Birthday Poems for Husband

Cute quote on greeting card for husband to say happy birthday

Birthday Poems for Husband: Your husband’s birthday is the perfect time to show him how much he means to you. Whether you want to arrange a quiet, romantic evening or call your friends for a party – start off the day’s celebrations by giving him a beautiful greeting card. Tuck in a sweet note in his trouser pockets or inside his wallet when he isn’t looking. During the day, ping him on Facebook and send him a few flirty texts if he is going to be at work. Share an old photograph or a funny selfie from your dating days. Caption it with a cute quote to make his heart melt. Wishes, gifts, hugs, kisses – do everything to ensure that his birthday celebrations turn out to be awesome and memorable.


1) An awesome husband like you

Is rare and uncommon

A perfect husband like you

Can be only one

An amazing husband like you

Is unique and exclusive

A wonderful husband like you

Makes life fun to live

To such a husband who is

Perfect in every way

With lots of love I wish

A fabulous birthday


2) Behind every successful man

There’s a woman, is what they say

But I want to add a few words

To this saying if I may

This well-known axiom

To a great extent is true

But behind every happy woman

Is a loving and caring husband like you

Happy birthday darling


3) Handsome, charming and hot

Is my hubby who I love a lot

Cool, smart and carefree

Is my husband with whom I want to be

Desirable, stylish and attractive

Is my husband with whom I love to live

Perfect, ideal and flawless

Is my husband, the reason for my happiness

Happy birthday darling


4) Every morning is a feast

To see you wake up beside me

Every afternoon is a treat

To send you texts so cute and flirty

Every evening is a delight

To look forward to a sensuous night

You know there is no need to day

How you make my life worth living every day

Happy birthday


5) The best husband in the world

Deserves a extraordinary treat

A boring party is not enough

For a husband so sweet

The most amazing man in the world

Deserves a beautiful evening

So let’s pop the champagne

It’s time to start celebrating

Happy birthday


6) No award in this world

Felicitates a good spouse

If there was one, it would’ve been

On the mantelpiece of our house

If there was a prize

For the best husband in town

There are no prizes for guessing

Who would win it hands down

Happy birthday


7) A perfect life is not a myth

It all depends on who you are with

If every woman has a husband like me

Her life will be happy and carefree

But everyone is not so blessed

Not every woman has witnessed

A life like mine so beautiful

All due to a hubby so wonderful


8) Check your Facebook page

And you will be able to see

In my life what you

Really mean to me

Check your Twitter feed

And you will realize

How you are my most

Precious and treasured prize

Check your Instagram

To understand that you are

My hero, my darling

My life’s superstar

Happy birthday


9) Living life without you

Would be a real feat

Without you, my existence

Would be incomplete

The reason for my smile

The cause of all my joy

Is none other than you

My charming birthday boy

Happy birthday


10) Your birthday means

A hell of a lot to me

It is the day when I must

Thank the Almighty

To bring you into this world

And in turn bless my life

By destining me to be

Your companion and your wife

Happy birthday

Sweet birthday poem to husband from wife

11) My life is a pretty mosaic

Of beautiful colors and hues

Which have been joined together

By none other than you

My life is a lovely quilt

Of beautiful patches and blocks

It is because of you that happiness

At our door always knocks

My life is like smorgasbord

Of beautiful moments

All these years with each other

That we’ve shared and spent

Happy birthday


12) There is so much

I want to tell you today

My heart is overflowing

With things I want to say

There is an abundance

Of feelings I want to convey

Maybe I’ll tell you over

A romantic glass of cabernet

Happy birthday


13) I couldn’t ask for

Anything more

You’ve already laid out

Every joy at my door

I couldn’t seek anything

Other than this

You have already

Made my life full of bliss

Thanks for being a husband

So perfect in every way

I wish that you have

The most fantastic birthday


14) If I have ever taken you for granted

I am really sorry

If I have ever hurt your feelings

I apologize baby

If I have ever snubbed you

I seek your forgiveness

I am sorry if I have ever

Compromised on your happiness

Today is the perfect day

All my mistakes to undo

From the bottom of my heart

I wish a happy birthday to you


