Stay Positive Quotes: Inspirational Messages about Being Positive in Life

Good things will happen in your life inspirational quote

Stay Positive Quotes: Being positive in tough time is easier said than done. We all know that. But how do some people manage to shun the negativity out and embrace sheer positivity in their everyday lives? Mindset is everything. Constant positive reaffirmation to your heart and soul can empower your drive to ride through whatever storm you’re facing. Inspirational messages, motivational sayings and plain old encouragement to see the positive side of life – this post has it all. And don’t forget, surround yourself with happy people. Keep the negativity out of your life by staying away from friends who bring nothing but toxicity. Take life one day at a time, and empower yourself with one positive thought at a time.


1) Good things will happen in your life, but first you have to believe so. Be positive.


2) Saying positive is the foundation of moving on from any and all of life’s problems.


3) Negativity won’t make your problems disappear tomorrow. It’ll simply make you weaker today. Stay positive.


4) Worrying about problems is not going to solve them and thinking about bitter memories is not going to make them go away.


5) Never let other people’s opinions fuel negativity in your mind and soul. A diamond is a diamond, no matter what others choose to call it.

Stay positive quote about being happy from within

6) Happiness is like Change… it starts from within. Stay positive.


7) Nothing will affect your life and your thoughts as much as the people in them. So, choose your company wisely.


8) It’s easy to blame, it’s easy to complain. But that won’t stop, the hurt and the pain. Stay positive, have faith and stay strong… that’s the only way to fix life’s wrongs.


9) Don’t expect every day to be the best day in your life. But do expect the best from life, every day. Never ever give up, and always stay positive.


10) All the good things that will ever happen in your life, will begin with one simple thing… a positive thought.

Think Positive quote good thoughts last forever

11) Bad times will eventually, but your thoughts will last forever. Think positive.


12) A lot less will go wrong in your life if you simply stop thinking about the things that went wrong, and start focusing on what you can do right.


13) It’s hard to find that single precious reason to be happy when life gives you thousands to be sad. But don’t give up and don’t let the negativity drown out the fire in your soul.


14) Your life’s biggest investment lies not in your bank account but in your ability to stay positive when things go wrong.


15) The smallest positive thought can lead up to your life’s best moments and the smallest negative thought can lead up to your life’s worst… which way do you want to go?

Words to live by about negative people in your life

16) Distance yourself from people who make you unhappy and surround yourself with those that make you feel nice about being who you are today, not who you can be tomorrow.


17) No problem can be solved with negativity. Staying positive is the only way to move forward.


18) If people don’t like your enthusiasm in life, it’s their problem not yours. Just like how your happiness is in your hands, not theirs.


19) Spend more time thinking about your life’s happy memories than worrying about the bitter ones.


20) Spend less time with people who make you feel small, and more with those that make you feel happy.

Negative thoughts quote negativity is a prison

21) Negativity is a prison. It cages you inside its dark walls… and the only way out is to be the light yourself.


22) No matter how tough you’re doing it right now, never forget that the tiniest of positive thought can turn into the best thing to have ever happened to you.


23) Solutions to all of life’s problems begins with the desire and will to be happy. Positivity is key.


24) One of the first steps to staying happy and positive in life is to learn how to say no.


25) Latch on to thoughts that make you feel happy and let of those that make you feel sad. Make this a habit, and you’ll learn to be happy even when things go bad.

Darkness gives way to light quote about positivity and negativity

26) Positivity is the only answer to negativity… just like how light is the only one to darkness.


27) Staying positive is easy. Just stop thinking about ‘what you don’t have’ and just thank your stars every morning for giving you what you do.


28) Staying positive is a lot like staying happy. No one and nothing can control it but you and your deepest thoughts.


29) Bad things happen to everyone. No one is immune to loss and sadness. But never let a moment’s despair cloud the hope of the better times that lie ahead.


30) You are what your thoughts are. Stay positive, stay happy.

Being positive state of mind way of life quote

31) Being positive is not a state of mind, it is a way of life.


32) How to stay positive? It’s simple. Work hard, enjoy what you’re doing, be honest, be kind and believe in the inherent goodness that life has to offer.


33) Make it a habit of thinking about something positive every morning after you wake up and every night before you go to sleep… negativity will never tough you again.


34) Your life is simply a collection of all your thoughts and actions. Which direction to steer it in, is a choice you make every day and every moment. Be positive, live happy.


35) You can be hurt, robbed or humiliated… but nothing can steal your inner positivity. Hold on to it because it is the only thing that will pull you out when life gets rough.

Nothing can stop you from being happy believe in it

36) Nothing can stop you from being happy, as long as you don’t stop yourself from being so. Stay positive, stay happy.


37) Being positive is not just about looking at the bright side of a situation. It is more about accepting that things can go wrong and it is ok to have setbacks because there will always be a way out.


38) The difference between being positive and being negative is simple. Negativity, is when you start assuming that things will go wrong even before they do. Positivity, is when you remain calm when things go wrong… knowing well that there is a solution lurking around somewhere, just waiting to be found.


39) You can blame others all you want but the truth is… that ultimately, your happiness is your responsibility. Be positive.


40) No matter how tiny… don’t let the positivity inside you fizzle out. Sometimes, all it takes is a small thought to get your life back on track.