Thank You Poems for Teacher

Thank you card poem for teachers

Thank You Poems for Teacher: Say thank you to your teacher with a poem that expresses gratitude and appreciation like no other. Write it as a thank you note or pen it down on a greeting card which you can leave on your teacher’s desk. Teachers work hard to give you a good education. They put up with being insulted and made fun of. They tolerate unacceptable behavior day in and day out, just so that they can shape the world, one student at a time. So stop waiting for Teachers’ Day and tell your teacher how grateful you are with a sweet poem that is more than just words. Whether it is a cute rant or a funny rambling mashed up into a short rhyme – give your teachers yet another reason to pursue their passion for making a contribution to the lives to students like you.


1) Some teachers are sweet

Some teachers are a delight

Some teachers are funny

Some teachers are always right

Some teachers are cute

Some teachers are annoying

Some teachers are boring

Some teachers are irritating

But you, are hard to label

Because in every possible way

You motivate and inspire us

Day after day…

Thank you


2) Dear teacher…

You are a simile

Of living life dutifully

You are an alliteration

Of words that mean devotion

You represent an irony

That explains both joy and glee

You are a real pun

Sometimes grave, sometime fun

You are an allegory

Of how educators should really be

Like many figures of speech

We love to see you teach


3) While teaching, you put in

Your heart and soul, it shows

As students, we appreciate it

Is what we want you to know

Even though we don’t

Express it out aloud

Of your significant contribution

In our lives, we have no doubt

Thank you


4) When you give us surprise tests

We find them really annoying

When you overload us with homework

Everything seems so irritating

When you use complicated jargon

We find studies a bit too boring

When you give us deadlines

We find them a bit too overwhelming

But when everything is said and done

We realize the hard work that goes into teaching

So even though we crib and complain

Respecting you, is something we won’t stop doing

Thank you


5) Dear teacher…

The school’s best hire

Never, should you retire

Your advice never misfires

You, we really admire

You never tire

You never breathe fire

You always inspire

You always push us higher

Thank you


6) When you teach

Your words just flow

At that time nowhere else

I want to stand up and go

When you explain something

It makes me take notice

And when I understand that

It gives me sheer bliss

Learning, with you

Is such a wonderful journey

Dear teacher, today I give

My thanks to you abundantly


7) Out of all the memories

That I have of school

Of having so much fun

And breaking every rule

Of all the good times

That I’ve had with friends

Of doing crazy things

And enjoying to no end

There is one memory

That I cherish from the heart

And that is being your student

From the very start

Thank you


8) You are the teacher

Who opened my mind to new thoughts

You are the teacher

Who I really adore and love lots

You are the teacher

Who taught me to explore

You are the teacher

Who brought my talents to the fore

Thanks for being such a great teacher

And caring for me all along the way

Thanks for being such a great guide

You inspire me even today


9) Without wonderful teachers

Students wouldn’t feel like studying

There would be no desire to learn

Because textbooks are so boring

But because of teachers like you

Students are having fun at school

Realizing that it is not brawns

But brains that makes you cool

Thank you


10) The best teachers

Are not the ones with medals

The most amazing teachers

Don’t always have credentials

Superlative teachers

Don’t always have accolades

Excellent teachers

Don’t always emphasize grades

Teachers who can be called

Perfect in every way

Are tireless and dedicated ones like you

For that, I thank you today

Thank you poem for teacher greeting card

11) I still remember that day

When I failed and I cried

But you reassured me calmly

And congratulated me because I tried

You taught me not to get disappointed

At life’s minor bumps and bounces

I will never forget that because you

Made me believe in second chances

Thank you


12) You didn’t teach from books

You taught from the pages of your life

You didn’t just teach letters and words

You taught me how to deal with strife

You didn’t just give me grades

You assessed me as a person

You didn’t just give me confidence

You pushed me until I won

Thank you


13) Even after I left school

I remember every lesson that you taught

Your role in my life has been priceless

Your wisdom was what, I always sought

Your priceless words

I will remember till my dying day

I pray, that wonderful teachers

Like you, come everyone’s way

Thank you


14) If not for your guidance

I wouldn’t have learnt

If not for all your help

My fingers would have been burnt

If not for your advice

I would have gone wayward

If not for your counsel

Many things I would’ve feared

If not for your presence

