Belated Birthday Poems for Wife: Late Birthday Poems for Her

Romantic belated happy birthday greeting for wife

Belated Birthday Poems for Wife: If you forget our wife’s birthday, making it up to her will take a lot more than a simple romantic apology. Take the first step towards redeeming yourself and say sorry to your wife by writing a beautiful poem or a sweet birthday quote on a greeting card. If she is the type of person who can take humor in good spirit, send her a funny belated birthday message or a cute wish begging for forgiveness. Appease her with flirty notes on her Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. You can even buy her an expensive birthday gift to say sorry for forgetting his special day. Give your wife a heartwarming hug and a kiss to convey to that you may have forgotten her birthday but you can never forget what she means to you.


1) You have a very

Beautiful face

Of age there is

Not a single trace

You show no signs

Of getting older

Making your birthday

Impossible to remember

Happy belated birthday


2) Don’t judge my love

By a date in the calendar

For my regretful mistake

Don’t treat me like sinner

My love for you doesn’t see

If it’s a Monday or a Sunday

Please forgive me for

Forgetting your birthday

Belated happy birthday


3) Since last week

I was thinking

Your special day

I was remembering

Making amazing plans

For celebrating

Is the only thing

That I was doing

But this week

I totally forgot

For which I am

Cursing myself a lot

Please forgive me

For this carelessness

I promise to make up

For the lost happiness

Happy belated birthday


4) Show me your kind and loving side

In which I take so much pride

Show me some of your generosity

By accepting my apology

If you forgive my forgetfulness

That would be very priceless

Show me that you are the bigger person

It’s still not too late to have some fun

Happy belated birthday


5) I am so sorry dear

That I totally forgot

Your special day

I regret this a lot

Sometimes I happen to forget

And other times you do

But at the end of it all

You love me and I love you

Belated happy birthday


6) I admit my fault

I deserve a verbal assault

I confess and plead guilty

Of hurting you so ruthlessly

Please pronounce your judgment

Give me the harshest punishment

For this fight between you and me

Darling I am very sorry

Happy belated birthday


7) I am just a little late

In wishing you a happy birthday

Stop being angry for a while

Give me a chance to say

How sorry and apologetic I am

For hurting you and doing this

Let me seal the deal between us

With a hug and a beautiful kiss

Belated happy birthday


8) I could’ve forgotten everything else

But not your birthday at any cost

After having pained you so much

I am feeling totally lost

I don’t know how this has happened

How I became so careless

All I know is that I have

Been the reason of your unhappiness

For all your tears and sobs

I’m the one who is responsible

Now I’ll ensure that the rest

Of your year turns out to be special

Happy belated birthday


9) Sometimes people act

In a way which is silly

Sometimes they behave

Very unexpectedly

Sometime they do things

That are unbelievable

Sometimes their actions

Are unacceptable

That is what happened

To me yesterday too

Sorry for being so late

In giving birthday wishes to you

Belated happy birthday


10) I will keep attempting


To make you smile

Very widely

I will keep trying


To get rid of that frown

For making you happy

This is because I’ve made

A terrible blunder

My wife’s birthday

I didn’t remember


Beautiful belated birthday poem quote from husband to say sorry to wife

11) Some mistakes

Are unforgivable

Some blunders

Very despicable

Some follies

Are too hard to ignore

Some errors

Leave the heart very sore

One such mistake

That I’ve committed

Is to wish you a birthday

So belated


12) I missed your birthday

It makes me feel stupid

I simply can’t believe

This is what I did

I missed a special

Day of the year

For being so forgetful

I am sorry, my dear


13) Don’t think that my

Love for you is less

Sorry for wishing you late

And causing all this mess

Don’t think that my

Affection for you is frail

If you weren’t in my life

I would cry and wail

You birthday just slipped

Out of my memory

Please accept this wish

From your dearest hubby


14) You are so special

I’m sure you’ll forgive me

