I Miss You Poems for Mom after Death: Missing You Poems to Remember a Mother

Sad death poem to mom from daughter or son

I Miss You Poem for Mom after Death: Has life plunged into sadness and grief after your mom’s death? It will be difficult to cope up without the love of the mother who nurtured you since the day she held you in her arms for the first time. Use the power of literature to soothe the pain of your loss. Read these poems to reflect upon, and remember your own relationship with your late mother. Don’t hold back the tears. Let the emotions flow. Whether your mother’s passing away was caused by illness, cancer, old age or an untimely accident – use your words to purge your soul of all the sadness, sorrow and regret. Write your own quotes and share them with your friends and family. Your messages and notes will become lifelong reminders of the beautiful person who graced your lives in a way that no one else possibly can.


1) Dear mom…

I still remember

The sound of your last breath

I can still hear words that

You said just before your death

I can still feel your hands

Entangled warmly in mine

I can still envision your smile

Faint but still so fine

Although I do remember

The last promise I made to you

Stopping my flow of tears

I haven’t been able to

I miss you


2) When I was a teenager I always thought

That hanging out with you was so not cool

Sometimes I’d be embarrassed when you

Came to pick me up from school

I look back at those times and think

How silly I was to have refuted

The love of a mother, so caring

Whose sacrifices can never be disputed

Life has its own harsh way of teaching lessons

I guess it was meant to be this way

I am crying for your hugs now that you’re gone

Mom, I will miss you till my dying days


3) The grief is inexplicable

The loss feels unbearable

The bereavement seems never-ending

The lament seems to do nothing

The pain is strong and relentless

The hurt has rendered me helpless

The damage done is permanent

Your death was my life’s worst moment

I miss you mom


4) While I was caught up trying to manage

All the wrong priorities in life

I overlooked how the nasty disease

Had taken over yours, causing endless strife

A false assurance, I used to give myself

That you were being card for

Even visiting you in hospital

Sometimes I thought of it as a chore

But now that you are gone, I realize

How foolish I have been

Mom, I am dying in guilt and regret

I hope you can forgive my sins

I miss you


5) I wish I could turn back time

Not just by years, but decades

Right to the time I was a teenager

When you used to whine about my grades

I would do a lot of things differently

I would never have shown disrespect

I wouldn’t have tried to ignore you

I would have heeded your advice, so perfect

Mom, I know it is too late to say

All these things now

But I hope you are listening to all this

From the heavens above

I miss you


6) Mom…

Every day is the same for me

Filled with nightmares and reverie

When I dream of you by my side

Stroking my head with a smile so wide

Sweat, palpitations and fear

Engulf me and start to creep near

Reminding me of all those days

Spent amidst your loving ways

As the night descends once more

I start shivering from my very core

For I know that it will bring

Memories that will make me wring

I miss you


7) Dear mom…

You don’t exist in this world anymore

But you always will, in my memory

You are not present in the house anymore

But in my heart, you will always be

You are not there to wish me goodnight

But from the Heavens, I know you’ll say

You will make sure I’m never lonely

Watching me from above every day

Even though your existence

Is now personified by a gravestone

I know that if your love is with me

I will never feel alone

I miss you


8) I take my own decisions

I do what I think is right

I use my discretion to act

I wade through my plight

But every time I do something

I think about how it would be

If you were there in my life

To advice me and to oversee

Mom, I send you lots of love

Wherever you are

You have been immortalized

By being the sky’s brightest star

I miss you


9) I can’t cope up with the loss

It is too cruel for me to bear

So I am writing this poem

To lay my heart bare

My mom wasn’t just my mother

She was my best friend

She was my guardian angel

Oh, why did this have to end

She was my real support

She was my heart’s beat

Nothing and no one can be

Like her, so caring and so sweet

Her absence from my life

Has changed me as a person

Just like how a morning would be

Without the rays of the sun

I miss you


10) Like a knife

That twists and turns

Like a matchstick

That powerfully burns

Like a blade

That cuts deep and hard

Like a gash

Made by a glass shard

My heart has borne

Pains of all kind

After you died, mom

And left me behind

Miss you

Missing you poem for mother after death and loss

11) You always fulfilled my wishes

Giving me whatever I wanted

Your presence in my life

I had taken for granted

After your death my whole world

Has gone into a frightening void

When I had you, I had it all

Now, everything is destroyed

This is my repentance, my regret

I know you can’t hear me

But I still want to say

Mom, I miss you and I’m sorry


