I Miss You Poems for Wife: Missing You Poems for Her

Sweet missing you poem to wife from husband

11) You are obsessively etched

In my dreams and my thoughts

When you are away from me

I miss you a lot

You are gloriously embossed

Deep down inside my heart

I feel so depressed

When we are apart

You love is elaborately painted

Across every part of my life

The one who makes my heart beat

Is you, my dear wife


12) Missing you daily

Has become an obsession

Missing you continuously

Has become a fixation

Missing you non stop

Has become my hobby

To be back from work

How long will you be, honey

I miss you


13) I miss your love very much

Along with your loving touch

I miss your presence a lot

Whether you do or not

I feel so down and out

In frustration, I might even shout

I feel so sad and miserable

My condition is really pitiable

Everything feels so lonely and gloomy

Baby, don’t you miss me


14) Being away from you

All this time

Seems like a punishment

For the biggest of crimes

The state of my mind

Is sad and depressed

My heart is feeling

Lonely and oppressed

I want you to come back

Not later, but now

Because baby I am

Missing you and how


15) I have made plans that are

Very elaborate

When you come back I want to

Chill out and celebrate

We’ll stay in all day long

Or take a weekend getaway

We’ll open a bottle of bubbly

Or take a holiday

We’ll do whatever it takes

To be with each other

And catch up on the precious time

That we’ve lost together

I miss you


16) Now that you are delayed

By an hour or two

My lovely wife, I will

So badly miss you

Since you will be held up

For some more while

I just want to let you know

That my face has lost its smile

I miss you


17) I hate everything

About your brand new role

For on our relationship

It is taking a real toll

I hate everything

About your new assignments

Because they are giving me

So many disappointments

I hate everything

About your new career phase

The way you are so entangled

In the horrid rat race

Because it is all this

That is keeping us separated

And that is not something

I ever wanted


18) I have given up trying hard to avoid

Thinking about you, sweetie

For I know you will come back soon

Making this long wait worthy

When you travel, without you I feel

Sad, depressed, drained and empty

All I want to say is that

I love you and I miss you, honey


19) Although you have just gone

Away for the weekend

I feel that without you

My life is going to end

Although it has hardly been

A few hours since you’ve left

In my heart you’ve caused

A deep and painful cleft

As the distance increases

I’m sulking and cursing away

I miss you like crazy

Is what your hubby wants to say


20) In your absence

I won’t know what to do

I don’t know how I will

Survive without you

Your traveling is just

About to start

I am going to miss you

With all my heart

I miss you