15) Everything that he does

Has the mark of a perfectionist

For bringing happiness in our family

He has been the catalyst

He has a penchant for living life

By enjoying every moment

He has never given me

A single chance to lament

This man I proudly call

My hubby dearest

In the whole wide world

Is the best of the best

Happy birthday


16) You are to me

What stars are to the earth

Without you, of joy

There would be a dearth

You mean to me

What clouds mean to the sky

Your presence will always

Make me fly high

There is no simile

To describe you perfectly

All I want to say

Is that I love you in every way

Happy birthday


17) Nothing is the same

When you are not here

Without you I feel

Lonely and full of fear

Everything changes

In your absence

Don’t ever think of

Leaving me once

On your birthday this is

All that I wish for

May our love always remain

As perfect and pure


18) As each year passes

Bringing in your birthday

I can see you have progressed

In each and every way

As you attain milestones

And achieve goals in life

Don’t forget that I will

Always support you as your wife

Happy birthday


19) Giving the definition

Of a perfect hubby

Is a very simple

And easy job for me

For I need to give

No definitions that are formal

I just have to refer

To my husband so special

Happy birthday


20) Happiness to the highest degree

So much joy and abundant glee

Pleasure to the maximum

Delight that has made life awesome

Enjoyment which is never-ending

Bliss which is so fulfilling

You have given me all this and more

Happy birthday to the man I adore

Romantic message on a cute birthday card for husband

21) There are no words to express

My joy and happiness

For the way you have come

In my life to make it awesome

There are no words to express

The way you truly bless

Every moment of my existence

Filling it with abundance

There are no words to express

The feel of your caress

With you, I feel happy and free

My hubby, you mean the world to me

Happy birthday


22) You are not like other husbands

Average and ordinary

You are above them all

The perfect one for me

For a husband so loving

And so exemplary

Happiness and joy

Is always meant to be

Happy birthday


23) I hope life has given you

All that you’ve ever asked from it

For you deserve lots of joy

And happiness to every bit

I hope that you have many more

Dreams and goals in the pipeline

On your birthday I will pray

For your life to turn out just fine

Happy birthday


24) Don’t let the passage of time

Change how you have been

Don’t let the coming years

Blur the vision you have seen

Don’t let the rest of your journey

Slow you down even once

Don’t ever dwell on your mistakes

They’re a part of life experience

On your birthday I wish you

The best of life yet to come

May your remainder of your

Life’s journey be awesome


25) Make a grand wish today

I’ll try to fulfill it in every way

Think of something crazy you want to do

And I will make it happen for you

Imagine the wildest thing possible

I’ll do my best to make it achievable

Since it’s your birthday honey

I’ll do anything that makes you happy


26) A little bit of chocolate

A sumptuous serving of tiramisu

I want to do everything

To make this birthday sweet for you

Beautiful homemade cake

A bowl of exotic ice cream

For you I want to make

This birthday, a real dream

A luscious cup of mousse

A bowl of delicious pudding

I am going to make

Your birthday worth celebrating

Happy birthday


27) From the hot guy in class

You became my hot date

That itself was

A reason to celebrate

Then you went on to

Become my hot hubby

And that made me feel

Really lucky

You’ve been my good luck charm

At every step of my life

I can’t convey in words

How happy I am to be your wife

Happy birthday


28) Another birthday

Another celebration

One more reason

To have a lot of fun

Another occasion

To let out hair down

Another chance to say bye

To all our frowns

As the man of my dreams

Turns a year older

I thank my stars for giving me

A husband so special

Happy birthday


29) May your life always give you

The most pleasant of experiences

May you always make

The best of choices

May you always be surrounded

By the best of friends

May the shower of happiness

In your life never end

May you always find

Whatever you’ve wanted to

You know that as your wife

I’ll always be there for you

Happy birthday


30) There is no gift

In this galaxy

Which can encompass

What you mean to me

There is no present

Ever made until now

Which can describe

I love you and how

There are no words

I can use to convey

How well I wish for you

On your birthday