I Love You Poems for Husband: Love Poems for Him

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I Love You Poems for Husband: Looking for romantic ways to say I Love You to your husband? Take ideas from this post to create your own short rhymes. Post them up on Facebook, tag your husband in cute tweets or scribble them down on handmade greeting cards. The humdrum of daily life can often steal the romance away from a marriage. Don’t let this happen to your own husband-wife relationship. Express your love for him in the sweetest possible ways. Stop waiting for a birthday or an anniversary. Steal every possible moment to surprise him with an I Love You message that will melt his heart.


1) Marriage is not always an easy ride

It has its rough days, ups and downs

Always unpredictable, seldom perfect

Not only smiles, also full of frowns

Through all the twists and turns

A good partner is an anchor of sorts

Knowing when to set sail

And when to remain docked at the ports

Baby, you are that rock in my life

Keeping me afloat through choppy seas

Through storms and darkness, you are

Life’s most magical breeze

I love you


2) When you were my friend

You were amazing

When you were my boyfriend

You were outstanding

When you were my fiancé

You were commendable

As my husband now

You are incredible

You have been the perfect lover

At every juncture of life

Of such a loving husband

I am proud a wife

I love you


3) To be with a soulmate like you

Is like a fairytale, a surreal dream

My life is nothing short of one

Is what I want to scream

I make just one simple wish

Whenever I see a shooting star

I wish to be a wife as wonderful

As the husband you are

I love you


4) Sharing my fantasies and fears

My happiness and my tears

Sharing gossip and fun

And all the things that I have done

Sharing my troubles and delights

Even after all our fights

Sharing thoughts about my road blocks

Over our lengthy talks

Leaves me without a single worry

Only because, I have a wonderful hubby

I love you

I love you poem for husband every day hugs and kisses

5) My feelings and love for you

Aren’t just limited to

Getting all romantic and mushy

Only on our wedding anniversary

From kisses and hugs

To playful nudges and tugs

Even on an ordinary day

There’s a lot I want to say

I love you


6) My favorite part of the day

Is when you hold me in your arms

When you kiss and caress me

And woo me with your charms

My favorite moment of the day

Is when you come home to me

How would I live my life without you

I can’t possibly see

I love you


7) Most people think that their weddings

Will be the biggest celebration of their lives

But they are all wrong, I say

The poor uninitiated, new husbands and wives

The biggest party of my actually began after

The wedding was done and dusted

The real celebration began, as days went by

With the partner to whom, my life I’d trusted

Then began, the unmatched euphoria

Of sharing hopes and dreams, laughs and smiles

To all the newlyweds I say be prepared

For a journey, longer than a million miles

Fantastic and fabulous, surreal and dreamy

Nothing short of magic, has my journey been

The credit for which goes to the most

Perfect life partner, the world has ever seen



8) The apple of my eye

The gem of my heart

Nothing in the world

Can ever keep us apart

The feather in my cap

The reason for my heartbeat

My dear husband

You make my life complete

I love you

True love poem meaning of being in love with you

9) What is true love, a lot of people ask

Does it make life perfect, does it really

Nope, not at all, I say

It does not, not even remotely

How is it worth it then, people wonder

Hope, is what it gives you, I say

But alas, no one will ever understand

Until they live, one of my life’s days

That are incomplete without

That amazing smile that keeps me sane

And the warms hugs, reassuring me

That nothing will go in wane

I love you


10) I wouldn’t change a single thing

About my own life

All my regrets have been redeemed

By getting to be your wife

Even if I was granted a wish

By a magical Genie

I’d simply walk away, coz you

Have made my life perfect already



11) You are not just

A great human being

You are the only reason

For all the dreams that I am seeing

You are not just

A good husband to me

You are the best

Any man can ever be

I love you


12) Some couples show off

Their riches and wealth

Others flaunt about

Their well-being and health

Some couples show off

Their luxurious vacations

Others show off

Fancy anniversary celebrations

What I have to show off

Is much much more

I have the most precious thing

A husband, who I adore

I love you

True love poem to express feelings and emotions of heart

13) Being in love with you, is like

Being lost in sublime wanderlust

Regardless of life’s rough days

The happiness never seems to rust

True love is not a myth, is what I

Have experienced, day after day

No words can ever express what

My heart really wants to say



14) Nobody’s life is perfect

But we are an exception

We are the only couple

That is close to perfection

