Birthday poems for sister – Page 2 –

Birthday poems for sister

Cute birthday greeting for sister

11) Sometimes we fight like angry cats who scratch

Sometimes we act as if we are the perfect match

Sometimes we laugh like there is no tomorrow

Sometimes we cry as if our lives are full of sorrow

Sometimes we love each other dearly

Sometimes we hate each other severely

Thanks for all these ups and downs

Without them I wouldn’t have learnt to smile and frown

I love you, is what I want to say

Wishing my dear sister a happy birthday


12) Dear sister…

As you grow old

As you mature

Different experiences

As you endure

As you become an adult

And take a bigger stride

For you I will have

Nothing but pride

Into the unknown future

Go boldly, have fun

If there is a winner

I want you to be the one

Happy birthday


13) You are so mature and always so sure

To all my life’s troubles, you always have a cure

To an elder sister, who is always so calm

Who could easily be my mom

Wishing you a day full of party and play

Wishing you a very happy birthday


14) Happy birthday to the sister

Who is now a teen

Who is also

The biggest drama queen

But always nice to me

And never mean

Without whom my life

Loses its sheen

I love her regardless of whether

She is twelve or thirteen


15) Every single secret of my life

In you I always confide

From you I have nothing to hide

You are just not my sister, you are my pride

Let’s celebrate your special day with joy and glee

Here’s a birthday wish to you from me


16) You are my sister

You are my sunshine

You are my life’s prize

You are my friend

You are my sweet buddy

You are all things nice

You are my joy

You are my bliss

You are my happiness

You are invaluable

You are precious

My sis, you are priceless

Happy birthday


17) A persona pristine

A face glittering with sheen

Hands full of care

A sister with whom I can share

Beautiful moments of life, rare and few

I wish a happy birthday to you


18) All the good times that we have shared

The joy and the pain

I will always remember

Nothing will go in vain

It will keep us together

And strengthen our bond

Happy birthday to my sis

Of whom I am so fond


19) The way you motivate me and help me out

Keeps me on my toes, up and about

The way you show me love and care

Shows me how important it is to share

The way you make sacrifices for me

Teaches me how from troubles, one should never flee

The way you are always there to give me a lift

Reminds me to get you an awesome birthday gift

Happy birthday


20) As one more year in your life goes by

Remember to be happy instead of heaving a sigh

Think about the things that you have to achieve

Don’t abandon the dreams you weave

In your life may you always have your way

Happy birthday to my dearest sister, for you I will always pray