Good morning messages for boyfriend

Romantic good morning message for boyfriend

Good morning messages for boyfriend: Send a sweet text to your guy to wish him a good morning. Follow it up by posting cute quotes on his Facebook and Pinterest. Last but not the least, tag him in a funny tweet to let him know that you are thinking about him. There are fewer things more romantic than exchanging mushy I Miss You and I Love You messages with your boyfriend in the morning while you still snuggled in your blanket. It is a recipe for the perfect start to the day. His virtual hugs and kisses will be all you need to smile and your flirty texts are all he will need to feel good about the day that lies ahead.


1) You are my sweetest dream come true. Good morning.


2) Your morning coffee will have a teaspoon of my love and a pinch of my hugs. Good morning darling.


3) I wish a good morning to the person whose kisses are the reason for my happiness and whose hugs make my life priceless.


4) I wish I could just come over, run my fingers through your hair and give you a soft kiss to wake you up. Good morning.


5) Mornings are the loneliest part of the day because that is when I need you most to give me warm hugs and cute cuddles. I miss you, good morning.


6) Wishing a good morning to the person who is the reason why I feel like waking up every day.


7) Gazing outside the window and thinking about you while I sip my morning coffee is the best part of my day. Good morning.


8) I will name my pillow after you and you can name your pillow after me. So we can give each other a warm hug every morning. Good morning sweetheart.


9) I love the sun because every time it comes up in the morning, it gives me yet another day to spend with the guy I dream about at night. Good morning.


10) Were you a coffee bean in your past life? Must be, because I can’t start my day without you. Good morning my love.


11) May a handsome guy like you have a day as awesome as a girl like me. Good morning.


12) Some girls just dream about having a hot boyfriend. I dream about it too, but I am living my dream every single day. Good morning to my hottie.


13) It doesn’t matter whether today is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. As long as are together, it will always be a beautiful day. Good morning.


14) Dates in the calendar change every day, but the fact that you have been my hottest date ever, will never change. Good morning.


15) Every day in my life is perfect because it starts by wishing you good morning. Have a great day.


16) I don’t know what is more romantic – the thought of seeing you in a few hours or the dream I had about you last night. Good morning.


17) Other girls wear makeup every morning to feel confident about themselves. All I do, is think about you. Good morning, I love you.


18) I woke up with a sweat not because the morning was too hot to handle because my dreams about you were too hot to handle. Good morning.


19) My pillow hates you because it knows that I would trade it for your warm shoulder any day. Good morning.


20) It doesn’t matter if I have a strong coffee or mild tea. I will feel the same as long as I know that you are thinking about me. Good morning.


21) This tweet goes out to the guy whose hugs make my days sweeter and kisses make my life brighter. Good morning.


22) The kind of glow you bring to my life is more radiant than a thousand sunrises combined. Good morning to my life’s sunshine.


23) I am looking into the mirror and I see a girl desperate to get a hug from her boy. I hope you are also looking into the mirror and seeing a boy who is desperate to give a hug to his girl. Good morning.


24) You have replaced my nightmares with dreams, my worries with happiness and my fears with love. Good morning.


25) Happy thoughts are the only cure for a sleepy morning and I feel happy thinking about you. Good morning.


26) Ever since we started dating I have begun hating early mornings because I need more time to dream about my handsome boyfriend. Good morning.


27) I was looking for something to keep me warm this chilly morning, so I thought of you. Good morning.


28) You came in my dreams last night and made me smile. I want to wish you good morning and make you smile too. Good morning, I love you.


29) I send you a good morning message every day is because I want to be the first person you think of. Good morning handsome.


30) Before I met you, I always had a hundred reasons to avoid waking up early. Since we started dating, I just have one reason to wake up early which is to see your adorable face every morning. Good morning.


31) Good morning love. In my life, you are like a blessing from the Heavens above.


32) Before you even take your first yawn, I want to you to read my sweet good morning message and experience a romantic dawn. Good morning.


33) The best part about this morning is that I am thinking about you but the worst part of this morning is that I am away from you. Wake up quickly, so I can meet you soon and hug you. Good morning.


34) I don’t want to live in the past but I can’t stop thinking about all the beautiful memories I share with you. I don’t want to live in the future but I can’t stop thinking about the happy times that lie ahead. I want to live in the present but I am always caught up dreaming about the past and the future – with you. Good morning.


35) I am rolling in bed and feeling sad, because you aren’t beside me. Good morning handsome.