Good Night Poems for Girlfriend: Poems for Her

Sweet missing you poems for her romantic words

Good Night Poems for Girlfriend: Don’t shy away from sending romantic quotes and messages to your girlfriend before you go to sleep. A good night text is a must, no matter how much of a tough guy you are. With Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and heaps of other ways to connect, you literally have no excuses to not send the cutest wishes to her. Tell her how pretty she is, express how much you love her and flirt with her endlessly – possibly the easiest way to guarantee the sweetest of dreams. These mushy exchanges will make your relationship exciting in a way that you never knew. You’ll start missing each other even more and crave each others’ hugs and kisses while you blissfully dream away into the starry night.


1) Like a poet lost for words

Like a musician without a voice

Like a painter without a brush

Like a life without choice

Like a flower without fragrance

That’s how I feel right now

Being away robs me of everything

Baby I’m missing you and how

Good night


2) I know we can Snapchat, I know we can FaceTime

But I wish we could just hug it out, and be sublime

I know we can Facebook, I know we can tweet

But I wish I could just give you kisses, so sweet

I know we can Instagram, I know we can text

But I wish we could do what I say next

I wish we could hug, I wish we could cuddle

I wish we could meet, I wish we could snuggle

Until each and every one of my wishes come true

I will just lay in my bed, thinking about you

Good night


3) I can’t help but break into a smile

As I lie here on my bed, awake and restless

I feel thankful that you are my girlfriend

I feel lucky to be able to call you my princess

I don’t want to make unreal promises

But what I can tell you is this

That no matter what, I will never stop

Sending you good night texts with a kiss



4) If I was your blanket

We could cuddle all night long

If I were your pillow

You could rest your head on me all along

If I were your jammies

You could slip into my arms for many a hug

If I were your sheets

I could tease you with my tugs

But since I am not of these

All I will do is dream, about what if I was

So until I wake up in the morning

Life will be at a blissful pause

Good night

Good night poem for her crazy about you

5) The glowing moon

The twinkling stars

Are symbolic of

How pretty you are

I’m not saying this

Just to make you happy

I truly mean it

Baby, you drive me crazy

Good night


6) I know I don’t express my feelings that well

I might just be guilty of being the typical guy

But that doesn’t mean I don’t value our relationship

The truth is that you brighten up my life’s sky

I feel lucky to call myself your boyfriend

I don’t know if I deserve a girl so pretty and sweet

Before you fall asleep I want you to know

That you are the girl for whom my heart beats

Good night


7) The birds have stopped chirping

The sun is finally setting

The moon is brightly shining

The stars are magically twinkling

The skies are romantically darkening

My heart is crazily thumping

Our love is madly bubbling

I am missing you badly, darling

Good night


8) As the dusky skies make way for a starry night

It has become a beautiful and romantic sight

Thinking about you, I am looking outside my window

Not being with you, I am feeling a little low

But the bright radiance of the moon is my solace

Of the hope that soon, I will see your beautiful face

The shimmers of the stars slowly put me to ease

Reminding me of how your smile makes my worries cease

The cool breeze brings in gasps of fresh air

Reminiscent of how we both are the perfect pair

The dark skies that envelope the night like a blanket

Signify how for your love, I will always be in debt

Good night

Love poem for her i'll do anything for you

9) How our love came to be

No one knows

Neither of us realized

How it kept on to grow

It has come to this day

When our hearts are in sync

Baby anything you ask me to

I’ll do in a blink

I love you


10) My breathing is getting heavy

My eyes are a little fluttery

My heart is beating funnily

I am feeling very lonely

My fingers are too jittery

My mind is blank and empty

From within, I am feeling shaky

I am missing you, baby

Good night


11) The shimmering stars

Replicate how beautiful you are

But the night’s darkness

Signifies my loneliness

The radiance of the moon

Is hope that we will meet soon

But the night’s eerie silence

Heightens the pain of your absence

The cool breeze

Brings with it some lovely memories

But the majestic skies, dark blue

Make me desperately miss you

Good night


12) We are not just any other boyfriend-girlfriend couple

There is much more to our relationship than just infatuation

Our love story is different from everyone else’s

It is based on trust and respect, not just attraction

Since the moment we started going out, every day has been

A dreamy tale of love, passion and soulful bonding

I may not be the richest or the wealthiest

But with you by my side, I have everything

Good night

Good night poem for her kisses and hugs

13) I may not be able to give

Give you a hug right now

But the fact that you are mine

Makes me happy and how

I may not have the pleasure of

Kissing you good night

But just thinking about you

Is life’s sweetest delight



14) Like a building without a facade

Or a book without its cover

I too am stripped of my identity

When we’re not together

As I stare at the deep night skies

I can’t help but hallucinate

About how it’d be if right now