I would have been nowhere

Thanks for giving me

Lessons along with care


15) I may not remember the books

That you’ve taught me

I may not remember the details

Of subjects you made me study

But what I will always remember

Is that I had the best opportunity

To study under your tutelage

An experience I’ll cherish dearly

Thank you


16) Teacher teacher, dear teacher

You always led by example, you were never a preacher

Teacher teacher, dear teacher

Even when we failed, you were always a believer

Teacher teacher, dear teacher

You looked after everyone, even the backbenchers

Teacher teacher, dear teacher

Your knowledge and wisdom, has made us richer

Thank you


17) If a nation really wants to evolve and grow

If a nation really wants to see a better tomorrow

It needs to start making changes at the ground level

To educate young minds and remove society’s devils

This can only be possible if there are more teachers like you

Who put their heart and souls to help students get through

Today the whole class just wants to show appreciation

For leading the way with your motivation and inspiration


18) Your way of teaching makes math seem fun

It also makes everything seem just too easy

Algebra and geometry aren’t difficult anymore

Solving all problems has become so breezy

Class would have been totally boring

If we did not have a teacher like you

Numbers would have been so complicated and dull

We would have fallen asleep even while doing two plus two

Thank you


19) Some teachers preach

But good teachers only teach

Some teachers help you to learn

But good teachers help you to discern

Some teachers compliment you to do better

But good teachers ask you to work harder

You were the best of them all, for me

You made me the best I could ever be

Thank you


20) Teachers have a halo around them

They always look so serene

You too have been an angel for me

Without you, I wonder where I would have been

Every word that came out of your mouth

Made me smart and wise

It is because I had a teacher like you

That life turned out to be so nice

Thank you

Inspirational poem for teacher to say thank you

21) You set me free

When the world bogged me down

You put a smile on my face

When all I wanted to do is frown

It is because I had a teacher like you

I didn’t falter in life’s treacherous path

My future, with your guidance and advice

Was saved from a terrible aftermath

Thank you


22) Please accept my gratitude

For everything that you have given to me

My promising future full of potential

Is right before your eyes to see

You are the one who has contributed

The most in my growing years

Thanks for being a wonderful teacher

To that, I raise a toast and say cheers


23) Teachers like you make classrooms

The best places to be

Which is why students look back at their lives

And miss their schools dearly

Teachers like you make learning

Simple and carefree

That’s why students look at difficult problems in life

And say ‘That is so easy’

The only reason why

I drag myself to school every single day

Is to be in your class

Because it drives my blues away


24) You have been a lot more

To me, than just a teacher

You have been my guide

My supporter and also my mentor

Your words have had a profound effect

Helping this teenager come out of the shell

For that, I want to say thanks

I will always wish you well


25) It’s amazing to see

How you, just one person

Can change the lives

Of hundreds and millions

It’s phenomenal to see

How your teachings

Can change attitudes

And many a leanings

The power you yield

Is really very great

To have you as my teacher

I truly thank my fate


26) Why wait for Teachers’ Day

When you can celebrate

A teacher’s contribution in your life

And show them what you appreciate

That is the reason I decided

To give thanks to you right away

I don’t want to wait a minute more

To say what I want to say

Like clay or wet sand

You molded us into beautiful people

Your support made all the difference

It made us extraordinary and special

Thank you


27) I want to thank you

Not just for being a good teacher

But for being

A caring second mother

I want to thank you

Not just for being my teacher

But for being

A guide and a mentor

I want to thank you

Not just for helping me out

But for motivating me

And melting away my doubts

Thank you


28) Dear teacher…

No matter how much

I keep thanking you all day

It’s not going to match up

To your contribution in any way

No matter how many

Gifts and flowers I give you

It won’t be enough to show

Gratefulness for what’s due

No matter what things

For you I decide to buy

I won’t be able to thank you

Even if I try


29) The reason I don’t feel

Even a bit of worry

To venture into

Unchartered territory

The reason I don’t feel

The lack of confidence

In taking many risks

And making tough decisions

Is because you have

Always taught me

To either do or to die

And persist continuously



30) Our school is appreciated

By one and all

All these years

The institution has stood tall

But that’s not because

Of any other reason

But because of teachers like you

Who make it number one

Thank you