Birthday Poems for Grandma

Sweet birthday card poem for grandmother

Birthday Poems for Grandma: Grandmothers are cute, gullible and adorable. They care for their grandchildren and love spoiling them. Just like how your nan showered you with birthday wishes and gifts when you were a child, make her birthday a special celebration too. Come up with the sweetest quotes and write them on your own handmade greeting card to wish your grandma a happy birthday. The effort will show her how much you love being her grandson or granddaughter. Ideally you would want to get the whole family together for a quaint celebration over dinner. Visit your grandma and spend some time with her by yourself if the family get-together doesn’t seem likely.


1) A woman so graceful

So fine and beautiful

A woman with a penchant

For everything elegant

A woman with poise

And refined choice

My dear grandmother

Like you, there is no other

Happy birthday


2) Kids who don’t have grandmas

Would never come to know

How life without one

Can be so dull and low

Kids who haven’t seen

A grandma’s love and care

Of life’s sweetest emotions

Would never be aware

But God has give me

No such chance to complain

Thanks Heavens, I have you

Else I would have gone insane

Happy birthday


3) Soft and tender

Is her heart

Yet she is crackling wise

And uber smart

Sweet and affectionate

Are her ways

To listen to her advice

It always pays

Happy birthday grandma


4) I hope I have your genes

Not just those of mom and dad

For I want those qualities

That you have always had

I want your intelligence

Dexterity and grace

I want your agility

Along with your beautiful face

I want everything that would

Make me your replica

Because you are the most

Amazing woman, dear grandma

Happy birthday


5) Although your hands are jittery

And you are a little fidgety

Although you have become finicky

And a bit emotionally touchy

Although you are sometimes grumpy

And also slightly moody

I still think you are sweet, cute and funny

Happy birthday to the most awesome granny


6) All these years you have spoiled me enough

But you have also taught me how to be tough

How can I forget all the fun times that we shared

Patience and concern for me, how you have always spared

Your wise words and warm hugs, I will never forget

I will draw inspiration from them, whenever I am upset

Happy birthday, to the most amazing grandmother

Like your impact on my life, there can be no other


7) Even this gift, card and flowers

Can never remotely convey

How much you mean to me

In every little way

Thanks for understanding me

When I was understood by no other

You have been undoubtedly

The world’s best grandmother

Happy birthday


8) Not many grandchildren

Are as lucky as me

To get a grandmother like you

In life’s scorching journey

You are not just my grandmother

You mean a lot more to me

A grandma, friend and a mentor

And my closest buddy in the family

Happy birthday


9) You are my dear nan

You are my lovely gran

You are my sweetie

You are so lovely

You are like my pal

You are such a fun gal

You are so adorable

Granny, you are so special

Happy birthday


10) Looking straight through all my ways

Interpreting all the expressions on my face

My grandma is super duper cool

She is my life’s unofficial school

Understanding all my problems and confusion

She brings about the sweetest solutions

Knowing exactly what is going on in my heart

My grandma has been my favorite from the start

Happy birthday

Beautiful birthday greeting card poem for grandma

11) Dear grandma…

Never-ending, is your life’s vision

Still vivid, is your imagination

Timeless, is your vintage fashion

Endless is for you, our affection

Your life, is sheer motivation

To live our own, sans frustration

Still strong, is your determination

Don’t ever stop being an inspiration

Happy birthday


12) Apart from my friends

I always had you to go to

When my besties couldn’t understand

Why I was feeling blue

Apart from mum and dad

You were always there

Not just in your mere presence

But to genuinely give me care

You have been

My life’s softest cushion

Grandma, you are truly

One in a billion

Happy birthday


13) Grandmothers are fun

Because they love you a ton

Grandmothers are nice

Because they are full of surprise

Grandmothers are sweet

They always bring you many a treat

Grandmothers are the best

Because they put all your worries to rest

Happy birthday dear grandma


14) My grandma may have a wrinkly face

But no one can keep up with her pace

My grandma may not have a very chic look

But she is a diva on Facebook

It may have been a while, since nana went to college

But she has a lot of prudence and knowledge

My grandma is much more than what’s meets the eye

My love for her, it is impossible to quantify

Happy birthday, my dear grandmother


15) My grandma is funny and cute

She is a person no one can dare refute

My grandma never thinks twice

Before pampering me, with things so nice

My grandma is caring and loving

Her warm hugs will never stop trending

Not ordinary, my grandma is so unique

