Birthday Poems for Girlfriend

Cute birthday greeting poem for her

21) On your birthday

I want you to know

That I will never

Let you feel low

On this special day

I want you to see

How you and I

Are meant to be

At this juncture

I want you to understand

That every adversity

With you, I’ll withstand

As an year in your life

Draws to a close

I’m glad that you are

The one I chose

Happy birthday


22) You are not just my lovely girlfriend

You are also my best friend amongst all

You truly deserve this compliment

With you by my side, I always stand tall

Our connection is not just superficial

It feels like we bond from the soul

I can’t predict the future but I can say

That in mine, you will have an important role

Happy birthday


23) Today is a special day for you

And it is extra special for me too

Because it is your birthday

A perfect time for me to say

How much I love you and I care

Happy times with you, I want to share

I hope you enjoy the day that I have planned

I will make sure that not a single moment is bland

Happy birthday


24) It seems you are turning prettier

With every passing year

Do you drink some kind

Of magic potion, my dear

If your beauty keeps

Increasing with every birthday

I will go bonkers because

I am already crazy for you in every way

I love you


25) Today I want to go the extra mile

And do everything possible to make you smile

Because today is your birthday

All day with me, I want you to stay

I want to give you lots of memories

So spend all your time with me please

We will party the night away and have a lot of fun

To celebrate that you have turned twenty one

Happy birthday


26) Do birthdays and beauty have a connection

This certainly needs some explanation

As you are growing older with each birthday

You are becoming more beautiful, by the way

You are getting prettier, not just because of your style

There is nothing as bright as your charming smile

If your beauty is growing to increase like this every year

To celebrate all your birthdays, you bet I will be here

Happy birthday girl


27) Your birthday is when I see that gleam

In your beautiful eyes

That is when I can reflect, on the year that was

And see how time flies

Today, I want to let you know

That in our relationship, I am here to stay

I will be here to protect you

And to keep all your troubles at bay

Happy birthday


28) I hope this birthday brings

Pretty and lovely things

Along with dreams so new

All the wishes wished by you

With joy that is limitless

Without any duress

With hopes that are high

Catapulting you to the sky

May everything that you desire

To whatever you aspire

Be fulfilled this year

Happy birthday to you my dear


29) When I think of you

My day freshens up like dew

When I am in your company

Life feels heavenly

When I feel low

You’ll support me I know

When I dream of things

I know you’ll give me wings

When I see life’s horizon

I just know you are the one

Happy birthday


30) As we begin to

Celebrate your birthday

There are a few things

I would like to say

I promise to make you

Thank your fate

That all this while

I have been your date

I promise to

Make you glad

By being the best boyfriend

Anyone could ever have had

Happy birthday