Good morning poems for boyfriend

Sweet good morning text to boyfriend from girlfriend

Good morning poems for boyfriend: Early mornings are all about hugs, kisses, snuggles, cuddles, love and gazing out into the orange skies while sipping on a hot cuppa. Bring this all together in a cute poem and send it to your boyfriend to wish him a good morning. A romantic early morning conversation while you are still tossing around in bed is one of the pleasures of puppy love. Flirt with him and send him sweet virtual pokes – it is the perfect way to start the day on a beautiful note that will make you both smile endlessly.


1) To meet you

I am waiting

For your hugs

I am craving

For your kisses

I am longing

You hot thing

Good morning


2) Sunshine wouldn’t seem so bright

Dewdrops wouldn’t feel so fresh and new

Mornings wouldn’t feel so heavenly

In my life, if not for you

Days wouldn’t seem so livable

Nights wouldn’t be so cozy

If I didn’t sleep with the thought

Of waking up to see you, baby

Good morning


3) Lots of kisses

Hugs aplenty

Are in store for you

My sweetie

A line up of cuddles

An array of sweet nothings

Are waiting for you

Wish you a good morning


4) Mornings are the time to hug me

Mornings are the time to kiss

Mornings are the time to love me

Mornings are the time for bliss

Mornings are the time to call me

Mornings are the time to embrace

Mornings are the time for me to see

Your handsome looks and charming face

Good morning


5) The snugness of my bed

The coziness of my comforter

Makes me wish so bad

That you were right here

The warmth of my blanket

The softness of my pillow

Makes me want to see you soon

Is all that I want you to know

Good morning


6) It is that time of the day once again

When I can stare at you endlessly

It is that part of the day once more

When I can gape at you continuously

It is that moment of the yet again

When I can go crazy in anticipation

Good morning to the love of my life

I am waiting to meet you in desperation


7) Wish you a good morning

My handsome guy

I can’t stay away from you

No matter how hard I try

Now get out of bed

Come and meet me

I can’t start my day

Without seeing you, baby

Good morning


8) The morning skies

So fresh and blue

Make me think

Only of you

The morning sunrise

So peaceful and calm

Reminds me of

Your subtle charm

Good morning


9) Hot and handsome

You are my boyfriend

Beautiful and sexy

I am your girlfriend

Me and you

Are a perfect pair

For each other

We are always there

Good morning


10) One more day

Of your love and care

One more reason

My joy to share

One more time

To celebrate together

One more occasion

To love one another

One more cause

To thank my stars

For giving me a hot boyfriend

That you are

Good morning