Birthday Poems for Girlfriend

Happy birthday poem for girlfriend and boyfriend

11) Your birthday takes me on a trip

Down the memory lane

It reminds me of the day we met

Engulfed in love’s sweet pain

Your birthday reminds me of

The times we have spent together

It makes me want to promise

That our love will last forever

Happy birthday


12) This is a declaration that I want to make

On your birthday today

So that you realize how much

I have fallen for you, in every way

On the day we met, you see

The Gods must have been smiling upon me

Because a sloppy guy like myself

Meeting a pretty girl like yourself

Is not possible without divine intervention

I don’t know if this is just superstition

But it is truly an awesome miracle

That I have a girlfriend like you, so special

Happy birthday


13) I was planning to throw for you

A birthday party and a surprises few

But then I decided otherwise

And made plans to add romance to our lives

Something simple yet sophisticated

A candlelit dinner that will leave you enchanted

So that it is just me and you

Because special days like birthdays are few

Happy birthday


14) My sister says you are really pretty

My bestie says you are awesome

My mom says you are very cute

My friends say you are a lot of fun

Everyone I meet has something good

To say about you, in one way or the other

But let me have the last word and say

I can never have a girlfriend like you another

Happy birthday


15) You go girl

You are the best

There is no match

For your energy and zest

You rock girl

You are unique

You are the kind

That every boy would seek

Take it away girl

Let me tell you today

That you are a firebrand

In each and every way

Happy birthday


16) Today you are going to have the best birthday ever

And I am going to be solely responsible for it

I have made sure all your friends are invited

Hoping you will enjoy the party to bits

Great ambience will be the order of the day

Along with endlessly flowing champagne

Be ready to laugh, live and have a lot of fun

So much so, that you might just go insane

Happy birthday sweetheart


17) We are not just the hottest couple in class

We are the hottest couple on Facebook too

Ask anyone ‘Who looks best together’

And their answer will be me and you

We are not just creating a buzz at school

But also on Instagram with our photos

So here’s raising a toast to us

And to our sizzling chemistry, which shows

Happy birthday


18) Baby you are my life’s superstar

I can’t find a better couple than what we are

You are my princess

My life is full of happiness

You are prettier than a beauty queen

You are the more beautiful girl I have ever seen

You are the best girlfriend of all

I promise to protect you like an unbreakable wall

Happy birthday


19) Did you get my text

Of where I plan to take you next

Did you get my email

About taking you on a romantic trail

Did you get my gift

Your spirits it was meant to uplift

Did you get my card

Which says that I love you obsessively like a retard

This was just my cute way to say

That I hope you have a happy birthday


20) If all girlfriends in the world were like you

Boyfriends of the world would never be blue

We would always have a smile on our faces

Without gloominess and boredom leaving any traces

But then I wouldn’t be able to set myself apart

As the boyfriend who has been lucky from the start

You are an amazing girlfriend who is one in a million

I wish you a happy birthday today, my honey bun