Her love and pampering, is all I seek

From her caring ways and her prudence

I have always got a lot of guidance

This short little poem is my own

Tribute to the love she has shown

Apart from her massive contribution

She is also my life’s biggest inspiration

Happy birthday


16) Dear grandma…

I still remember the way

You put your hand on my head

To drive my worries away

Before tucking me into bed

I also remember how

You closely watched me grow

From a toddler to an adult now

All your nurturing really shows

Happy birthday


17) In our family pictures

When I look at you

I don’t just see a grandma

But a dignified lady too

In our family reunions

When I see you up and about

The fact that you are the best

I confirm, without a doubt

Every time I need inspiration

Or a breath of fresh air

I know for me, dear grandma

You will always be there

Happy birthday


18) Fond memories of childhood

When we both used to play

Will always be in my heart

In my mind, they will always stay

Thanks for your beautiful touch to my life

In more ways than one

Happy birthday, dear grandma

Life without you would have been no fun


19) Cotton candies and baby dolls

Is what my grandma bought me when I was small

Nothing has changed since I have grown

More and more love, my grandma has shown

Many of my precious childhood memories

I owe to no one but my darling granny

Today I wish her a happy birthday with all my might

My nana, I never want to let her out of my sight


20) Most grandmas have walking sticks

But you are so youthful

At your age like you

I too want to be beautiful

Most grandmas look dull and tired

But your face is flawless

When I become old and fragile

I too want to be faultless

In short I aspire to be

Whatever you are right now

Happy birthday grandma

I will always love you and how

Touching birthday quote rhyme to grandma from dranddaughter or grandson

21) A grandmother’s smile

Is like a candle’s flame

The darkness of sorrow

It can easily tame

A grandma’s tender hug

Is like a balm to the heart

Even after a weary day

It can give a head start

A grandma’s advice

Is like a secret key

To living life without

Stress and anxiety

Happy birthday


22) Dear nana…

Ever since I was a toddler

You have treated me like I was special

Your role in my life

Has been so important and crucial

I love you a lot

And appreciate your wisdom, so sound

Even if I went around the world

A person like you, I would never have found

Happy birthday


23) What would our family do

If we weren’t blessed with a grandmother like you

From where would we seek advice

If it weren’t for your wisdom, so calm and nice

Who would we go to, when we face trouble

If it weren’t for your warm hugs that made our happiness double

Thank you grandma for always being around

If it weren’t for you, in our own mistakes we would have drowned

Happy birthday


24) Dear grandma…

Forget that you have aged

Think about how far you’ve come

Forget the problems you have right now

Think about how your family is so awesome

Forget what you have missed in life

Think about what you have achieved

Forget the things that God didn’t give you

Counts the blessing that you have received

Happy birthday


25) Ever since I was born

You have cocooned me

Since my childhood

You pampered me silly

Even while I was growing up

You bathed me in affection

When I was an adult

You gave me motivation

In every phase of my life

You’ve been my pillar to lean on

Time will change circumstances

But the memories will never be gone

Happy birthday


26) When I was small

You held my hand

When I grew a little

You played with me in the sand

Then I grew up a little bit more

I realized how much love for me, you had in store

Now I have become a big girl

I realize that I love you more than anyone in the world

Happy birthday grandma


27) My dearest gran

I am your biggest fan

I wouldn’t know what to do

Without consulting you

Your hugs are synonymous with comfort

You calmly hear everything that I blurt

My life is incomplete without your touch

I love you very much

Happy birthday


28) Your whole life, you have

Done nothing but give and give

All your sacrifices and selflessness

Is why, we blissfully live

What would mum be without you

What would I be without mum

So ultimately you are the reason

For all of us being so awesome

Happy birthday


29) Kids who have been good

Through their growing years

Get the best grandmas

Who always hold them dear

Kids who have been nice

And responsible all along

Get blessings from their grandma

That always keeps them strong

Since I have been nice

Well behaved and responsible

I too got a grandma like you

Caring, loving and a bit too special

Happy birthday


30) Dear grandma…

The whole family has gathered

To celebrate your birthday with grandeur

We will pamper you like a queen today

A fantastic time, is what we want to ensure

After all, you dedicated your life

To bringing us all up in the best possibly way

We are thankful for everything you have done

Thank you, is what we want to say

Happy birthday