Thank you poems for dad

Thank you poems for dad: Stop waiting for Father’s Day and birthdays to say thank you to your dad. Make your father happy by randomly sending him a thank you poem by text message, email, letter, note or by posting on his Facebook. Express your love for him and your gratitude for the way he has brought you up. You can take ideas from quotes and sayings, but your poem will be most touching if you write down your true feelings. Show him that you are happy to be his daughter or son and make him proud to be a parent of such a thoughtful child.


1) If you were a flower

I would keep you on my desk all day

If you were a jacket

I would wear it even in the heat of May

If you were a book

I would read through thoroughly

If you were a gold locket

I would keep you safely

But since you are my dad

I can always keep you in front of my eyes

Thanks for giving me the life you have

Along with such wonderful family ties


2) You are the kind of dad

Who would put any superhero to shame

Because you are a hero in real life

While they are heroes only in a camera’s frame

Thanks for giving me wings

And helping me fly with you

Without a cape or magical powers

You have proved that you are a hero true

Thank you dad


3) I shared our pictures on Facebook

So at our amazing bond, others can take a look

I pinned your photo on Pinterest

So everyone can see my daddy, who is the best

Today I am shouting out on Twitter with a tweet

To say thank you to my father, who is so sweet


4) The alphabet F in father stands for

A virtue called Fortitude

The second alphabet A stands for

Always having a great Attitude

The third alphabet T stands for

The Terrific person that you are

The fourth alphabet H stands for

The Hero that you have been for us so far

The fifth alphabet E stands for

The virtue of Excellence that you have taught us

The sixth alphabet R stands for

The virtue of being righteous

Your title itself proves

What a wonderful father you have been

Thanks for tirelessly being

The best dad I have seen


5) God gives little girls

Daddies like you

So that they are always protected

From evil and suffering undue

I thank both

God and my daddy

For giving me the best life ever

And always nurturing the dreams I see


6) Just like how a teenager loves his play station

Just like how an artist loves his own creation

Just like how an alcoholic loves beer

Just like how a sportsperson loves his gear

Just like how a girl loves her dolls

Just like how a shopaholic loves visiting malls

I am obsessed with you

My thanks for you, are way overdue


7) You are the man who taught me to drive

You are the man who helped my passion to thrive

You are the man who gave me everything I wanted

You are the man who I playfully taunted

You are the man I think of in times of trouble

You are the man without whom my life would be nothing but rubble

You are the man who I look up to

Dad, I have written this poem to say thank you


8) Guys like showing off their new cars

But I like showing off the father you are

Guys like showing off their new PS2

But I like showing off the father in you

Guys like showing off the love of their lives

But I like showing off my relationship with you that thrives

Other guys are stupid not to realize

That their fathers are actually their real prize

Thank you dad


9) An integral part of life

Is not just money

An integral part of life

Is not just your honey

An integral part of life

Is not just your car

An integral part of life

Is not a holiday to a place too far

An integral part of life

Is not a just house

An integral part of life

Is not just a committed spouse

An integral part of life

Is a loving dad

Who can forget his own dreams

To grant you things you wish you always had

Thank you dad


10) Thank you for

Bearing every tantrum

Thank you for

Being married to mum

Thank you for

Being a father so ideal

Thank you for

Giving me values so real

Thank you for

Telling me to be the best

Thank you for

Not giving a damn about the rest

Thank you for

Being the best dad you could be

Thank you for

Always believing in me


11) When I get a compliment

It indirectly comes to you

My success to you I owe

Is not a fact which is new

When someone pats me on the back

To tell me that I was awesome

I pass on the credit to you

For the person that I have become

Thanks dad


12) If I had to compare

Your value in my life to something

I would not be able to

Compare you to anything

If I had to pick

Between someone else and you

I would make the correct choice

And stick to you like glue

Thank you dad


13) Thank you is said to a person

Whose favor you can return

Not to a person who has

Given you birth and helped you learn

Thank you is said to a person

Whose gratefulness you can pay back

Not to a person because of whom

Your life is on track

That is the reason

I am not saying just thank you

But declaring that without you in my life

I just cannot make do

Thank you dad


14) I think of you and thank you

When I achieve something

I think of you and thank you

When I realize that I have everything

I think of you and thank you

When I have the courage to do anything

I think of you and thank you

When I understand that life without you is nothing

Thank you dad


15) Thanks for being the perfect package

Of care and concern

Thanks for guiding me through every path

Especially when my life took an ugly turn

Thanks for knowing

Exactly what to say

Thanks for being liberal enough

To always let me have my way

Thanks for being

A super cool father

Thanks for loving me

Like no other


16) You never said no to me

Even when you could see

That I was making a mistake

A second look you told me to take

And let me fall so that I could learn

And my own merit, I could earn

Thanks for teaching me lessons of life in a natural way

Thanks for bringing me up this way


17) Can’t you see

So clearly

That I wouldn’t be

So carefree

And people wouldn’t call me

So lovely

If I wasn’t brought up by a perfect daddy

Thank you


18) Kids who say thank you to their dads

Only on Father’s Day

Don’t realize that they shouldn’t wait

For this single day to say

How brilliant and amazing their dads are

And how irreplaceable they will always be

Without them, happiness in their lives

They would never ever see

That is the reason I am sending you this note

To convey my gratitude

Please pray that I can live my life

Like you with pride and fortitude


19) Now I know

Why you said no

To my silly habits

That annoyed you to bits

Now I know

Why you said no

To crazy things that I desired

And the way they backfired

Now I know

Why you said no

To let me do things my own way

Your advice, I remember every day

Thank you


20) When you swung me high in your arms

You helped me reach new heights

When you caressed me and sang me a lullaby

You gave me the assurance of peaceful nights

When you gave advice and corrected me

At every wrong step that I took

Your wisdom gave me a new perspective

It is something that can never be taught by books

Thanks dad