Congratulations for new job: New job poems

Funny wishes for a new job greeting card

11) Was your interviewer blind

Was your new company desperate

If not, then how did they

Give a job to you, my mate

I am sure better applicants

Would have sent their resumes through

Then I wonder why

They picked a loser like you

Before you start pulling your hair out

Before you get viciously angry

I want you to know that I am just kidding

You truly deserved this opportunity

For your new job, you are the perfect fit

You won’t do well, you’ll do great

Success, promotions and bigger offices

Are what lie in your career’s fate



12) In going ahead, nothing can stop you now

You are highly focused, and how

In you and success, nothing can come in-between

You are the most determined I’ve ever seen

Your thriving career, nothing can destroy

You have strategized your move, ploy by ploy

Between you and a promotion, nothing can come in your way

By getting a great new job, you have literally seized the day



13) Just work hard and go with the flow

You will perform extremely well, I know

You have got a new job

Now don’t let yourself stop

Your career has got a fresh new start

I wish you well, from the bottom of my heart

Congratulations for the fantastic opportunity

Strive to be the person you always wanted to be



14) In your life, after a rough patch

You may have started from scratch

But look where you have reached now

With the hard work you put in and how

This is your time to shine

Take every challenge head on, never whine

Show your new colleagues what you’ve got

Opportunities like these don’t come by a lot



15) May you impress your boss with your ambitious strokes

May you impress your colleagues with your humor and jokes

May your work days never be glum

May you make deals that are plum

My you climb up the corporate ladder quickly

May you become the star of your company

May to all your goals, you come nearer and near

May this new job be the turning point of your career



16) Congratulations for

Bagging a new opportunity

More money in your bank account

You are bound to see

Your best to your new job

May you always give

To your boss’ expectations

May you always live


17) Thank God

You finally got a new job

Finally, my stuff

You won’t need to rob

Thank heavens

You will finally earn some dough

My clothes and my car

You won’t need to borrow


18) You have passed life’s big test

You have proven that you are the best

Your new role will be demanding and tough

You may have to go through experiences that are rough

But in the end you will rise and shine

You will do well, your performance will be fine

I with the best to you and your family

Finally the rewards of your hard work, you will see


19) You never cease to surprise or amaze

With your awesome ways

How easily you found this job, no one knows

But you are a smart fellow, it easily shows

Your efforts deserve a roll of the drum

This new job is a sign of good things to come

As you begin an experience new

I wish that good luck always surrounds you



20) You deserved this job

It was no biggie

After all, you are

So talented honey

I hope your job gives

You the chance to perform

May your innovations

Successfully break all norms

It is time to pop open

A bottle of wine

Let’s indulge and celebrate

Your success, so fine