Belated Birthday Poems for Husband: Late Birthday Wishes for Him

Sweet belated birthday greeting card message to husband from wife

Belated Birthday Poems for Husband: Forgetting your husband’s birthday is a mistake that you will probably not be forgiven for easily. Any man will feel heartbroken if his wife forgets his special day. It will take a lot of sweet apologies to move on. Take the first steps towards redemption by writing the most romantic quotes on a greeting card for your husband. Follow it up with cute messages on Facebook, Snapchat and by text. This post has short poems which will inspire you to write your own romantic rhymes for your guy. Pamper him with favors and keep saying sorry until he sees the regret in your heart. And as funny as it sounds – next time, put a reminder on your phone.


1) Kisses, sizzling and hot

Hugs, playful and naughty

Cuddles, cute and romantic

Embraces, sensual and sexy

Pleas, truthful and desperate

Apologies, brutal and honest

Treats, delicious and tasty

Gifts, favorite and best

This is a list of everything

That I promise to do

For forgetting your birthday

I will make up to you

Happy belated birthday


2) In our happy married life

This was like a scar

By forgetting your birthday

I took things a bit too far

In our long journey

This was shocking first

I completely accept

Your angry outburst

But just like other things

That we have moved on from

Please consider this to be

Just a passing storm

Happy belated birthday


3) I was dreaming, relentlessly thinking

I was contemplating, continuously ruminating

I was reflecting, seriously considering

How your birthday we could be celebrating

But in the midst of all that, I ended up forgetting

Sorry for doing something so disgusting

To make it up to you, I will do everything

So that our lives once again, be worth rejoicing

Belated happy birthday


4) Shame on me

For forgetting your birthday

A debt on me

To make it up to you in every way

Poor of me

To let something happen, this bad

Humiliating for me

To make my husband feel sad

A promise from me

That this will never happen again

A plea of forgiveness from me

For having put you through this pain

Happy belated birthday


5) To my dear husband…

Today it has been proved

That I have been a terrible wife

You deserve much better

For giving me a wonderful life

Even the fact that I am lousy

Has been established today

There is no other explanation

For me to be this way

The only manner in which

Of this guilt, I can let go

Is by getting your forgiveness

Which will wipe away my sorrow

Belated happy birthday


6) My pulse stopped for a second

And my heartbeat ceased

I broke into a sweat instantly

And my forehead began to crease

My stomach knotted up

My arms and legs became numb

When I realized I forgot your birthday

I felt so supremely dumb

This is the effect that forgetting

Your birthday had on me

I hope you now realize

That I am genuinely sorry

Belated happy birthday


7) This is not some sort of tit for tat

Since you forgot our anniversary

This is not my revenge with you

Because you never give gifts to me

It is not to settle scores for things

That you may have forgotten to do

I honestly forgot your birthday

For which I apologize to you

Happy belated birthday


8) I have already paid the price

For forgetting your birthday

You anger and passive fury

I am bearing in every way

Twisting and turning in bed

I am not being able to sleep

Just because my responsibility

As a wife, I couldn’t upkeep

I’ve already had enough

Please don’t prolong my agony

Give me the chance to celebrate

Your belated birthday, honey


9) I admit that I forgot

The day on which you were born

But I remember what’s important

The fact that without you, I would be forlorn

I accept that I did not remember

To get you a gift or throw you a party

But I can never forget that you are

The most important person for me

Belated happy birthday


10) I will allow you to keep

The bedroom dirty

I will tolerate the bathroom

Being wet and slippery

I won’t mind if you rest

Your feet on the couch

Not a word will I say

And for that, I vouch

You can play video games

For hours, till no end

Have a boys’ night out

With all your friends

I hope this is enough for you

To kiss and make up with me

Happy belated birthday

To my dearest hubby

Cute apology message to husband for forgetting birthday

11) We promised to forgive each other

We promised to do anything to be together

We promised to understand each situation

We promised to avoid frustration

We promised to rise above petty things

We promised to be each other’s wings

But for us to keep each of these promises

We will have to bear some hits and misses

Forgetting your birthday was a miss that I regret

Darling, please forgive me and don’t be upset

Happy belated birthday


12) The last time you goofed up