12) Dear mom…

As I ponder over my morning coffee

I find it hard to hold back the tears

I wish we could have been together more

But time flew by so quickly, year after year

The guilt is going to crush me to pieces

Forever, I will hold regret in my heart

There is no one else to blame but me

Why we had to be for so long, apart

After your death, it will be a lifelong struggle

In the abyss of sadness, as I take a dive

Now all I have are a handful of memories

Which will be my lifeline as I try to survive

I miss you


13) Does anyone feel my plight

Is anyone listening to me

Does anyone even care

My pain, can anyone see

I miss my mom, I really miss her

I can’t stop the tears

I wish I could turn back time

By only a few years

To be cuddled by her again

To see her laugh and smile

To have her fuss over me

To make my life worthwhile

Mom, if you are listening

I want you to see how much

I am missing you

And your motherly touch


14) I leave the house every day

After looking at my mum’s picture

That’s not the same as getting

A real hug from her

Losing a mother is not easy

But many kids don’t know this

Those who can experience her love

Live in pure bliss

Mom, even though since your death

It has been many years

Whenever I think if you

It still brings me to tears

I love you


15) You suffered the wrath of the disease

Day after day, you endured pain

You experience life’s worst lows

You put up with trauma, again and again

But even while doing all this

You had a smile on your beautiful place

The heavens may have taken you away

But your spirit, nothing can erase

Even though you are not here

You live among us, even today

Mom, we feel your love’s warmth

Through the sun’s rays

We miss you


16) Mom…

I still can’t believe

That you are gone forever

Even if I have to believe

I will choose to, never

I can’t believe how death

Can be so untimely

Coming to a person

Most undeservedly

I am sad because

I feel totally helpless

That death took away

The source of my happiness

I miss you


17) I hate everything that

Life has to offer

I hate that the reason

For your death was cancer

I abhor the fact

That I simply could not

Control any of this

Even if I tried a lot

If only I could put life

Back in reverse

And turn around, this

Horribly painful curse

But that is a useless thought

That I can just cherish

For I know I can do nothing

No matter how much I wish

I miss you


18) Dear mom…

I gather all my strength

I pool in all my might

I collect my composure

To pass day and night

I have to put in this much

Energy every single day

To convince myself

To live without you this way

I miss you


19) When I thought that the worst

In my life was over

And hoped that in store

Was a good future

You died unexpectedly

Leaving me crushed and battered

I tried to come out of it

But I was too tattered

Until today I haven’t emerged

Out of the grief of your loss

Although I am breathing each day

My life has gone for a toss

I miss you


20) At my mother’s funeral

I never really said goodbye

To come back into my life

I thought that she would try

It took me a long time

To accept that she was no more

It made me mad at everything

And it turned me sore

But after I came to terms

With the fact that she was gone

I decided that I wouldn’t

Be depressed or forlorn

I would do all those things

That would make her happy

For this is the only way

To let her soul rest peacefully

I miss you mom

Inspirational poem to deal with mother's death

21) Mom, for every time I have let you down

For every time I made you frown

I know it is too late for an apology

But as I silently weep, I want to say sorry

Like a fool I never realized the value

Of having a loving mother like you

I know you wanted me to be my best

I realize you wanted me to outshine the rest

I promise to be the best person I can be

I promise to be the winner that you saw in me

It won’t go in vain, it won’t escape your eyes

I know you will be watching on me from the skies

I miss you


22) I never expected to encounter

The stark realities of life

In a way which would

Leave me with so much strife

I knew much about death

And that life is fickle

But I didn’t know that it would

Make me feel so horrible

Mom, after you passed away

I came to realize

That in my life you were, nothing

Less than God’s bestowed prize

I miss you


23) I hate death not because

It eventually comes to everyone

But because it took away

My most favorite person

Amongst all the people that

I could never live without

It took away the most precious

And showed me its clout

I will always hate death

For making me motherless

Now every day of my life

Is spent in pain and distress

I miss you mom


24) Mom…

I wish I could get

That one last hug again

I wish with you, I could

Talk away my pain

I wish I could meet you

If only for a little while

Just thinking about hearing

Your voice, makes me smile

I miss you


25) Dear mom…

The flow of your memories

Just doesn’t cease

From your thoughts, I don’t know

How to find a release

No matter where I go

Or whatever I do

In some way, I am

Always reminded of you

I wish that there was a way

For you to magically appear

I would give anything to have

You beside me, right here

I miss you