Congratulations for new job: New job poems

Motivational greeting for new job

21) In the journey of life

You have fought many a wars

You are a go-getter

Success will always be yours

No matter what

Opportunity you take

The best out of it

I know you will make

As you begin your new job

My best wishes, I convey

I hope this role brings you

Happiness every day



22) Until you achieve

All your goals for the day

In everything, until

You have your way

Don’t even think about looking back

This is your shot to success

Give it all you’ve got

Seize your life’s happiness

Go out there

Grab the world by its collar

For better than you

There is no other

May the rising sun

Make your confidence rise too

For your new job

Congratulations to you


23) I am proud of my son

Who got a job in a cool company

Well done my boy

You picked up a great opportunity

Keep going forward, take big strides

Never look back, ever

If you ever need help along the way

Your old man is her for you, forever



24) As you straighten your tie and gel your hair

As you select the perfect suit to wear

As you gear up to say the right things

As you motivate yourself to fly as if you had wings

I wish you good luck for your new role

Don’t let the pressure of a new job take its toll

Just work hard and have lots of fun

I bet you will soon get a nice promotion



25) Since all this time you were trying so hard

Networking for a new job by sharing your business card

Pat yourself on the back for getting what you wanted

Finally your talent and enthusiasm was spotted

Your life has taken a new turn

Bad memories of your old job, you should now burn

Congratulations for getting what you aimed for

You are going to be the best employee, I am sure


26) Your new job may offer

A lucrative bonus

But that isn’t worth

Going away from us

Your new job may offer

A better promotion

But that too isn’t worth

Taking this decision

You are moving away

From friends like us

How can we let you go

Without creating a fuss

But deep down in our hearts

We know that this is a great

Opportunity for you

So all we can do is say Congratulations Mate


27) In your field you are a pro

At your goal, look at you go

You are the one who will ace it all

Who is sure to go up but never to fall

The employer of such a fantastic employee

Why wouldn’t your company want to be

Congratulations for your new role

Put into it, your heart and your soul


28) Your career has turned into a rocket

My friend, get ready to jet set

With full force as you gush past

Work hard to make your success last

May you never run out of steam

Until you achieve each and every dream

This is what I wish from the bottom of my heart

I hope in your new job, you have an awesome start



29) Way to go

For smashing the interview

I knew in my heart

That they would pick you

Your new job

Is set to change your career’s fate

It is time to party

It is a reason to celebrate

Guess who is going to pay

For the entire crew

The man who is going to pocket all bill

Is no one else but you



30) Good things come

To people who keep working hard

For a focused employee like you

A great new job, was obviously on the cards

The best of things come

To people who never give up and carry on

I wish you good luck and success

Of everyone else, I hope you rise above and beyond