Good Night Poems for Friends

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Good Night Poems for Friends: Wishing your friends a good night and sweet dreams, might sound a bit lame on the onset. But it isn’t as stupid as it sounds. From cute quotes about friendship to inspirational messages about looking forward to a new day – take ideas from this post to ping your besties before they hit the bed and doze off. Send them as text, share them on Pinterest or post them up on your Facebook. Friendship needs to be celebrated as often as possible… and a short rhyme will be exactly what it takes to spread the word.


1) Morning or evening

It’s of no value

As long as in my life

I have a friend like you

Day or night

It doesn’t matter

As long as we stay

Friends forever

Good night


2) The skies give you a call

To rise higher

The stars beckon you

To shine brighter

The clouds ask you

To go light and easy

To make life full of

Timeless beauty

Good night


3) I hope you have the sweetest dreams

Along with lots of cozy sleep

I hope your blanket gives you the warmth

And in your thoughts, nightmares don’t creep

I hope you wake up nice and fresh

Sleeping all your worries away

May you read this message and smile

And perfectly end your day

Good night


4) Hand in hand

We breezed through kindergarten

Crazy things we did

We had so much fun

Arm in arm

We went through school

Stupid things we did

We were such silly fools

All these memories

Surround me in my sleep

They touch my heart in a way

That makes me smile and weep

Good night


5) More than just watching TV

Or a late night movie

More than just tweeting away

Or texting everyone all day

I find more happiness

In wishing you a sweet good night

Sharing these two magical words

In my life, sets everything right


6) There can be many reasons

To say good night

But the one I have

Is perfectly right

It’s a quick way to say

Right now I’ve got to go

It’s only a while

Until I see you tomorrow

Good night


7) A few hours until

We get together

A few minutes until

We see each other

Lots of fun and laughs

Lie just a few moments away

So with a sweet good night

Let me quickly end this day


8) On the other side of this night

Lie a lot of cool things

Let’s fly in our dreams

With imaginary wings

A few hours away

Lies a lot of happiness

Until that moment arrives

Let’s sleep and burn some stress

Good night


9) Pick your dreams tonight

Choose whatever you want to be

A sports star, a wealthy businessman

Or a glamorous celebrity

No matter how stupid

Right now you dreams may sound

In catching up to them, I’m sure

You’ll soon come around

Good night


10) Girlfriends dump you

Boyfriends break your heart

Only your friends stay along

From the very start

Parents keep scolding you

Teachers give advice

It’s best to end such days

With sleep gentle and nice

Good night

Inspirational good night poem for friends about new day

11) A beautiful day

Is in the waiting

Let’s make it

Worth celebrating

Lovely memories

Are in the offing

Let’s make every

Moment worth living

Good night


12) Shut the lights

Close the bedroom door

Don’t disturb others

With your annoying snores

Shut your computer down

Stop fiddling with your iPhone

Switch off your laptop

Put yourself in a peaceful zone

Lie on your bed

Gently close your eyes

I hope you wake up

Fresh, energetic and wise

Good night


13) Include me in all the thoughts you think

And all the sweet dreams that you see

Don’t forget me in your sleep

With you I always want to be

Take me along to all those places

In your dreams wherever you go

I won’t leave you even for a moment

Is what I always want you to know

Good night


14) Just like live in relationships

There should be live in friendships

So best friends like you and me

Can be with each other daily

Watch movies and listen to songs

And have pillow fights ever night

If only we were roommates

Everything in our lives would be right

Good night


15) Monday or Tuesday, I never bail

To wish you good night, I never fail

Wednesday or Thursday, I never miss

To send you a good night hug and a kiss

Friday or Saturday, I never forget

To wish you sweet dreams, at least not yet

And lastly, on a beautiful Sunday

I pray that our friendship always stays this way

Good night


16) If you are still awake

You are a night owl

It’s time for you go to bed

Else the morning will be foul

If you still aren’t able to sleep

And need someone to keep you company

It’s because you’re missing

Your best friend which is me

Good night


17) Even the radiance of a thousand stars

In the beautiful skies

Cannot match the brightness

Of our friendly ties

Even the protective fluffy clouds

That make the night’s canopy

Is no match for the warmth

That my best friend gives me

Good night


18) Days can’t be good

Nor can nights be

Without friends like you

Life seems so dreary

I want this day to end fast

This night to pass real quick

I want to see you soon

Without you I feel sick

Good night


19) The secret to good sleep

Is not just good diet and exercise

The real secret lies in

Treating your friends real nice

To take the first step

Greet your friends every day

End the day with a good night

In a sweet and cute way

Good night


20) For fresh new dreams

For a fresh new day

Sleep tight and snooze well

Is what I want to say

For a fresh new page

For a fresh new start

I wish you good night

From the bottom of my heart

Good night

Cute poem to say sweet dreams to friends

21) This night is a small break

From having fun

From doing crazy things

It is an intermission

A small interlude

It is from lots of smiles

Until the sun shines

In just a little while

Good night


22) Success will never come to you

Because it does not have legs

First you’ll have to dream about your goals

Then sleep away your worries and stress

When you wake up tomorrow morning

Start making every second of yours worthwhile

Keep going until you fulfill your dreams

Don’t stop until your life makes you smile

Good night


23) The reason I will get

A good sleep tonight

Is because my day has been

Happy, laidback and light

I hope every moment in life

Is so much fun too

That will be possible

Only with friends like you

Good night


24) Celebrate this day

With a sweet message

That you must live life

With a lot of courage

Say good night

With a sweet wish

That every moment of life

You must cherish

Say sweet dreams

With a lovely quote

To live every second of life

On a high note


25) As another day passes

You prove once more

Without your company

My heart would feel sore

As the night closes in

And I prepare to go to sleep

I realize you’re the friend

In my life, I’d always keep

Good night


26) You might have a bad day tomorrow

If you don’t have a good night today

You might come to school sleepy and tired

If you don’t shut your eyes right away

You might forget everything you study

And fail all your tests

If you don’t sleep right now

To give yourself a good night’s rest

Good night


27) Close your eyes

Nurture your dream

It isn’t as far

As it may seem

Close your eyes

Faithfully pray

So that tomorrow

Turns out to be a good day

Good night


28) A fresh new take

On tomorrow

One more day

To erase sorrow

One more beginning

To raise a toast to

A life which has

Friends like you

Good night


29) Dreams made of candy

Nightmares obsolete

Friends like you are the reason

Why life feels so complete

Sleep made of soft feathers

On a bed which is cozy

My nights are worthwhile

Just because of you buddy

Good night


30) Every day is beautiful

So is each night

With friends like you around

Everything seems right

Each moment is amazing

So is every heartbeat

Friends like you

Make life so complete

Good night