I had forgiven you instantly

So please consider that

And forgive me back baby

You said you owe me big

The last time I cut you some slack

The least you could do now

Is to return the favor back

For forgetting your birthday

And messing up your mood

Darling, I am sorry

For causing this unintentional feud

Belated happy birthday


13) Forgetful and whimsical

I have always been

The repercussions of which

In my life, you have now seen

Missing a deadline at work

Or forgetting things in the kitchen

Is my most common trait

And my weakness number one

It’s not that I specifically chose

To forget your birthday

Please forgive me because

I’ve always been this way

Happy belated birthday


14) To my dear husband…

Birthdays come and birthdays go

But I wouldn’t dare say that, I very well know

Nor do I have a single excuse

As to why I was forgetful and obtuse

I am remorseful and full of regret

All this has left me sad and tearful

I am extremely sorry for being late

Please forgive me, so we can move on and celebrate

Belated happy birthday


15) A doubt did cross my mind

I had a bit of a premonition

The vibe was slightly different

I sensed a kind of hesitation

It felt like a bad omen

Yesterday didn’t feel quite right

That’s when I realized

Why I had such a long night

That is because I forgot

Your birthday, which I regret

Now until I get your forgiveness

I will feel dirty, miserable and upset

Happy belated birthday


16) Even a thousand apologies

Cannot be enough

Even a million explanations

Cannot makes things less tough

Even a billion reassurances

That I may give you

Will not keep you

From feeling sad and blue

But there is one truth

Which makes all the difference

That you, and our marriage are

The foundation of my existence

Belated happy birthday


17) To my dear husband…

There is no excuse for me

To forget your special day

There is no reason I can give

To cheer you up in anyway

The only thing that my heart

Holds for you right now

Is an apology with a wish

To make up to you and how

Happy belated birthday


18) I could have said

Forgive me, for I’m just human

I could have whined saying

To forget, I’m not the only one

I could have complained

That you were being too finicky

I could attributed this

To a short lapse in my memory

But none of this I am

Planning to say or do

I just want to hug you and say

Sorry for hurting you

Belated happy birthday


19) I know we will soon, get over this

All it will take is a hug and many a kiss

I know you won’t hold a grudge for too long

For our relationship is much deeper and strong

I know in the future you won’t sneer at me

For having forgotten your birthday unintentionally

Because we are way above such a accidental issues

That is the very reason I am madly in love with you

Belated happy birthday


20) I don’t require a calendar

To make each day in your life special

I don’t need a day or date

To make your happiness double

To be happy and joyful

I don’t wait for occasions

May that is the reason why

I forgot about your birthday celebration

For every day in our lives

Is as special as your birthday

And no matter what, I will

Always love you, come what may

Happy belated birthday

Romantic belated birthday wishes for husband

21) Forgetting your birthday

Does not mean

You forget everything

To you, that I have been

I know my mistake

Is unforgivable

But that shouldn’t make me

Any less special

I may forget days and dates

In the calendar

But my heart will beat for you

Now and forever

Happy belated birthday


22) Since so many years of marriage

It’s just once that I forgot

Please forgive me darling

After all, I love you a lot

The memories of the past

If you sit down to recollect

You will remember that

I made all your birthdays perfect

Solely on those grounds

May I ask you to forgive me

And accept my belated wishes

Please say yes and stop being grumpy

Belated happy birthday


23) I will do anything

To see a smile on your face

Even if it means bearing your wrath

And going through a terrible phase

For I know, that you will come around

As days and weeks pass by

But don’t take too long to forgive me

Or else without your love, I will die

Happy belated birthday


24) It was silly of me to forget

My stupidity, I do regret

But I am sure that you will let go

Of my silly mistake, and that I know

For you, are my hubby dearest

Whether times are good or bad

You are always the best

Belated happy birthday


25) I hope you remember

That specific day

When you forgot to get

All your chores out of my way

I hope you can recollect

Some promises that you’ve broken

There’s a whole of list of things ahead

I am not yet done

Against all these mistakes of yours

If you assess my poor memory

You will realize that for gaining forgiveness

Much better off than you baby

Happy belated birthday