We were out on a romantic date…

Good night


15) There is a strange excitement brewing

I am feeling jittery, but in a good way

Life seems to be perfect the way it is

Without any reason, I am smiling away

I know that I am supposed to be sleeping

Instead, I am staring at the skies dark blue

While thinking about you over and over again

Hoping that you are thinking about me too

Good night


16) Nothing in this whole world can come close

To how I feel when I think about our relationship

It is sublime and so surreal

Almost like going on a magical trip

People fall asleep waiting for a new day

I spend the day, waiting for the night to set in

That’s the time when I get to endlessly dream

About you, the girl who makes me happy from within

Good night

Cute good night poem for her girlfriend boyfriend

17) Life goes haywire

Everything seems blurry

Time pauses still

When you’re not with me

I’m twisting and turning

In my bed, wide awake

Baby only you

Can stop my heart’s ache…

Good night


18) I think I am suffering from a permanent illness

Which makes me unable to sleep at night

Until I look at your picture on my phone

Only after which, everything feels right

But the only problem with this routine

Is that I start to miss you even more

Which makes me feel sad from within

And crumples me from my heart’s core

I think that the only way to recover

From this vicious and never-ending cycle

Is to come over and give you a hug

To remind myself that life is so special

Good night


19) On this cold winter night

I am snuggled deep inside my blanket

I feel fuzzy, warm and comfortable

But I am not asleep yet

I will never be able to doze off

Until I hear your beautiful voice

This is my need and necessity

Not just a random choice

I wish you have the sweetest dreams

I hope that you think about me

I look forward meeting you tomorrow

I love you a lot, baby

Good night


20) This text message comes to you as a virtual gift

You are obliged to reply, once you open it

Containing hugs, cuddles and smiles

It’s a prelude, to make your dreams worthwhile

It is also meant to convey to you, how much

I love you and think about you constantly

So if you have a lot of hiccups right now

It is no one else but me

Good night

Romantic good night poem for girlfriend

21) I am…

Yearning to hold you close

Craving for your hugs

Lusting for your kisses

Wishing for your naughty tugs

Fatally attracted to you

Longing for your touch

Desperate for your love

Missing you too much

Good night


22) I am running out of words to express

How much I am missing you baby

I wish there was an app in your cell phone

Which could show you the reality

I know it has only been only a short while

Since we met and hung out together

But that is what your love has done to me

When I am away from you, I really suffer

Good night


23) My breathing is heavy

I am slightly anxious

Because I am missing

Your hugs, so precious

As I try to fall asleep

I can hear my heart beating

Every single beat reverberates

Your name, my darling

Good night


24) Nights are supposed to be dark

But you make everything bright and cheery

Nights are supposed to be cold

But your hugs make me feel cozy

Nights are supposed to be sleepy and dull

But dreaming about you is so exciting

Nights are supposed to be calm

But missing you makes everything sizzling

As you can see, being my girlfriend makes you

The exact opposite of what night is supposed to be

But that is also the very reason why

You are so special to me

Good night

Sweet good night text poem to girl from guy

25) Your voice is my heart’s solace

Your touch is my soul’s happiness

Your love sets my life’s pace

Your beautiful smile is priceless

Your kisses make my heart race

You are nothing less than a princess

My heart is your special place

Life without you is just worthless

Good night


26) Have I ever told you how beautiful you are

Maybe I have, but let me tell you one more time

It’s not just about the way you look on the outside

But just staring in your eyes makes everything so sublime

You are not a girl, an angel is what you really are

The prettiest product of the heavens above

Baby, I just want to say that I consider myself

Very fortunate to be showered with your love

Good night


27) Before you go to sleep

I want to tell you something

You aren’t just my girl

You are my everything

No matter what happens

I will never let you worry

I will always be

There for you, baby

Good night


28) Every good night text that I send to you

Is not just a simple wish or a casual greeting

It is proof of the fact that my day cannot end

Without hearing back from my darling

Without it, I can kiss my sweet dreams goodbye

Loneliness will haunt me throughout the night

Restless, I will twist and turn in my bed

Sadness will be at its absolute height

This is just a tiny little example to show

How much your love means to me

Baby, without you I am trapped in a cage

With you, I am happy and free

Good night

Cute good night sweet dreams poem for her

29) I wish there was a tunnel

From my house to yours

I wouldn’t mind even if

It meant crawling on all fours

Then I would sneak over

To kiss you and hold you tight

So it can be the perfect way

To start a beautiful night

Good night


30) I officially hate gravity because

It makes the earth spin on its axis

Which turns day into night

Makes everything in my life feel amiss

Not just because it keeps us

From each other, so apart

But it takes me away from

The reason for all the beats of my heart

Good night