Everyone’s life has glitches

And flaws that are glaring

But everything in our life

Is worth celebrating

There is nothing that I

Would possibly want to alter

All that I ever want is to be

With you forever


15) I love you for being so nice

I admire you for being so wise

I adore you for being so tough

I crush over you for being so buff

I respect you for being so responsible

In every way you are, so incredible

I also love you for being so hot

In summary, my darling, I love you a lot


16) I see the morning sky

In which you are the sun

I see many a dreams

Around you, which are spun

In your radiant smile

I see a rainbow

In a beautiful river

I see your love’s flow

Everything that I see

Because of you, is magical

I love you darling

You are truly special

Romantic poem about food hot chocolate ice cream spicy sweet

17) Like syrup, on vanilla ice-cream

Like marshmallows, in hot chocolate

Like honey drizzle, on soft pancakes

Like cutlery, that compliments a plate

Like dressing, on a lovely salad

Like toppings, on a wood-fired pizza

Like crunchy bread crumbs, in a hot soup

Like a tasty filling, in a fresh pita

Like a slice of lime, on a cocktail glass

Like an eclectic mix, of spicy and sweet

Like a desert, that tops of a great meal

You make my life, perfect and complete



18) There are so many things

That I love about you like crazy

From the way you spoil me rotten

To the way you pamper me

There are so many qualities

Of you that you I admire

If I was asked to pick one

I would be in a quagmire

Every little thing about

Your personality, I adore

Baby I want you to remember

That I love you from my very core


19) How can I thank you

For always giving me

The things that I want

And the dreams that I see

How can I thank you

For being so terrific, honey

A romantic kiss can be a start

Followed by a hug from me

This mushy rant is not

Just out of the blue

Every day I keeping thinking

About how I endlessly love you


20) I have been nagging you

I have been pestering you

I have been annoying you

I have been fighting with you

Now I will pamper you

Now I will spoil you

Now I will hug and kiss you

And do everything to make up to you

I love you

Beautiful I love you message from a wife to her husband

21) The alarm’s ring

A sunny morning

Your deep kiss

Pure bliss

Worries at bay

Rest of the day

Come night

Hug you tight

What a life

Love being your wife

I love you


22) Every time I think

About our wedding

It reminds me of the beautiful moment

When you slipped on the ring

Every time I think

About our married life

It makes me feel extremely lucky

To be your darling wife

Every time I think

About what lies ahead

It makes me smile

And a few tears of happiness, I shed

I love you


23) I love it when you say

How much you love me

It gives me goosebumps

And butterflies in my tummy

I love it when you tug my arms

To pull me towards you lovingly

It makes me thank the heavens

For giving me the world’s best hubby

I love you


24) The security of my life

Doesn’t lie in our treasuries

Nor does it lie

In our insurance policies

My whole life’s guarantee

Lies in every breath that you take

I love you a lot, baby

I live, only for your sake

Sweet i love you poem for husband

25) You are the one I’ve always wanted

And the one I’ve always flaunted

You are the one I’ve always admired

And the one I’ve always desired

You are the one I’ve always idolized

And the one I’ve always prized

You are the one I’ve always cherished

For someone you, I’ve always wished

I love you


26) God makes husbands like you

In select batches and lots

Not every husband can be

So handsome and hot

God takes a lot of time

To make men like you

Perfect pieces are made

In-between, far and few

I am lucky to have bagged

One of God’s best designs

The man who truly made

My life so perfect and fine

I love you


27) My fondest activity

On Facebook recently

Is to upload your pictures

To make women go green with envy

My newest obsession

On Twitter lately

Is to tweet about how cool you are

To make others jealous of my hubby

My latest pastime

On Pinterest these days

Is to pin random pictures of you

To show my love in different ways

I love you


28) The definition of an ideal husband

Is not written in a book or a guide

It is defined by a man

Who is full of confidence and pride

A perfect husband is also

Honest, loving and empathetic

To his wife, he is a partner

Who is more than just terrific

You have all these qualities

And many such more

Let me just say this for the millionth time

That you are the one I love and adore

Cute i love you poem for him

29) My darling, my love

Sent from the heavens above

My heartthrob, my hottie

Who can do anything for me

My hubby, my partner

To whom I surrender

My lover, my buddy

I will love you till eternity

My husband, my pride

The reason I enjoy life’s ride


30) Sometimes you are my best friend

Sometimes my soul mate

Sometimes you are my mentor

Who gives me advice so great

Sometimes you are my anchor

Sometimes my companion

But above all you are

My life’s number one

I love you