I miss you poems for ex-girlfriend

Romantic I miss you poem for ex-girlfriend

I miss you poems for ex-girlfriend: A breakup can shatter hearts and hopes. Dreams are left hanging in an abyss of emptiness when couples decide to go separate ways. But an absence of love doesn’t always mean that a guy and a girl have to hate each other. Exes can often find themselves in a mature frame of mind where they can comfortable confess that they miss each other, despite having moved on. If you can relate to this and you want to send a sweet poem to your ex-girlfriend, this post should get you started. Don’t write something that is too romantic. Don’t go overboard by sending her a greeting card. A simple text or a cute email will be all it takes to let her know that despite what happened in the past, you don’t regret the time you spent with her.


1) Maybe we didn’t trust each other enough

Maybe we fought a little too much

Maybe we couldn’t see a future together

Maybe our feelings, we weren’t able to judge

Maybe life wasn’t fair to us

Maybe something was amiss

Maybe there was a lot of chaos

Maybe we couldn’t recognize the bliss

Maybe we took the right decisions

Maybe breaking up was the best thing to do

Maybe our love story wasn’t meant to be

Maybe I just need to stop thinking about you

I miss you


2) If I had to write a song about you

Surreal Dream, is what I would call it

Because our relationship was too good to be true

I cherished it, bit by bit

Until the day it was torn apart

By silly misunderstandings and complications

Even today our breakup is a hazy memory

Did it really happen or was it just a hallucination

Everything about you and our love

Like a deja vu on repeat mode, it seems

Which is why I dedicate this poem to you

My ex-girlfriend, my surreal dream

I miss you


3) I still remember the first time we met

I fondly think about the time I asked you out

I smile when I think about our first date

After which, I couldn’t help but shout

I feel warm when I remember our first hug

It excites me when I think of our first kiss

The beautiful memories we share together

Of all these and more, I fondly reminisce

I miss you


4) Because I am your ex-boyfriend

People expect me to hate you for what you did

After all, my life was on track

Until you broke my heart, and everything suddenly slid

But I am not angry

I don’t have bitter feelings, it’s true

Maybe because I cherished every single moment

Of once, being a boyfriend of a beautiful girl like you

Don’t worry, I am not trying to flirt

Nor am I trying to create a new mess

I miss you, I all I wanted you to know

We have grown apart, but you will always be my princess


5) I have never been this clueless in my life

Not even when I failed again and again

I can’t pinpoint exactly how I feel

It’s not happiness, it is not pain

I guess it is just your absence

Which is making itself known

Maybe this weird state of emptiness

Is my heart’s moan

But I don’t know what to do

I was hoping you have a solution

For my hollow heart and lost soul

Do you have a resolution

I miss you


6) I can accept if you claim

That you have stopped loving me

But have you also forgotten

How we were once together, so happy

I don’t regret how destiny

Has made us go separate ways

But thinking about you and missing you

Is often how I spend my lonely days

I miss you


7) What is the most I miss about you

Is the question I often ask my heart

I get so many mixed answers

I just don’t know where to start

Deep down inside I know the truth

I realize that we can never again be together

But there is this tiny speck of hope

Which says, never say never

I miss you


8) Every time I look at our pictures

I think why we ruined such a good thing

It is almost like we deliberately

Clipped off our own wings

It’s a pity how things have turned out

All our dreams, are now at a loss

But I do believe that there will be a time

When our paths, once again cross

Our love may be a lost cause

But the memories still remain

I wouldn’t have had it any other way

Our love was beautiful, I can’t complain

I miss you


9) The most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me

Is the first time I heard you say the words I Love You

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine

That those words would blur my life’s view

It has been a long time since that day

The love has disappeared, hate has ensued

It is hard to believe that now, in the dumps

Is our relationship, which once we valued

I miss you


10) I know that all good things

Must eventually come to an end

Which is why you went from being

My eternal love, to my ex-girlfriend

But I am happy that we did not

Break apart too bitterly

I still have sweet memories

Of once, being a part of your destiny

Today I write to you

Not as a vengeful ex-boyfriend

But a guy who

Doesn’t want to pretend

I miss you

Lovely missing you card poem for ex-girlfriend

11) The flirty texts

The romantic dates

The good night calls

Talking about our fates

The priceless moments

The sweet memories

The cute cuddles

