Birthday Poems for Daughter

Sweet birthday card poem to daughter from mom or dad

Birthday Poems for Daughter: If your love for your daughter is special, so should be your message on her birthday. Forget the cheesy quotes on stock greeting cards from the supermarket shelves. Write your own sweet poem in a handwritten letter or a cute little note. Whether your daughter is an innocent little girl, bubbly preteen, rebellious teenager or a mature young woman – give her a reason to believe that her mother and father are more than just nagging parents who are always pushing her to do well in life. Post your short rhyme on Facebook and Twitter as well so you can show the world how loving a mom or a dad you really are.


1) The light of my soul

The glow on my face

The joy of my life

The essence of my grace

The peace of my mind

The cheer in my demeanor

Is only because

Of my dearest daughter

Happy birthday


2) The day of beautiful memories

That we will cherish lifelong

The reason that our life

Has become a melodious song

A day for great celebration

When a beautiful girl was born

In our lives which marked

The end of being forlorn

We wish you a happy birthday

As we once again recollect

How our lives after your birth

Have become totally perfect


3) Even though we are not

A royal family

We have been blessed

With a princess so pretty

Even though we haven’t

Given her a tiara

Of happy moments she has

Given us a plethora

Even though we don’t live

In a grand mansion or palace

Our daughter is our biggest

Treasure chest of happiness

Happy birthday


4) Through your eyes

I see all new things

It is your presence

Immense joy which brings

Through your hands

A new future I will shape

From all grief and pain

It will help me escape

Through your heart I will live

Even after I pass away

How much I love you dear

In a few words, I can’t say

Happy birthday


5) Becoming wiser has never been your cup of tea

But you are rising to the challenge I can see

Being responsible has never been on your radar

But you have been doing fairly good so far

I can see that you are growing up day by day

Which makes it the perfect time to convey

That we know you will always do the right thing

You… will always remain our darling

Happy birthday


6) Your life is now

Zipping by too fast

It is time to chase dreams

And let go of the past

You are now being flown

In a real frenzy

To see the best of life

And unravel your destiny

Even as you pick up speed

And begin to zoom away

Remember that as we will

Be there for you any day

Happy birthday


7) As I watch your favorite doll and teddy bear

Sit on your bed without a care

I am reminded of time when you were young

And all rhymes for you that I sung

Now those charming days have been

Replaced with happier days, never before seen

As we watch you grow up so speedily

We wish you a happy birthday lovingly


8) All this while I thought

That I was the one teaching you

But then I realized that

Your childhood taught me things so true

All this while I thought

That I was a wonderful mother

But then I realized what makes that possible

Is that you are a wonderful daughter

Happy birthday


9) God picks special people

To give daughters to

I feel lucky that I’ve had

The chance to give birth to you

Those who get this opportunity

Are only a few

How much I love you darling

You don’t have any clue

Happy birthday


10) No matter what Zodiac sign you are

You will always by our shining star

No matter wherever in life you go

Seeds of love, you will always sow

No matter how old you become

You will always remain our little one

No matter how much in life you accomplish

May you get more, is what we will always wish

Happy birthday

Cute birthday greeting card poem for daughter from parents

11) All the hugs in the world

Aren’t enough to convey

How much my love for you

Grows each and every day

All the kisses in the world

Aren’t enough to communicate

How I consider myself

To be so fortunate

For having a daughter

Like you, in my destiny

It’s because of you that

My life feels so worthy

Happy birthday


12) A stroke of luck

A whiff of fresh air

A dash of color

Is present when you are there

A fragrance beautifully mild

Lots of shine and glitter

You bring these things in our life

Dear loving daughter

Happy birthday


13) To my dearest daughter…

I won’t express my love for you in 160 characters

Or with a silly post on some wall

I will say it aloud in your birthday party

Where I plan to have a ball

I won’t share my love for you with a like

I won’t be lazy and just tweet

I will show you how much I love you

By hugging you happy birthday, my sweets


14) Like olive in a martini

Like cherry on a cake

Like cheese on a pizza

Wonderful our life, you make

Like a chocolate confetti

Like a delicious berry glaze

Like a fruity frosting

You never cease to amaze

Happy birthday


15) Your birthday has set me

Into a thinking spree

