60th birthday poems

Happy 60th birthday card poem

60th birthday poems: Turning sixty is the day which makes most people realize that they are inching close towards retirement. This is why sixtieth birthdays are all about celebrating the beginning of the end of life’s hectic years. The quotes on a 60th Happy Birthday card should gracefully recognize the onset of old age and humorously welcome life’s carefree times. Take notes from the delightful mix of sweet rhymes and cute wishes in this post to write your own short poem for a 60th birthday greeting. Whether it is for your mom, dad, uncle, friend, boss or colleague at work – personalize it by thinking of the beautiful and funny memories you share with the sixty year old.


1) A sunrise is beautiful

But so is a sunset

For turning sixty today

Don’t harbor any regret

The autumn of your life

Will be so serene

You will be the happiest

That you have ever been

Happy 60th birthday


2) Six decades of life

You have lived so fine

There is no reason

To complain or whine

Your life has become

A perfect example

Of what it takes to be

An ideal role model

Happy 60th birthday


3) There is a lot of charm and grace

In having gray hair and wrinkles on your face

There is a lot of poise and elegance

In having so much experience

There is a lot of honor and dignity

In turning a grand sixty

Happy birthday


4) Look how far

You have come

Look how your life

Has been awesome

Look at all the things

That you have got

Look how your family

Loves you a lot

Look how stunning

Is your life’s view

Happy birthday dear

I am so happy for you


5) Even at this age

You are full of elegance

Teeming with inner beauty

That has permanence

Even at this age

You are full of verve

Your vivacity is what

You have managed to preserve

Even though one day

You will turn eighty

I want you to always

Stay like this, dear mommy

Happy 60th birthday


6) Of success and progress

Sixty is the new synonym

Of dullness and lethargy

It is an antonym

Life begins at sixty

Don’t let it slip away

From my heart I wish you

A happy sixtieth birthday


7) May your soul be

Forever adventurous

May your state of mind be

Always joyous

May your inner beauty be

Free of wrinkles

May your spirit be

Free of crinkles

Happy 60th birthday


8) You are too old

For throwing a party

You are too young

To pass the day smugly

You are too old

To wear a birthday cap

But you are too young

To celebrate with in a nap

Such is the dilemma

Of being sixty

Welcome to the age

Of perplexity

Happy 60th birthday


9) Nature seems to be

Affecting you in reverse motion

Do you apply a secret cream

Or drink a magical potion

Sixty years is when

People turn pale and light

But you are becoming

More radiant and bright

You don’t look old at all

Even though you are sixty

Timeless and eternal

Is your inner beauty

Happy 60th birthday


10) I want some of your wisdom

On your sixtieth birthday

To rub off on me

In each and every way

I also want a bit

Of your knowledge

So that I can use it

To my advantage

I want every single trait

Each and every quality

That will make me like you

When I am sixty

Happy 60th birthday


11) May the skies turn red

May the trees turn blue

That is how dramatic

Your birthday should be for you

May the flowers turn neon

May the oceans turn burgundy

This is how flamboyant

Your sixtieth should be

Happy birthday


12) You wouldn’t have thought

When you were twenty

That you would become

So successful and happy

You wouldn’t have thought

When you were thirty

That your life would be

So cheerful and merry

You wouldn’t have thought

When you became forty

That your family would become

Your first priority

You wouldn’t have thought

When you became fifty

That you would shoulder

So much responsibility

Now that you are

Approaching sixty

You should put your feet up

And take it easy

Happy 60th birthday


13) It is time to become

A child once again

To live without any

Worries or pain

Your carefree years

You must now embrace

May your sixtieth be the start

Of a terrific phase

Happy birthday


14) May you have

A new hope for tomorrow

May your future

Be without any sorrow

May you look forward

To a new ambition

May life give you

A new passion

By turning sixty

You turn a new leaf

Relax and live life

Without any regret or grief

Happy 60th birthday


15) At sixty, there is no need

For you to listen and heed

Other people’s unnecessary advice

Or to compulsively be nice

At sixty, you can do what you wish

In your own way you can cherish

Your own life as you want to

I wish a happy birthday to you


16) Many years have passed

Since the your date of birth

In the meantime you must have

Realized your life’ worth

As you celebrate

Your birthday’s anniversary

Have a good time as you

Fulfill your life’s destiny

Happy 60th birthday


17) Some say that

Sixty is the new fifty

Some say that

Sixty is the new forty

I don’t care whatever is

The real meaning of sixty

As long as you remain

Happy and healthy

Happy 60th birthday


18) An amazing person

Has just turned sixty

For him, I am excited

As much as I can be

For he will begin

The best phase of his life

Who can be happier for him

More than his wife

Happy 60th


19) Time to see a new dream

Time to think up a new fantasy

Time to think a new thought

Time to wish a new fancy

Life doesn’t end at this age

It actually begins at sixty

May you live life to the fullest

Is what I wish whole heartedly

Happy 60th birthday


20) You have finally

Become a big boy

Let’s raise a toast

To this happiness and joy

Now you can finally say

That you are mature

Even though we are

Not yet too sure

But all this doesn’t matter

For when you are sixty

You can behave like a child

As carefree as you can be

Happy 60th birthday


21) Don’t kid yourself

You are about to grow

Old and fragile in some time

I hope you know

Don’t run away

From the fact

That your energy will

No more be intact

After all your are

Turning sixty

A wobbly bag of bones

You are about to be

Happy 60th birthday


22) You are only

A few years away

From welcoming

Your retirement day

When you will lie

In your hammock with coffee

Until that day comes

Enjoy being sixty

Happy birthday


23) My dearest dad

You have turned sixty

Making me the happiest

That I could be

Your sixtieth birthday

As you welcome

I hope your day

Turns out to be awesome


24) For sixty long years

On this earth

You have lived successfully

Showing your mettle and worth

You achieved what it takes

To make a wonderful life

You have a great family

Lovely kids and a wife

There is not a single thing

That you don’t posses

You life is already full

Of so much happiness

You might be the luckiest

Sexagenarian the world could see

I congratulate you mate

For tuning a cool sixty


25) Now you have

Every single excuse

That you can

Very freely use

To forget where

You kept your stuff

To be unable to remember

While becoming gruff

Even though this sounds

A little bit quirky

They are the benefits

Of turning sixty

Happy 60th


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