A life sans worries

The sudden breakup

The horrid loneliness

The bitter pain

I miss you, my princess


12) Since the day we broke up

In true love, I have stopped believing

Because even though people move on

The memories keep stinging

I have already made peace

With the fact that you are not mine anymore

But remembering the precious moments

We shared, makes my heart sore

Trust me, I don’t regret anything

The times we spent together

Have been engraved in my heart

Your memories, I will forever treasure

I miss you


13) There are two ways to describe how I feel

One of them is to just say that I am lost

Because every day goes by in a blur

As if my life’s been covered by a think frost

The other way to show you the state of my heart

Is to say that I feel like man who can’t dream

Memories and thoughts seem to just fly past

Even my soul is lifeless, without its gleam

In this hazy state, I have been

Since the day I let you walk away

I know I treated you in a way I shouldn’t have

I was wrong, I confess today

I miss you


14) To my ex-girlfriend…

Since the day we went separate ways

I have been left in a state of trance

I guess our relationship will always be

Sans of that one last beautiful dance

It is heartbreaking, this terrifying void

My heart feels numb and hollow

I know it is best if we stay apart

I guess I will tread along life’s road, solo

I miss you


15) You may be my ex

You may be my past

You may have forgotten me

You may have moved on fast

I am your ex

I don’t think about you all the while

But sometimes I miss you

And yes, it does make me smile


16) Life can sometimes be very cruel

Even beautiful memories can haunt you

This is what I have learnt

Since the day hate took over us two

We broke up and we have moved on

Our love has vanished in thin air

But then why do I still think about how good

Things were when we were a pair

I will probably never find out

The answer to this question

I guess memories and photographs

Are my heart’s only compensation

I miss you


17) Sometimes I dream about how it would be

If fate had played its game differently

But then I remind myself of the reasons

Why we broke up, why it was no longer fun

What happened, happened for the best

Is what I say to myself to put worries to rest

But I know I am creating a false perception

I miss you, it is a fact not a notion


18) There was a time when I called you my love

There was a time when I called you my princess

There was a time when I called you darling

There was a time when I called you my happiness

There was a time when I called you sweetheart

There was a time when I called you baby

Now, it aches me to call you my ex-girlfriend

I miss you, do you miss me


19) We broke up bitterly

But this poem is not about our spat

I don’t love you anymore

But this poem is not about that

I guess you are wondering

What is the fuss about this rhyme

The truth be told, I confess

I have been missing you all this time

I miss you


20) Did we do the right thing

By breaking up and going separate ways

I often ask myself this question

And think about that fateful day

We fought like enemies

Promising never to see each other again

But little did we know

How much it would later pain

I miss you

Cute message from ex-boyfriend to ex-girlfriend

21) Waking up next to your sun-kissed face

Is a memory which I will treasure forever

Holding you tightly in my arms

Is one of those moments I will forget, never

Watching you giggle and laugh

Is a sight that will always make me smile

Even though we broke up and spilt

Our relationship will always be worthwhile

I miss you


22) Sometimes I feel stripped bare of all my feelings

Just like a drought savaged piece of land

Sometimes I feel that my feelings are too complicated to understand

Just like getting stuck in quicksand

Sometimes I feel that my life is right on course

Just like cruising along on the freeway

Regardless of how I feel, there is one thing constant

You, and our memories, which I miss every day

I miss you


23) My ex-girlfriend, as much as you would like to believe

I don’t hate you, nor do I think about you with malice

If we bumped into each other again

I will smile, and might even give you a friendly kiss

I have become mature enough to embrace my feelings

So I don’t see the need to lie

Yes, we have both moved on happily

But thinking about you still gives me a high

I miss you


24) I feel NOTHING without the girl


It’s as if, from my life

SOMETHING is missing

EVERYTHING feels dull

NOTHING seems worth doing

Baby there is SOMETHING I want to say

I Miss You, my darling


25) Ex-girlfriends are portrayed as mean and nasty

But you have been really nice and friendly

I want to thank you for being so mature

If not for you, I would have lost my calm for sure

We may not have worked out as girlfriend and boyfriend

But there is definitely something special about our connection

Despite the fights, despite the arguments, despite the heartbreak

We still respect each other without creating a fuss

I miss you