I can’t believe how

You’ve grown up so quickly

All this time I thought

That you were still small

Even though I could see you

Standing on your feet so tall

Now that I’ve accepted

That so much time has flown

I see you as a woman

All mature and beautifully grown

Happy birthday


16) The day you become a mother

Of a lovely daughter

You will realize

For us, why you were a prize

Until then, keep being

The lovely daughter that you are

Whenever in life you need any help

Always remember that we are never too far

Happy birthday


17) When you were born

The stars must have been perfectly aligned

To give me a loving daughter

With whom my life is intertwined

When you were born

The Gods must have thought

Let’s give this wonderful little girl

To this family who will love her a lot

When you were born

Our lives were infused with happiness

Your love will always be

What makes life so priceless

Happy birthday


18) Of a perfect father-daughter relationship

If someone wanted an example

I would invite them to see the two of us

So they can see the perfect sample

On your birthday today let’s celebrate

This bond, perfect which will always be

My dear, I want you to always remember

That I am always here, whenever you need me

Happy birthday


19) My worst fears are coming true

You are growing up too quick

My time seems to be running out

It’s going tick-tock-tick

In no time you will go away

To pursue your ambitious goals

In the process I hope you do not

Forget your mommy and daddy’s role

Because no matter how much

You grow up and turn older

You will always remain

Our little darling daughter

Happy birthday


20) My lovely little daughter

Looks pretty in pink

Without her presence

I think my life would sink

She is the cutest in the world

Cuddle and fun, like a toy

My lovely daughter is

A little bundle of joy

She makes my life perfect

She is all my dreams come true

She is the only reason

Why life can never feel blue

Happy birthday

Heart-melting birthday wishes for daughter from her mother and father

21) Watching you all grown up

Is like a real dream

Time truly passes

Faster than it seems

Watching you be all mature

Is like a reverie proven true

Today I stand so proud

For having a daughter like you

Happy birthday


22) I am so happy

That I am your dad

And I have a daughter like you

Which I always wanted so bad

There couldn’t possibly be

More happiness in store for me

Being a father to the sweetest girl

There is nothing more in life to see

Happy birthday


23) Teddy bears take over

In the birthday party of a little daughter

Friends take over

Her life when she is a teenager

But her parents will always be there

To give her love, concern and care

In whichever phase of life she may be

Always at her side will be, her dad and me

Happy birthday


24) Half of your friends try to be

Like some celebrity

But you are the one who is unique

Your individual style is what you seek

You are way above the rat race

Give the rest of them a good chase

I am sure you will prove your worth

I am proud to have given you birth

Happy birthday


25) Even a lily, an orchid or a rose

Cannot give me my daily dose

Of beauty, fragrance and softness

Or even a pinch of happiness

As compared to

What I get from you

Dear daughter, you overpower

The beauty of even the most exotic flowers

Happy birthday


26) Dear daughter, on your birthday

There is not much to say

Except that we love we to bits

And you cute antics throw us into fits

You have been the strength in our lives

You are the reason why we survive

Never change, be the same

You are our life’s guiding flame

Happy birthday


27) We are truly blessed

To have you as our daughter

We wouldn’t have been happy

With any other

We are really lucky

To have been parents

To a lovely daughter like you

Free of all laments

We have been so fortunate

To spend our life with you

Our dearest daughter you have

Made all our dreams come true

Happy birthday


28) You were the best

When you played ball

You were the best

Even in your failures, when you stood tall

You were the best

Because you never left hope

You were the best

Even when you couldn’t cope

Keep being the best

As you grow older

Keep being the best

As you become bolder

You will always be the best

Is my belief so true

To the best daughter ever

I wish a happy birthday to you


29) My world swirls on an axis called my daughter

It rotates only around her

Giving me innumerable joys

One after another

My daughter is the reason

Why my world is functional

It is because of her

That everything in my life is special

Happy birthday


30) The day you went to college

We both took a pledge

That we will do whatever it may take

To support you in the future that you want make

To push you to do your very best

And pass successfully in life’s every test

You have done that, and much more

As proud parents, our hearts soar

Happy birthday