Thank You Poems for Dad

Sweet poem to say thank you to dad

Thank You Poems for Dad: Stop waiting for Father’s Day or your dad’s birthday to say thank you to him. Bring a cute smile on the old man’s face by randomly sending him sweet quotes and messages in a text, letter, greeting card or a handwritten note. If all that seems a bit too over the top, post it on his Facebook or tag him in a tweet. Read these poems and reflect on your own father-son or father-daughter relationship. Think about your bond with your dad to write your own original short rhyme so you can honestly say that the words came straight from your heart. Regardless of whether you pen down something touching or something witty and funny – what is more important is the fact that you took the time to show gratitude to the man who puts your life before his own. Your dad will feel proud to be a parent of a child who realizes all the sacrifices that go into being a good father.


1) Dear dad…

When you swung me high in your arms

You were pushing me to reach new heights

When you sang for me, those lullabies

Your voice gave me peaceful nights

When you sorted out my problems

You lent me a sense of support

When you told me to stand up for myself

You showed me how to hold fort

When you gave advice and corrected me

At every wrong step that I took

Your words gave me a perspective that

Can never be taught by books


2) My friends say that I am cool

My colleagues say that I am special

My mentors say that I disciplined

My bosses say that I am loyal

My best mate says I am trustworthy

My family says that I am loving

My partner says that I am passionate

My coach says that I am hard-working

But little do these folks know

That the source of each quality

Is none other than the man

Who I proudly call, my dearest daddy



3) In life, there are some people

Who deserve much gratefulness

Because they are the only ones

Who bring about a lot of happiness

Among that array of people in my life

You are on the very top of the pile

Dear dad, I thank you for everything

On my face, you have always put a smile


4) Whenever I asked for a new toy

You always got me one

If I was down and depressed

You made me have fun

Whenever I wanted to go out

You were always game

If mom scolded me

You always took the blame

Whenever I did something wrong

You made me set it right

Without yelling at me

Or getting into a nasty fight

For every little generosity

You’ve shown me along the way

I will be forever grateful to you

Until my dying day

Thanks daddy


5) No one else can be as fortunate

As the girl that destiny has made me

By giving a special person in my life

None other than my dearest daddy

No one else can be lucky enough

As the woman that I have become

For getting the best that life has to offer

All because of a dad who is awesome

Thank you


6) Just like how words escape you

When you want to express

Your love for me, along with

The way I give you happiness

The right words and phrases

I can’t seem to find right now too

To say how grateful, dear dad

I will always be to you


7) You didn’t just give me food when I was little

You fed me many virtuous thoughts

You didn’t just give me toys to play with

To share and care, you also taught

You didn’t just clothe me when I was a baby

You taught me how to wear my attitude

You didn’t just teach me how to talk

You taught me to speak with fortitude

In every little element of my life

You made a great contribution

For every single thing, I thank you dad

You have made my life a celebration


8) You are the kind of dad

Who would put any superhero to shame

Because you are a hero in real life

While they are heroes only in a camera’s frame

Thanks for giving me wings

And helping me fly with you

Without a cape or magical powers, you have proved

That you are a hero, not fake but true

Thanks dad


9) Sometimes you did not stop me

Even when you could see

That I was making a mistake

Instead, a second look you told me to take

Protectively, you let me fall and learn

So eventually, my own merit I could earn

Tough love, you showed me day after day

I wouldn’t want to be brought up any other way

Thanks dad


10) There are times when I sit down to think

What I would have possibly done without you

And the only answer I can come up with

Is that I would have been totally blue

From my confused and horrid teenage

Right through my crazy days at uni

You have been there all the way

Dad, thank you for supporting me