Belated birthday wishes for husband

Cute belated birthday card wish to husband from wife

Belated birthday wishes for husband: Did you forget your husband’s birthday? Getting forgiveness won’t be easy but if you can manage to convey the pain of guilt in your heart on to a sweet birthday card, a loving husband will pull you in for a hug. Post your remorseful greetings all over Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter so that your husband can see how sorry you really are. Continue your apology spree by sending him cute and funny messages when he is at work. Do whatever it takes to redeem yourself of this terrible mistake by pampering your hubby and making him feel like a king – only until you can get back to showing him who’s the queen.


1) My birthday wishes for you are like our love and marriage – slow but rock steady. Belated happy birthday.


2) I have heard that love makes people blind but I didn’t know love made people forgetful too. Belated happy birthday to my husband who I love a lot.


3) I went to the doctor to get a check-up for my chest pain. He prescribed medicines that only my husband can administer: 2 tight Hugs – one in the morning and one in the evening, at least 10 Kisses during various times of the day and a one-time dose of Forgiveness. Belated happy birthday love.


4) I will suffer in guilt for a lifetime, if that is what it takes to see a smile on my husband’s face. Sorry I forgot your birthday.


5) My state of mind right now is a volatile cocktail of Sadness, Depression and Pain. It needs just one drop of Forgiveness to turn into a lovely cocktail of Happiness and Love. Belated happy birthday.


6) Forgetfulness is stupid, forgiveness is mature. Forgetfulness is painful, forgiveness is soothing. Please show your maturity and soothe the pain of my stupidity. I am sorry for my late wishes.


7) As my husband, you have the right to be angry, grumpy and punish me for my mistake. But don’t forget that as your wife, I have the right to veto all your rights. So stop being angry and please forgive me. Belated happy birthday.


8) I know you are an Angry Bird because I forgot your birthday but I can be your Betty Boop if you forgive me. Belated happy birthday.


9) I am hoping that this tiny speed bump in the otherwise happy and sexy journey of our married life is overlooked. Belated happy birthday.


10) My forgetfulness is a Virus which has eroded the Data of Happiness from our lives. I will use my anti-virus software called Love to make sure that the operating system Marriage 1.0 is debugged soon. Belated happy birthday.


11) Please don’t say that I have lost my way. I may have forgotten your birthday but the path of my life will forever point to just one destiny – My Husband. I love you, belated happy birthday.


12) I knew something was wrong on the day I forgot your birthday because my heart was skipping beats. Belated happy birthday.


13) Would you rather have a manipulative wife who lies to you with excuses, or loving wife like me who honestly accepts her forgetfulness and pleads for forgiveness? Belated happy birthday love.


14) Forgetting your birthday has been the biggest mistake of my life but getting married to a handsome husband like you has been the best decision of my life. I hope that the strength of my best decision overpowers the weakness of my biggest mistake. Belated happy birthday.


15) Ordinary people like me make mistakes but only extraordinary ones like you have the strength to forgive. I am sorry, belated happy birthday.

Sweet belated birthday card message to husband from wife

16) Your wife is drowning in the ocean of guilt and the only way you can save her is by taking the boat of forgiveness. Sorry for the late wishes, love.


17) I can’t believe I forgot the day on which my Reason to Live was born. Sorry love, belated happy birthday.


18) I can cry all I want but that isn’t going to change the fact that I forgot your birthday. But I hope that my tears convince you how sorry I am and how genuine a mistake it was. Belated happy birthday, love.


19) I can’t believe I forgot your birthday. I guess I will have to live with that because I still can’t believe I married a man so handsome and as loving as you. Happy birthday, love.


20) Our children asked me today ‘Mommy why are you so sad?’ to which I replied ‘Mommy is waiting for daddy to give her a hug’ I am sorry for forgetting your birthday. Please forgive me and put this mommy out of her misery. Belated happy birthday.


21) I try a bit too hard to be a good wife to you all year round. Maybe the pressure got to me and I forgot your birthday. Sorry, belated happy birthday.


22) I can’t understand how I forgot my husband’s birthday. But I hope he understands how sorry I am. Belated happy birthday.


23) Life is all about second chances and your wife hopes that she will get a second chance from the man who has been her life’s first and last chance. Belated happy birthday.


24) I hate the fact that my forgetfulness has made the reason for happiness, sad. I am sorry love, belated happy birthday.


25) If you forgive me for forgetting your birthday, you will teach our children the greatest virtue of all – Forgiveness. Belated happy birthday.


26) I am SORRY for forgetting my husband’s birthday. I am SAD because I forgot my husband’s birthday. I am SUFFERING in guilt because I forgot my husband’s birthday. I am feeling SORE from the pain of forgetting my husband’s birthday. You have punished me enough, forgive me love. Belated happy birthday.


27) I was busy being a beautiful and loving wife to YOU and a caring mother to our children – that’s why I forgot your birthday. Sorry love, belated happy birthday.


28) TV dinners for a month, 10 massages, 10 boys night outs with your friends, a holiday to Disney World and one whole month without my nagging – all this in return for forgiveness for forgetting your birthday. Deal or no deal?


29) A BAD wife forgets her husband’s birthday. A GOOD wife never forgets her husband’s birthday. But only a GREAT wife can get her husband to forgive her even if she forgets his birthday. Now you tell me, what kind of wife am I? Belated happy birthday love.


30) Since you are the man of my dreams, can we just dream that I did not forget your birthday and everything can be alright? Belated happy birthday.


31) There is nothing I can say to make up for what I forgot to say. But if you forgive me, things between us can be better than what they will be. Sorry love, belated happy birthday.


32) Will you forgive me if my apology gets a thousand likes on Facebook? I love you.


33) I am sorry for forgetting your birthday. The only way to get the guilt out of my heart is to get forgiveness out of yours. Belated happy birthday love.


34) Earlier I couldn’t sleep because you kept me awake with all your kisses. Now I can’t sleep because I can’t get over the guilt of forgetting your birthday. Please forgive me so I can get back to sleeping and you can get back to kissing. Belated happy birthday.


35) Yes, I forgot your birthday. But if it makes you happier, my heart has been hurting ever since. The only medicines are my husband’s love and his forgiveness. Belated happy birthday.