For forgetting your birthday

I am really sorry

You are so very kind

I’m sure you will let go

Because my love for you

You very well know

Happy belated birthday


15) Just because my wishes are belated

Doesn’t mean that they are dated

Just because my wishes have come late

Doesn’t mean I can’t remember a date

Just because I forgot your birthday

Doesn’t mean that you keep me at bay

Just because I didn’t create a big hullabaloo

Doesn’t mean that I don’t love you

Belated happy birthday


16) I am thoroughly


With myself I am


I am completely


I didn’t even get you

A small token

Take me out

Of my misery

By accepting

My wishes forgivingly


17) I’m sure you know

That I am little tardy

You are familiar with

My unpunctuality

You very well know

I am whimsical

How I tend to forget

Days that are special

Since you know me well

I beg you to believe me

That I didn’t forget

Your birthday intentionally

Happy belated birthday


18) Should I make a funny face

Or take you out to eat to a new place

Should I pamper you silly

Tell me what to do, my dearest wifey

I don’t want my forgetfulness

To be the reason for your unhappiness

I will do whatever possible

To make your day very special

Sorry for being late in wishing you

I’ve paid the price for it by being blue

Belated happy birthday


19) Wishing you a belated birthday

Is my special way to say

That I was so busy thinking of you

Everything else, I forgot to do

I was floating in my sweet trance

Because of which I lost my chance

Baby, cuddle with me in the most loving way

So we can celebrate this special day


20) You need to gift me

A new planner

For I can’t seem

To remember

The most important date

In my life

For that’s how I forget

The birthday of my wife

Belated happy birthday

Belated birthday card poem to wife from husband

21) I didn’t wish you

At the right time

Forgetting your birthday

Was a crime

I didn’t do anything

Nice or special

I invited all this

Stress and trouble

I don’t deserve

Your sympathy

But you deserve

A genuine apology

Happy belated birthday


22) My dear wife…

I have become

Very forgetful

For that I am

Very resentful

I have become


To many things I have

Become blinded

It wasn’t that I

Didn’t remember

How I forget your birthday

I sit and wonder

Sorry for being

The last one

To wish you

And spoiling all the fun

Happy belated birthday


23) There is a reason why

You are the best wife

It is you who brings

Happiness in my life

That is because you aren’t

Stubborn and rigid

Which means you will

Forgive me for what I did

Belated happy birthday


24) My love for my wife

Is not bound by a date

Maybe that is why

I am a bit late

My love for her will last

For an eternity

Forgetting her birthday

She won’t hold against me

Belated happy birthday


25) If there was one thing

I could change about the past

I would do it right away

That too really fast

I would be go back in time

To change my forgetfulness

By remember your birthday

And bringing back happiness

Belated happy birthday


26) My beautiful wife

Deserves a beautiful apology

I forgot her birthday

Which is very mean of me

My dearest wife

Needs to be assured enough

That the feeling of forgetting

Her birthday has been tough

My prettiest wife

Must be continuously told

That I may have forgotten her birthday

But my love has grown manifold

Belated happy birthday


27) I never thought

That I could forget

I never imagined

How badly I would regret

I wonder how I lost

Track of this important date

How I forgot to wish

My loving soulmate

I apologize for being

So forgetful and mean

You have no idea how bad

A feeling this has been

Belated happy birthday


28) I am always so caught up

In loving you madly

That many times I tend to

Forget days and dates easily

I am always so occupied

In figuring out different ways

To make you happy that I

Ended up forgetting your birthday


29) In my life you are

The most special person

For me you are

One in a billion

For me your birthday

Is a special occasion

Which I am very sorry

To have forgotten


30) It’s my motto now

I am on a mission to

Set everything right

For making it up to you

I’ve decided that I will

Do everything possible

To convince you that

It wasn’t intentional

I forgot your birthday

Because of my traveling

I promise to give you

A day worth remembering

Happy belated birthday