Good morning poems for friends

Sweet good morning poem for friends

Good morning poems for friends: Friends are the people who make your life a long happy journey. Friends support you when you are wrong, they even help you get back on your feet when you are down. Friends celebrate your special days, they help you share your happiness in the most touching ways. Friendship comes without expectation, it is one of the most innocent and beautiful relationships that actually makes life worth living. Such a magical feeling should be cherished and celebrated every single day, not just on Friendship Day. Start celebrating your special bond with your best friend by sending a sweet good morning text. Share the love online with cute Facebook posts and funny quotes on Pinterest. Do whatever it takes to let your friends know that you are there for them no matter what – friendship is worth the effort.


1) Our relationship is much more than just friendship

I think we both are platonically joined at the soul

You are the most important person in my life

No one else can ever take your priceless role

Our bonding is a lot more than just smiles and laughs

Together, we also sob and cry

We understand each other like no one else can

We are the best friends, you and I

There is no better way to start a beautiful morning

Than to think about how awesome together we are

Although the night has now made way for the day

I can still see you – my life’s biggest star

Good morning


2) The moon’s brilliant radiance

Makes me want to hug you more, not just once

The cool breeze of the night

Makes me want to hug you tight

The vibrant colors of the evening sunset

Imply how when we are together, my worries I forget

The shade of a tree during a hot afternoon

Is how hanging out with you, is such a boon

The blissful rays of the morning sun

Signify how happy I feel when we have fun

The bright orange hues of the morning sky

Is how lovely the friendship is, between you and I

Good morning


3) No matter how

Successful you become

Always remember to greet

Your old chums

You should never be

Arrogant or rude

It is very important to start

Each day with gratitude

Keeping this in mind I have

Decided to thank you

For loving friends in this world

Like you, are very few

Good morning


4) From morning to noon

Afternoon to evening

You are the star

That always keeps shining

From today to tomorrow

Now and forever

Our friendship’s ties

Will never sever

Good morning


5) It’s so much fun to talk about others

While we are in our pajamas

The best part about being your bff

Is all the gossip and the drama

As silly as it sounds, this is definitely

One of the perks of being your friend

I hope our cute girly bond

Always stays the same, never ends

Good morning


6) The best way to wake up each and every morning

Is to think about friends like you

As long as our friendship keeps blooming

I don’t need any other friends, new

This is not just a silly rant

It is something that comes straight from the heart

The memories that we create every day

Make every day feel like a fresh new start

Good morning


7) Brothers and sisters keep putting you into trouble

Friends look for ways, how to make your happiness double

Parents and children make your life frustrating

But friends like you always make life more interesting

Colleagues and bosses can annoy you till no end

After which you can only find comfort in a friend

Girlfriends and boyfriends break your hearts

But friends always make you look forward to a new start

Good morning


8) I can’t spend a single day

If you are going to be away

Our friendship is so much fun

Without you, I can’t get anything done

What can I do

I think I am addicted to you

I don’t think there is any cure

Meeting you is the only remedy, I am sure

Good morning


9) Every morning reminds me

Of a debt that I will never be able to repay

It is the debt of our friendship

That keeps rising day by day

But as long as I am alive

I will strive my very best

To support special friends like you

Who are a notch above the rest

Now let me walk the talk

By dedicating this poem so sweet

To you my friend

Because our friendship is my life’s treat

Good morning


10) Good friends and amazing conversations

There is nothing more I need in life

A warm hug from a sweet friend like you

Wipes away all my worries and strife

So I want to start the day by thanking you

By tolerating all my rants and my mood swings

No matter how bad a day I’ve had before

Hearing your voice is all I need for happy beginnings

Good morning