Inspirational Messages for Students: Motivational Quotes

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Inspirational Messages for Students: From inspiring messages about studying hard to motivational quotes about doing well in school and college – this post is packed with encouraging words for students. Parents and teachers often make the mistake of harping on and on about goals, focus, determination, commitment, hard work and other boring jargon. That might be exactly what is necessary but there’s a better side to life to be shown. Young kids need to know how education can make life awesome. Exams should be seen as challenges rather than problems. Think about how learning should ideally be fun, not stressful. Jot your thoughts down on a note and give it to someone who is reeling under the stress of exams and tests. Better yet, post it on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. A little encouragement can go a long way in changing someone’s perspective of life.


1) In life, NO ONE and NOTHING will help you until you start helping YOURSELF.


2) Every problem might not have a solution right now, but don’t forget that but every solution was once a problem.


3) It is true that experience is one of life’s best teachers. But if you don’t study you will probably never get any experience in the first place.


4) In real life, there is no such thing as second place. Either you are a winner, or you’re not.


5) Good grades are a stepping stones towards getting into a good college, getting a good job and eventually living a good life. Shun those complacent C’s, avoid those boring B’s and strive every single day, to get those awesome A’s.

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6) Listen to your teachers when they tell you WHAT to do. But more importantly, think about it later and ask yourself WHY they told you to do it.


7) Success might be relative but most things that matter in real life aren’t. A degree is a degree, a job is a job and hard work is hard work – as simple and direct as it can be.


8) Life is all about CHANCES and OPPORTUNITIES. Never leave anything to CHANCE and never let an OPPORTUNITY get away.


9) Study like there’s no tomorrow because if you keep putting off your studies for tomorrow, you’ll probably be too late.


10) Winners from all walks of life have their own strategies and plans but they all have one thing in common – they TRY. Keep trying.

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11) Give up on your frustration but never on your hopes. Give up thinking about your setbacks but never on your goals. Give up worrying about your past but never on your future.


12) Everyone has a talent and so do you. Let it shine out, is all you have to do.


13) Don’t feel sad because you are different from others. Every unique skill and talent has the potential to make you a superstar. Embrace your personality and unchain your inner strength. Don’t forget – the one thing that all successful people have in common is that they were different than everyone around them.


14) Expecting to get a good job without studying hard is like expecting to win a marathon without running it.


15) Succeeding in life is as simple as being a good student. All you have to do is pay attention, work hard and give it your best shot.

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16) Education is the anchor that holds life together through choppy waters. Study hard.


17) Failure is only temporary. The only thing that should be permanent is your will to overcome it.


18) Being a good student is less about the ability to rote and more about the desire to learn.


19) It’s okay if you don’t know what to do in life as long as you are not doing something you shouldn’t be doing. Staying on one of the right paths is better than veering off to the wrong ones.


20) You will meet a lot of people in your life who will give you advice and tell you what’s best for you. Listen to them but at the end of the day, do only what your heart tells you to.

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21) Don’t give it YOUR best shot. Give it the best shot ANYONE could have possibly given.


22) Each and every problem is a skill waiting to be learnt in disguise.


23) Stop thinking about WHAT WILL HAPPEN and start thinking about WHAT YOU CAN DO.


24) Being a good student throughout school and college is like preparing yourself for a marathon which will begin after you graduate. Focus on your goals and study hard, because the last thing you want is to tire yourself out before the finish line.


25) Greatness is simply defined as the ability to believe in yourself and ignoring everyone who says you can’t do it.

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26) Don’t study to earn, study to learn. What you learn today is what you will become tomorrow.


27) Don’t take SHORTCUTS in life because in the long run they will CUT SHORT your journey.


28) Think of every single bully who has made fun of you and humiliated you in front of all your friends. Use the image of their faces to motivate yourself to study hard and work harder. Think of how amazing it will be when twenty years down the line, you see them living in a trailer while you cruise past in your Bentley.


29) You can look for inspirational quotes about success but that won’t do you any good until you try to be an inspiration yourself.


30) Aiming for the stars? Great, but did you have to build a rocket first.

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31) Time can be your best friend and your worst enemy depending on whether you use it or waste it.


32) Jobs and bosses will come and go, but your education will always help you to grow.


33) Life is your journey, Goals are your destination and Hard Work is your set of wheels.


34) Even a billion starts with ONE – all you need to do is take that ONE step and keep trying again and again until you reach where you want to be.


35) As a student the most important thing to remember is that Laziness is your worst enemy and Hard Work is your best friend.

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36) Life is less complicated than it seems. Good habits and hard work are all it takes to succeed and win.


37) You might have hundreds of likes on Facebook but that won’t pay your bills. You might have tens of retweets on Twitter every day but that’s not going to pay your mortgage. You might have heaps of unread messages on WhatsApp but that’s not going to pay for your new car. You might have dozens of likes on Instagram that’s not going to pay for your life. Get a life, start working hard today.


38) You can use excuses to convince others, but how will you convince yourself?


39) Everyone makes mistakes. But only those who stand up and look a mistake in the eyes to say I WILL FIX YOU, go on to succeed.


40) Education is not a safety net. It is the rocket which will propel you towards success. All you have to do is have an aim and work on everything that takes to get a lift-off.