you will rough it out

With your incredible ways

No matter how hard

All the questions are

I am sure you will ace them

Like a super star

You are bound to emerge

As the triumphant winner

Take your exams head on

Without any fear

Good luck


8) Stop wasting time on Facebook

Get back to your studies

If you don’t stop tweeting now

Your exams won’t be a breeze

Get back to your books and journals

Read, rote, understand or cram

Do whatever it takes

To ace your exams

Good luck

Exam poem do well best wishes for students

9) Tough and obstinate

Exams never go away

Difficult and annoying

They are here to stay

Boring and tedious

They will always seem

For them to get over

You will always dream

So instead of wailing

Whining, continuously

Just focus on doing well

To prove yourself worthy

Good luck


10) Exam fear will go away

Nervous jitters will not stay

Anxiety will now be gone

Say goodbye to being forlorn

Now you won’t forget your stuff

Your exams won’t seem tough

Breaking into sweats will be history

Now that you have good wishes from me

Good luck


11) No matter how tough

You exams might be

You are the student who can

Breeze through them easily

No matter how uncertain

You are about your D-Day

You have the ability to

Manage it well in every way

No matter how unexpected

The paper seems this year

I’m sure you will do great

Now that my good wishes are here


12) Although you are not the type

To purely rely on luck

This message is your charm

To help you avoid getting stuck

Read it and think about me

As you wake up on exam day

Thinking about my pretty face

Will keep all your stress at bay

Good luck sweetheart

Exam best wishes poem good luck for test

13) Don’t be nervous

Don’t create such a fuss

Don’t be so jittery

There is no need to be edgy

Don’t be so stressed out

Don’t be in so much doubt

You will do better than the rest

I wish you luck in your test


14) Don’t make your exams

Larger than life

Or you will invite

Nothing but strife

Treat your exams

As just another test

Eat well, study hard

Have fun, take rest

Good luck


15) The secret of being successful

You don’t need to know

Because you have always been

Prepared from the word go

Unnecessary advice and wishes

You don’t need at all

For you know what you’re doing

You are a person who stands tall

All I can say is that you should

Keep at it, as you’ve been

You’ll shine out like a diamond

The brightest, anyone has ever seen

Good luck


16) You are so well prepared

You are fully ready

Whether it is Math

History, Biology or Chemistry

You are so full of confidence

You are totally fearless

For your exams tomorrow

I wish you nothing but success

Good luck

Best wishes for exam greeting card poem for students

17) Exams are like demons

If you shy away from them

They will keep scaring you

And continue to overwhelm

They best way to deal with this

Is to face them in the eye

With a killer attitude

That shouts, never say die

So muster up some courage

Don’t let the stress dictate

That is how you’ll win yourself

A reason to celebrate

Good luck


18) As you study late in the night

Don’t eat too many candies

Sitting on your desk all day

Will make you gain calories

As you burn the midnight oil

Don’t binge on too many snacks

You will put on so much weight

That you won’t be able to keep track

Just stick to what you need to do

Which is to focus and study

Don’t make it a food festival

Else you will become fat and tardy

Good luck


19) You don’t deserve good grades

Good grades deserve you

For brilliant students who study hard

Failures are very few

You don’t need to chase victory

Success will run after you

You have nothing to worry about

So smile and laugh, don’t be blue

Good luck


20) You are giving an exam

Not going to battle

So take it easy

Don’t let your brains rattle

You have aced many

Tests in the past

So just keep studying hard

And have a blast

Good luck

Inspirational good luck poem for exams

21) Life itself is a test

Hardly an easy feat

In comparison I’m sure

Your exams are easier to beat

Life is the biggest challenge

Every day to face

This is just one of the few

Obstacles in the race

I wish you good luck

In acing this exam and more

I wish that in everything

You rise above and soar


22) We wish you lots of good luck

So that you never get stuck

With any doubt or difficulties

When you sit for your SATs

Do well and make us proud

So we can shout out aloud

That you are the best of them of all

And as your parents, we can stand tall


23) There is only one person

Who has the responsibility

To shape your life

The way you want it to be

That someone is

None other than you

So study hard, prepare well

Do the best you can do

Good luck


24) Have you read all your coursework

Have you revised your syllabus

Have you gone through everything

Without making it a fuss

You better sleep early tonight

You better check your lists twice

I think I have covered everything

Call me if you need more advice

Good luck

Cute good luck poem for students during exams

25) I hope that you

Remember everything

I hope that you

Forget nothing

I hope you never

Suffer from self doubt

I hope your luck

Never runs out

I hope that you

Achieve perfection

I hope that your results

Call for a celebration


26) This message is to wish

Good luck to

A smart and hardworking

Student like you

There is no reason to think

That your exams will be tough

For a brilliant student like you

These simple tests are easy stuff

Good luck


27) Give a break

To your weekend plans

You have to study

As hard as you can

Your SATs are

Just around the corner

You must ace the tests

To emerge as a winner

In all the papers

You have to excel

I wish you good luck

I am sure you will do well


28) Only because of this text

You will get really lucky

You will ace all your papers

It will be because of me

Good luck for your exam

I know you will crack it

And if you get good grades

Obviously, I should get the credit

Good luck card poem to wish a student for exams

29) I know that you have

Focus and ability

I know that you have

Patience and stability

Your personality has

These wonderful virtues

For your big exams

I wish luck to you


30) You better get good grades

This time around

This exam is important

To make your future sound

You better do everything

To maintain a good GPA

I wish you all the best

For your D-Day

Good luck