New home poems: Congratulations poems for new home

Congratulations card message poem for buying a new home

21) Buying a new home

For the first time ever

Is a memory that you will

Remember forever

Just like the day

You married your wife

It is an event that will mark

A new beginning in your life



22) I am sure you have saved many a wage

To buy a new home and take on a mortgage

I am sure you have made many a sacrifice

To buy this property and pay a hefty price

I am sure that your beautiful new purchase

Will bring your life luck, happiness and lots of grace


23) A new home

Is not a place where you have parked all your money

A new home

Is a place where you can live in content with your honey

A new home

Is the beginning of memories, beautiful and happy

A new home

Like yours, deserves congratulations many


24) Moving into your own home

Is a new beginning

Mornings will feel heavenly

Romantic will be your evenings

As you step up in life’s journey

Together as husband and wife

I wish you lots of

Luck, love and happiness in life


25) Curtains of love

Wallpapers of harmony

Tiles of joy

Carpets of memories

May you decorate

Your house with all of these

Congratulations on getting

Your new home’s keys


26) Your new house

Attracts many stares

You have done it up

With so much care

Your new home

Is as lovely as the couple you are

It is nothing less

Than the abode of a superstar



27) I hope your new home is filled

With a new memory every day

I hope it brings you

Good luck in every way

I hope your new home makes

You both happy

I hope it brings you both

Success and prosperity



28) Congratulations on buying

A new property

I am sure you feel

Very proud and happy

Now it is time

To throw your friends a party

In your new home

So they don’t send you poems so crappy


29) Your own home

Your own pad

Will make you happy

Never keep you sad

Your own house

Your own place

When you step inside

Will put a smile on your face



30) May your new home

And your new address

Bring you only peace

And lots of happiness

May you make the most

Of your life’s biggest investment

Buying a house

Is nothing less than an achievement