New home poems: Congratulations poems for new home

New home card poem

New home poems: Don’t just say ‘congratulations for your new home’ and instead, write a nice poem on a greeting card to send your best wishes. Your poetic message can be for a friend who bought his first home together with his wife or for a colleague who just got married and purchased a new house. Buying a new home is like a new start in someone’s life. The walls of a home may deteriorate over the decades, but your meaningful poem to congratulate them will remain in their hearts forever.


1) A home is not where you come back to sleep

A home is where you come back to feel alive

A home is not a place to store your worries

A home is a place to let your happiness thrive

A home is not where you live in darkness

A home is where you say goodbye to gloom

A home is not where you argue and fight

A home is where you let love bloom



2) Homes are difficult to make

But easy to break

I am sure that a beautiful haven

Of a home you will make

Wishing you and your family

All the very best

As you begin a new phase

Of your life, in your new nest



3) A place to be easy and rest

A place to relieve and sigh

A place that brings you joy

A place that gives you a high

I hope this new home of yours

Gives you a warm welcome

I hope it makes your life

Totally awesome



4) A new home is not just made from bricks and cement

It is made from hope and all the dreams that are dreamt

The walls of a new home are held together

By the love of a family, to withstand any weather

I wish you luck and prosperity

As you and your family move in with solidarity



5) A new life, a new beginning

A new journey, a new innings

A good decision, a beautiful house

May in happiness, you be doused

A new home, a new start

Congratulations, with all my heart


6) There is nothing wrong

In being a little proud

You are very deserving

Of a cheer, very loud

For you, have made

A fantastic decision

Your new house

Is a true inspiration

But don’t forget that

A property becomes a home

Only when a family

Lovingly calls it their own



7) When you were young

You were happy buying a pen

But now you have bought

Your very own den

Not only have you grown

But your dreams have grown too

For buying a new home

Congratulations to you


8) Picking furniture

That matches the décor

Looking at every detail

From the floor to the door

Picking curtains

Colorful and new

You have so much

Still left to do

May you make

Lovely memories on the way

Congratulations on your new home

It is beautiful I must say


9) I hope your new home is always

Filled with smiles, hugs and laughter

I hope your new home is never

Plagued by fights, arguments and anger

I hope your new home always

Keeps you warm and cozy

I hope your new home never

Makes you irritable and grumpy

I hope your new home always

Keeps your comfortable and content

I hope your new home never

In your happiness, causes a dent



10) Your home is a paradise

Your valued possession and your life’s prize

Your home has a beautiful hue

Because the person staying in it will be you

Congratulations for making such a grand buy

Let’s celebrate with some wine, cake and pie

Beautiful poem for a new home greeting card

11) Just like how a cozy blanket

Feels on a chilly winter night

The feeling you get in your new home

Will be warm and perfect, just right

Just like how a hot cup of coffee

Feels on a misty morning

Being in your new home

Will feel totally tantalizing

Just like how a loved one’s hug

Feels comforting and warm

Your new home will protect you

From all of life’s storms



12) What doesn’t matter

Is the size of your new home

What really matters

Is how you can embrace it as your own

What doesn’t matter

Is how expensive it is

What really matters

Is whether you can live in harmony and peace

What doesn’t matter

Is whether your new home is more luxurious than a hotel

What really matters

Is whether you have friends like me who always wish you well



13) In building your new home

You have laid your heart bare

The walls of your new home

Reek of a sense of care

Enjoy the fruits of your hard work

Cherish every nook and corner

The years may go by

But the memories will linger forever



14) Fill it with love

Free a white dove

Shower it with sensitivity

Give it a foundation of security

Stop worrying about the loan

Let’s celebrate your beautiful new home



15) Good health

Lots of wealth

Tons of happiness

Memories priceless

All this and more

Is what I wish

As your new home

You begin to cherish



16) Coming back from work

And turning the knob of the door

Knowing that behind it

Lies love, happiness and a lot more

There are fewer such pleasures

Anyone can ever experience

Your new home is one such joy

Which on your life, will shine its brilliance

Enjoy this lovely feeling

Cherish it with your entire family

Moments like these are rare

They don’t come often in anyone’s destiny



17) We have a new place to party now

You have a house which is big and how

Loud music, drinks and dance galore

We are all going to end up wanting more

Congratulations for buying new home so good

Tomorrow we will visit, just arrange for wine and food


18) May your new home bring your new friends

May your new home take you through life’s bends

May your new home make all your efforts worthwhile

May your new home bring you more reasons to smile

May your new home bring you joys that are new

Best wishes and congratulations to you


19) Lucky ones who can call

A house their own are few

Even luckier ones like you

Get a house with a view

Congratulations for buying

A home brand new


20) Be rest assured

Your worries, allow me to douse

You are doing a great job

Of making a home from a house

As you move into your new abode

Congratulations to you and your spouse


Congratulations card message poem for buying a new home

21) Buying a new home

For the first time ever

Is a memory that you will

Remember forever

Just like the day

You married your wife

It is an event that will mark

A new beginning in your life



22) I am sure you have saved many a wage

To buy a new home and take on a mortgage

I am sure you have made many a sacrifice

To buy this property and pay a hefty price

I am sure that your beautiful new purchase

Will bring your life luck, happiness and lots of grace


23) A new home

Is not a place where you have parked all your money

A new home

Is a place where you can live in content with your honey

A new home

Is the beginning of memories, beautiful and happy

A new home

Like yours, deserves congratulations many


24) Moving into your own home

Is a new beginning

Mornings will feel heavenly

Romantic will be your evenings

As you step up in life’s journey

Together as husband and wife

I wish you lots of

Luck, love and happiness in life


25) Curtains of love

Wallpapers of harmony

Tiles of joy

Carpets of memories

May you decorate

Your house with all of these

Congratulations on getting

Your new home’s keys


26) Your new house

Attracts many stares

You have done it up

With so much care

Your new home

Is as lovely as the couple you are

It is nothing less

Than the abode of a superstar



27) I hope your new home is filled

With a new memory every day

I hope it brings you

Good luck in every way

I hope your new home makes

You both happy

I hope it brings you both

Success and prosperity



28) Congratulations on buying

A new property

I am sure you feel

Very proud and happy

Now it is time

To throw your friends a party

In your new home

So they don’t send you poems so crappy


29) Your own home

Your own pad

Will make you happy

Never keep you sad

Your own house

Your own place

When you step inside

Will put a smile on your face



30) May your new home

And your new address

Bring you only peace

And lots of happiness

May you make the most

Of your life’s biggest investment

Buying a house

Is nothing less than an achievement