I Miss You Poems for Wife: Missing You Poems for Her

Romantic I miss you card poem to wife from husband

21) When you are away

I spend every moment

Drowning fast and deep

In agony and torment

When you are away

I feel totally blue

All I need is just one

Romantic kiss from you

I miss you


22) Do you know why

I tolerate missing you

Is because I know you have

A fantastic job to attend to

But in reality I hate your job

Because I can’t bear

Being alone at home

When you travel interstate

We must find a way

To start working together

So we will never be

Apart from one another

I miss you


23) I have started hating my phone

My laptop, tablet and the computer

Speaking to you through gadgets

Just doesn’t make me feel better

Because I want to now

Speak to you face to face

And end this separation

Our life’s most miserable phase

I miss you


24) Even though you are gone

Just for a day

I find it very tough

To keep loneliness at bay

I am desperately waiting

For the time

When you will be back

Life will again, be sublime

The only reason

I put up with missing you

Is that you do the same

When I am away too



25) I feel the need

To hug you

I miss the way

I used to bug you

My only desire

Is to cuddle you

I wish I could just

Snuggle with you

I am saying all this

Not just to woo you

But the truth is

That I really miss you


26) I envy the colleagues

At your company

As they spend more time

With you, my sweetie

May be I should

Join your company too

That is the only way

I will stop missing you


27) A person who I love

More than anything else in life

Is none other than you

My sweetheart, my darling wife

Now you can imagine

Whenever you are away

How tough it is for me

To get by every day

I miss you


28) Everything feels dull and gloomy

My heart feels hollow and empty

As I work away in my office cubicle

I miss someone who is so special

That someone is my dear wife

She is the reason that I love my life

Although I will see her at home tonight

I can’t bear having her out of my sight

I miss you


29) For missing you, my reason number one

Is that without you, life is no fun

For missing you, my reason number two

Is that I can’t make do without you

For missing you, my reason number three

Is that without you I feel sad and lonely

For missing you, my reason number four

Is that life without you, feels like a big bore

For missing you, my reason number five

Is that your love, is the very spark

That makes me feel alive

I miss you


30) I hate it

When I am alone

That is when

I grumble and groan

I hate it

When we are apart

That is when it pains

Deep in my heart

I hate it

When you are not here

That is when

I really miss you dear