Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

Sweet birthday wish for sister to write on a greeting card

Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister: Do you have a favorite cousin who means much more to you than a real sister? Do you cherish sweet memories of growing up with her? Wish her a happy birthday by sending a greeting card with a beautiful quote in it. Share a few old photographs on Instagram or Facebook to recall all the funny and crazy things you did together. If you both are really close, surprise her by gifting something that’s been on her wish list since long. Make it even more special by attaching a note with a heartfelt message in your own handwriting. Tell your cousin that you value her not just as a sister, but as a friend too.


1) Dark secrets, embarrassing moments and meaningful silences – we share much more than just genes and DNA. Happy birthday.


2) Destiny and fate decided that we would be cousins. But we proved them wrong by being best friends. Happy birthday.


3) You are the best cousin in town. That’s because you always cheer me up when I’m down. Happy birthday.


4) A cousin is a friend related by blood, sibling who doesn’t fight for closet space and a best friend who doesn’t charge fees and a best friend who doesn’t reveal secrets. Happy birthday sis.


5) Who needs video tutorials on YouTube when they have the most intelligent cousin on their speed dial? Happy birthday.


6) A person who tells me not to get drunk, yet helps me get drunk, brings me home when I’m drunk and doesn’t tell anyone that you were drunk – my sis. Happy birthday.


7) I am glad you are not my real sister. Otherwise my parents would have been more proud of you than me because you are so intelligent and beautiful. Happy birthday.


8) I’ve always wanted an amazing best friend and a beautiful sister – I got both in the form of my cousin. Happy birthday.


9) Friends can betray you, spouses can divorce you, bosses can fire you and colleagues can insult you. But I am lucky to have a cousin like you who’ll always be by my side. Happy birthday.


10) Destiny made a mistake by giving us different parents. But it made up for the mistake by putting us in the same family. Happy birthday.


11) The key to make my real sister jealous lies in spending more time with an awesome cousin like you. Happy birthday.


12) You are my antidote for an irritating friend, annoying boss, cheating boyfriend and backstabbing colleagues. Happy birthday.


13) Destiny has shown some serious good taste by picking you as my cousin. Happy birthday.


14) By bloodline, you are my cousin. But in the passage of my heart, you are a real sister. Happy birthday.


15) People celebrate Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Brother’s Day and Sister’s Day. But few of them celebrate Cousin’s Day because they don’t have an awesome cousin like you. Happy birthday.

Beautiful birthday quote for cousin

16) When life doesn’t give great friends, it makes up by giving amazing cousins like you. Happy birthday.


17) We are related to each other by blood, but we are connected to each other by heart. Happy birthday sis.


18) Even a real sister wouldn’t have been able to fill the shoes of such a caring cousin sister like you. Happy birthday.


19) One of the many joys of being a single child is that I appreciate having an awesome cousin like you in my life. Happy birthday.


20) I have already told my parents that if they ever plan to give birth to another child, I want her to be exactly like you. Happy birthday.


21) What could be warmer and cozier than a hot cappuccino on a chilly winter afternoon? The company of a sister like you. Happy birthday.


22) My heart will always feel a little empty because you’ve taken away a small chunk of it with you. Happy birthday.


23) You are like my real sister minus all the fighting. Happy birthday.


24) My parents must have never thought of having another child because they knew I would always find an awesome sister in you. Happy birthday.


25) No one can relegate you by calling you my cousin. You’re more to me than my real sister. Happy birthday.


26) We are sisters – not first, second or third cousins. Happy birthday.


27) There is no such word like cousin in my dictionary – it’s either sister or best friend. Happy birthday.


28) I wish I adopted you as my real sister long time back. Happy birthday.


29) Even if you weren’t my aunt’s daughter, a beautiful person like you would’ve meant more to me than a sister. Happy birthday.


30) You’re the kind of cousin who can put real brothers and sisters to shame. Happy birthday.

Cute birthday message for cousin sister

31) No matter how far we go in life, our childhoods will always bring us together. Happy birthday.


32) Cousins are siblings without the rivalry. Happy birthday.


33) We may not be from the same womb, but we are close than those who are. Happy birthday.


34) We might have mingled at grandma’s and mingled at aunt’s, but the best place we’ve bonded is in each other’s hearts. Happy birthday.


35) We might be cousins, but in reality we’re much more. A sister and a best friend, I love you from the core. Happy birthday.


36) Meant to be cousins, you and me. But the best of friends, we chose to be. Happy birthday.


37) Together we grew up, with the promise that we’ll never grow apart. Happy birthday.


38) Happy birthday to the only family member who I am proud to flaunt off as my friend on Facebook.


39) I call you my cousin just to avoid making my so-called best friends jealous. Happy birthday.


40) Biology hasn’t given me a sister, but destiny surely has. Happy birthday.