70th Birthday Poems

Sweet birthday poem quote for dad or grandad

70th Birthday Poems: A seventieth birthday is a unique milestone birthday. This occasion demands sweet poems, inspirational messages or beautiful quotes to be written on a greeting card and sent to a septuagenarian. Whether it is your granddad, grandma, uncle, aunt, mom or dad who is celebrating a seventieth birthday, put a smile on their faces by sending them heartwarming birthday wishes. A 70th birthday signifies the beginning of life’s sunset period. This is when old age starts to show its true colors. Health starts giving away and all kinds of idiosyncrasies begin to show up. Use cute birthday wishes or funny notes to tell your loved ones that you will be there for them in spite of all this. Spend some time with them and cherish every moment of togetherness to the fullest.


1) You have seen life

Inside out

You know what it is

Really all about

You have experienced

All that there is to

You have done everything

Expected of you

You have always fulfilled

Every responsibility

Now it’s time for you

To be wild and carefree

Happy birthday


2) You are so healthy

Even at seventy

You are so agile

So hale and hearty

We all hope that you

Always stay this way

And that you may see

Many more birthdays

Happy birthday


3) You are a living example

Of how a 70 year old should be

The way you lived your life

Has greatly inspired me

Your hard work and dedication

Has seen the family through

Here’s a toast to your life

Wishing a happy birthday to you


4) Between us there is

A big age gap

When I was small

I used to sit in your lap

Although we are

Many generations apart

We have been friends

From the very start

As you become

A septuagenarian today

I love you grandpa

Is all that I want to say

Happy 70th birthday


5) S is for Spirited

E is for Energetic

V is for Vivacious

E is for Enthusiastic

N is for Nimble

T is for tremendous

Y is for youthful

In short you are fabulous

Happy birthday


6) Don’t think of yourself

As a senior citizen

You are still full of spunk

A person who loves fun

Don’t label yourself

As old and elderly

You are still very young

Act like you’re just thirty

Happy 70th birthday


7) Dear granddad…

All the experience

You have gained until now

Gives me the shivers

Making me go wow

The vast amount of knowledge

That you have got

Makes me feel proud

I respect you a lot

To have you in my life

I am very lucky

I congratulate you

For turning seventy

Happy 70th birthday


8) Your diet will now become

Totally sugar free

You will be told to

Live less strenuously

Your energy levels

Will now take a beating

You will be instructed

To limit your drinking

All these limitations

Mark the start of your old age

Congratulations for turning

In your life, a new page

Happy birthday


9) Cheers to a woman

Who turns seventy today

For the queen of the family

Please make way

Let’s raise a toast

To this wonderful lady

Who also doubles up

As my sweet granny

Happy 70th birthday


10) Whether you are seventy

Or seventy-two

It should not make

Any difference to you

At the end of the day

Age is just another number

It shouldn’t stop your life

From getting better

Happy 70th birthday

Funny and cute birthday greeting for seventy year olds

11) From now on you will live

A beautiful life

Without any problems

Or any form of strife

Your only job will be

To keep worries at bay

Lying in the sun

Doing nothing all day

Towards you we will feel

Nothing but envy

Wishing that in your place

If only we could be

Happy Birthday


12) The man of the moment

Who will bask in glory

Of this special day

Is you, my dearest buddy

Take the center stage

Become a celebrity

Bask in the limelight

As you turn seventy

Happy birthday


13) You have scored

A perfect seventy today

You are a true star

In each and every way

On your fiftieth

I had predicted already

That you would surely

Live until seventy

Now that you have

Reached this milestone

To you, I want this fact

To be clearly known

That you will soon be

A complete hundred

To many happier days

You should look ahead

Happy birthday


14) Seventy years is a landmark

One of life’s important benchmarks

It is time to celebrate the honor

Of always emerging a winner

It is time to become nostalgic

Of your journey which has been fantastic

It is time to count all those blessings

That life has given you from the beginning

Happy 70th birthday


15) If you were on Facebook

You would surely be

The coolest septuagenarian

The world would ever see

