Congratulations for job promotion: Messages for promotion at work

Congratulations for job promotion: Wish a colleague, boss, friend, husband, wife or partner for being promoted by writing a motivational congratulatory message. Take ideas from this post to write an inspirational quote on a congratulations card or a congratulatory letter. Getting a promotion is a result of hard work and dedication which eventually leads to success. Celebrate this important career milestone in a professional’s life by posting words of encouragement on Facebook, offering your best wishes and good luck by email or by leaving a recommendation on LinkedIn.


1) Management gurus have always thought that there were only two types of employees – leaders and followers. You have proved them wrong by being a leader when your team needed direction and being a follower when your bosses gave you instructions. No wonder you got promoted, congratulations.


2) Your promotion at work is a sign of the three S’s – Sincerity, Sacrifice and Success. Congratulations for being promoted.


3) You were a leader among your friends when you were young. Now you are a leader at work. This proves that true leaders are born leaders. Congratulations for being promoted to a managerial post.


4) Your skills are unmatched, your knowledge is priceless and your experience is invaluable. You are the employee that cannot be replaced or replicated. Congratulations for your well deserved promotion.


5) Your middle name should be Inspiration because you inspire your colleagues to become better professionals. Congratulation for being promoted.


6) Until today I thought that you were the most loving father to your kids, most romantic husband to me and most genuine buddy to your friends. Your promotion proves that you are also the best colleague to your co-workers. Congratulations for being the best in everything.


7) I can predict that there will be many jealous people in your list of connections on LinkedIn. Congratulations for being promoted to an enviable role.


8) Your promotion shows that your bosses have good decision making skills because they made the right decision by promoting a great employee. Congratulations.


9) Your friends know that you are the best. Your family knows that you are the best. Now even your boss knows that you are the best. Congratulations for getting a promotion.


10) Your promotion is just the first word in the first paragraph of the first page in your success story. There is lot more in store for you. Congratulations for getting promoted.


11) Are you a Steve Jobs in the making? Are you a Bill Gates in the making? Are you a Warren Buffet in the making? Are you a Mark Zuckerberg in the making? Are you a Larry Page in the making? This is just your first promotion, so we have lots of time to find out. Congratulations.


12) Being promoted at work while having a good life too, means that you have successfully juggled the problems of your colleagues, boss, wife, children and friends. Congratulations for being an all-round winner and problem solver.


13) All this while, I thought that your bosses were visually challenged because they couldn’t see that your promotion is long overdue. Did they get new glasses? Congratulations.


14) I will never make the mistake of saying that you were lucky to get a promotion in your job because I know that you have worked bloody hard for it. Congratulations for your promotion.


15) With your new promotion at work, your pockets will get heavier. But don’t worry because we will always be there to lighten them up. Congratulations.


16) Your promotion doesn’t come as a surprise to me. Hardworking, reliable, efficient, organized, proactive and effective people usually always get promotions in life. Congratulations for getting promoted to your dream title.


17) Promotions are conspiracies hatched by companies to retain hard working employees. Congratulations for becoming a victim to this conspiracy.


18) Your job promotion has exposed the gritty, passionate and zealous winner who has been sitting inside you all this while. May you always win in life. Congratulations for getting promoted.


19) Your promotion and success in your job will give you a lot to look forward to – more colleagues, more bosses and even more flatterers. Good luck in dealing with the lot and congratulations for getting promoted.


20) I am not Neil Armstrong but I feel like twisting one of his quotes to tell you – May your first tiny step towards professional success eventually become a giant leap in your career. Congratulations on getting a promotion.


21) Somehow, I wasn’t too excited on hearing the news about your promotion. That’s because I always knew that you were going to get it one day or the other. Congratulations.


22) No matter how flavorsome the ingredients of a dish are, it will be incomplete without salt. No matter how fancy a college degree a student gets, his career will not progress without the right attitude to work hard. You have proved this. Congratulations for your promotion.


23) I have already made an announcement on my Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus that you have scored an awesome promotion at work. Be ready to be bombarded with congratulatory messages and requests for parties. Congratulations buddy.


24) Your promotion has elevated you not only in the eyes of your colleagues and bosses. Your promotion has also elevated you in the eyes of your friends and family. Congratulations.


25) Working overtime, attending seminars voluntarily and helping colleagues without any personal gain – there are no short term rewards for these things but you have proved that there are many long term gains. Congratulations for your promotion, you have set a great example.


26) Now we all know why you kept praising your bosses and treated them to coffee and beer every now and then. Jokes aside, congratulations for a well deserved promotion.


27) Your promotion is just another rung in the ladder of success, just another feather in your cap and just another flying color with which you have succeeded. Congratulations for getting another promotion.


28) Your promotion has reaffirmed my faith in traditional values which include perseverance, hard work, dedication and determination. It has also reaffirmed my hate towards malpractices including flattery, office politics and sabotage. Congratulations for being promoted as a righteous employee.


29) Your PROMOTION means that you have been Persistent, Resilient, Obedient, Motivated, Outstanding, Terrific, Impressive, Optimistic and Nifty at work. Congratulations on being promoted, keep it up.


30) You have always been the most beautiful wife, caring mother and loving daughter. But now you have been that you are also the most professional employee in your team. Congratulations to my dear wife for being promoted.