Thank You Poems for Boss: Notes to Say Thank You

Coolest thank you poem for bosses and managers

Thank You Poems for Boss: Thank you notes to bosses and managers are generally written on Boss’ day. But that shouldn’t stop you from showing your boss some random appreciation for the guidance and help given to you on a daily basis. If you think that conveying your gratitude is highly overdue, let your boss know how much his or her leadership means to you. Write a short rhyme and send it to your boss as a text, Facebook post or a quote. Think of the time when your boss’ inspirational decisions saved the day or how he helped you and your colleagues get out of a mess. You can even use office humor and funny workplace incidents to remind your boss of the great working relationship that you share. A warm message will go a long way in strengthening professional ties.


1) You’ve never been hesitant

In sharing your wisdom

You’ve always allowed us

To operate with freedom

You’ve never been reluctant

In giving us authority

You’ve let us make mistakes

Even if they are costly

You’ve believed in us even when

We have been in doubt

You’ve shown the world

What great bosses are all about

Thank you


2) Thanks for being a buddy

More than a taskmaster

Thanks for being a comrade

More than an employer

Thanks for being a friend

More than an angry manager

Thanks for being a mentor

More than an arrogant leader


3) More of a friend

Less of a boss you have been

Together the most

Difficult times we have seen

More of a guide

You are less of an instructor

In other words you are

An amazing teacher

Thanks you always being

An atypical boss

You are very best

That I have ever come across


4) Dear boss…

Thanks for shining bright

Thanks for being my guiding light

Thanks for strengthening my might

Thanks for encouraging me to fight

Thanks for pulling me out of plight

Thanks for never keeping me out of sight

Thanks for teaching me to do what’s right

My obligations to you are infinite


5) We are loyal

Because you are special

We are obedient

Because you are efficient

We are dependable

Because you are remarkable

We are trustworthy

Because you believe in us blindly

We look up to you

Because bosses like you are few

Thank you


6) Even in times of stress

You have been very calm

Sorting out everyone’s problems

Like how a wound is healed by a balm

You have taught us by example

What it is to be a real leader

You have not just been our boss

But our guide, teacher and mentor

Thank you


7) Offices won’t need HR

Monday mornings will never be blue

If all managers and bosses

Were as fair and efficient as you

The entire team

Wants to spare a moment and say

Thank You, to show gratitude

For being a terrific boss every day


8) If you weren’t our boss

It would have been our loss

The office would be in chaos

Targets would have gone for a toss

But thanks to a professional like you

Problems, we never run into

Thank you for being an inspiration

Bosses like you deserve a standing ovation


9) An awesome boss knows

The pulse of his workplace

He knows exactly how to read

Each and every employee’s face

A perfect boss knows how

To recognize good aptitude

He knows how to reward

Employees with positive attitude

You are the perfect fit

Of such a description

We just want to say Thank You

Dear boss, you are number one


10) Today is Boss’s Day

The perfect time to say

You have been wonderful

Your influence is powerful

Thanks for all that you have been

You are the best boss I have seen

You have been my idol

My only role model

Thank you

Thank you card poem for boss from colleagues

11) Thank you boss

For being there

Thank you for showing

Concern and care

Thank you boss

For patting our backs

Thank you for helping us

With what we lack

For being the way you are

You have always been

This office’s superstar


12) You are my boss

I am your employee

Under your leadership

I am glad to be

You are my boss

I am your employee

For my career’s progress

You are the key

You are my boss

I am your employee

I want to say thanks

For mentoring me


13) Thanks for always setting

A benchmark too high for us

Thanks for always paying attention

Whenever we made a fuss

Thanks for pushing the boundaries

In every task we have undertaken

Thanks for giving us the chance

To clarify when we are mistaken

Thanks for doing the little things

That all bosses don’t do

For shaping our careers

We all want to say Thank You


14) You are so good

You are so nice

If you want

I can say it twice

The real reason

To thank you this way

Is because today

Is Boss’s Day


15) The reason that I want to be like you

When I climb the corporate ladder

Is because I want to be remembered

Not just as a boss, but also a leader

The reason I want to step into your shoes

When I start leading teams

Is to make quick decisions that are

Much tougher than they seem

The reason that I want to inherit

Every quality that you possess

Is to become a boss like you

A man of skill and finesse


16) You are the kind of boss

Who makes an impact

You are the kind of leader

Who has a lot of tact

You are the kind of person

Who is hard outside and soft inside

You are the kind of chief

In whom, we take a lot of pride


17) The biggest management lessons

Are not learnt in colleges and schools

They are learnt by observing leaders

Who in the worst of crisis, can remain cool

I consider myself very lucky

To be able to observe such a boss every day

Thank you for passively empowering me

With knowledge and skill, is all I want to say


18) A boss like you

Is a prized trophy

We are lucky that you

Are heading the company

A boss like you

Is a treasure chest

In your mind

Billion dollar ideas rest

A boss like you

Is a team’s asset

Others would kill

To work with you, we bet


19) I want to thank you

For many things today

Especially because

It is Boss’s Day

Thank you for giving me

A timely promotion

Thank you for showing me

The right direction

Thank you for allotting to me

Challenging assignments

Thank you for giving me

A nice and fair assessment

Thanks for going the extra mile

So many times for me

To have you as a boss

I consider myself lucky


20) In hindsight, your advice

Has always rung true

We wouldn’t have made it

Until here without you

In hindsight, your opinion

Has always proved priceless

You are the only reason

For all our progress

Thanks boss

Thank you card short poem to boss from employees

21) What kind of a boss are you


What kind of a leader are you


What kind of a manager are you


What kind of a trainer are you


What kind of a person are you


How awesome we think you are

I hope you can see


22) If there was an Academy award

To felicitate bosses who are the best

I am sure that you would

Easily best the rest

To me, you are nothing less

Than an award winning celebrity

Thank you boss, for being

Such a positive influence on me


23) You have tolerated me

Throughout the year

You have supported me

All the way in my career

Thanks for tolerating

Some flaws here and there

Bosses like you these days

Are to be found nowhere


24) Before I met you

My idol was a celebrity

After I met you

That changed completely

Your personality is inspiring

You are truly a motivation

Now you have become

My role model, number one

Thanks boss


25) Boss’s Day

Is a happy occasion

A time for

Some celebration

A chance to

Raise a toast and cheer

And say thanks

To our boss, so dear


26) The happiness index of this office

Rates really high

No one here likes to complain

Grumble, whine or sigh

No employee is known

To report any grievance

Because our boss has created

A fair and equal workplace ambience

Thank you


27) I felt lucky when I got this job

I felt happy to be given this salary

I felt satisfied with the job profile

I felt proud to be a valued employee

But the biggest sense of pride

Was when I realized that my manager

Wasn’t just like any other boss

But a person worthy of being called a leader


28) Thanks for always doling out advice

And not domineering instructions

Thanks for always giving counsel

And not conservative opinions

Thanks for always giving respect

And to your subordinates, paying heed

Thanks for always being accessible

And helping us out in times of need

Thanks for never acting bossy

But being the best leader ever

To live up to what you expect of us

We will always endeavor


29) More than diamonds and gems

But bosses like you are rare

Not everyone is lucky to have

Bosses like you who care

Good leaders are very hard to find

And bosses like you more so

You have been the best ever

Is what I want you to know


30) If I ever had to be a boss

I would want to be like you

Because amazing bosses

Like you are very few

I would adapt your style

And your professional attitude

I would also skill up

To match your aptitude

Thanks for inspiring me

Day in and day out

You give me enough reasons

To be thankful about