If you were on Twitter

Your feed would surely be

Overflowing with tweets

From friends and family

If you were on Instagram

Your birthday pictures would be

Trending on the web

For you’ve turned a cool seventy

Happy birthday


16) Seventy years of age

Means lots of knowhow

And much experience about

Through life how to plough

Seventy years of age

Means a lot of understanding

Of what it really takes

To make life amazing

If I could have a slice

Of everything that you know

I would be able to see

Many successes in a row

Happy 70th birthday


17) When you blow the candles on your cake today

Remember God in your prayers and say

How grateful you are for living so long

With the gift of a body which is still so strong

Also be grateful for everything else in your life

Including your children, grandkids and wife

For not many people reach the age of seventy

You are one of the few ones to be so lucky

Happy birthday


18) Party like you are

A spunky teenager

Keep living life

By being a winner

Live every single day

Like there won’t be another

We hope that you stay

With us forever

Happy 70th birthday


19) You are that wonderful man

Who gave us the motto I can

You are that awesome human being

Who taught us a new way of seeing

You are that amazing friend

Who has given us joy to no end

You are that fantastic person

Who keeps our family one

Happy birthday dearest grandfather

Like you there is none other


20) Since you have entered your seventies

Take this advice from your buddies

Keep your mind and body active

For a little longer, if you want to live

Live every second as if it were your last

Enjoy every moment and have a blast

If you sticky by this principle

The rest of your life will be exceptional

Happy 70th birthday

70th birthday card poem and message

21) A lifetime of anecdotes

A lifetime of memories

A lifetime of incidents

A lifetime of stories

A lifetime of hard work

A lifetime of patience

A lifetime of integrity

A lifetime of excellence

This is your life

All the way to seventy

I hope you continue

Living just as gloriously

Happy 70th birthday


22) There might have been a mistake

In your birthday certificate

For you don’t look seventy

You look like you’ve just tuned fifty

There seems to be no evidence

Apart from all your experience

To prove that you are this age

At life’s such advanced stage

Happy birthday to you young gun

May your life always be fun


23) The wrinkles on your face

Are a mark

Of times that may have been

So rough and dark

The fine lines on your face

Are indicators

Of all those instances

That made your life better

The crinkled skin under your eyes

Tell a story

Of how wonderful

Is your destiny

Happy 70th birthday


24) It is the time to

Be irresponsible and carefree

You must now enjoy

Benefits of being seventy

It is that juncture of life

To relax and unwind

From anything in life

To not feel confined

As you enter a new decade

It is the time to

Do things you’ve never done

And find a new you

Happy 70th birthday


25) Being seventy

Is no reason

To put a pause on life

Or stop having fun

Enjoy every moment

Live life to the fullest

On this special milestone

I wish you the very best

Happy 70th birthday


26) Even at seventy years of age

You rock like a star

That’s just how amazing

As a person you are

Even at this age you give us

A run for our money

It’s impossible to believe

That you are seventy

Even at this point in life

You are young at heart

It is now that your life

Will really kick start

Happy birthday


27) There are no limits

There is no boundary

There are no borders

Even though you are seventy

There are no undue controls

And no restrictions

May you live your life

As a carefree septuagenarian

Happy birthday


28) When you look back

You must be thinking

A lovely life you’ve lived

Worth celebrating

When you look ahead

You must be feeling

That you still have a lot left

Worth enjoying

All we want you to do

Is to continue living

With the same gusto

Without any stopping

Happy birthday


29) Age is no bar

For happiness and joy

You can still feel as young

As a little boy

It does not matter whether

Your body is agile or not

Even with your mind

You can do a lot

At seventy you have

Already proved these things

Even at this age

You have acquired wings

Happy birthday


30) Your legs may be weak

But your spirit is not

A lot of will power

You still have got

Your hands may shiver

But your heart is strong

You’ve turned just seventy

You still have to live long

Happy 70th birthday