Good morning poems for boyfriend

Cute good morning poem for boyfriend

21) Monday or Tuesday

No matter what day it is

I will always send you a text

With a good morning kiss

This is a ritual

I can never miss

It makes each morning

Full of bliss

Good morning


22) My first thought

My last dream

Every morning

Makes me gleam

My nighttime prayers

My morning reverie

Makes me smile

So widely

My only hope

With every morning’s light

Is to be in your arms

And hug you tight

Good morning


23) A really cool day

Is up your alley

For you are going to spend

An amazing day with me

Everything will be just right

Every day should be like this

It will start with a long hug

And the most romantic kiss

Good morning


24) After I wake up

Every second is a race

To get out of home

And see your face

Once I am out of bed

Every minute is a fight

To come and meet you

And set everything right

Good morning


25) I dreamt last night

About you and only you

I hope you dreamt

About me too

I was waiting

For dawn to break

More thoughts of you

I couldn’t take

Now that morning

Has finally come

Meeting you will make

The day awesome

Good morning