Bon voyage poems

Bon voyage poems: A plain bon voyage card may not be enough to wish loved ones before they board their flights to travel interstate or overseas. Whether it is your best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or your closest colleague, write a sweet bon voyage poem to wish them good luck and a safe trip. Send a text message if you are unable to see them in person. Your poem will make them look forward to their tour. It will also let them know that you will be missing them while they are gone.


1) Embrace the sun’s glare

Feel the wind in your hair

Take a break from life’s race

Enjoy the rain drops on your face

Forget your worries as you go away

Bon voyage, enjoy your holiday


2) As you leave for your holiday

You will be lounging on sunny beaches

I am sure that you will also love

Gorging on the most exotic dishes

But never forget that you will come back

To pending bills and a dirty garden

And most importantly a boss

As annoying as a jail warden

Bon voyage


3) No matter how much you enjoy your holiday

No matter how much you enjoy your stay

No matter how much you enjoy snorkeling at the bay

No matter how much you enjoy partying all day

Always remember that you have a mortgage to pay

Bon voyage, have fun while you are away


4) Enjoy your holidays like a king

Bounce from one shop to another like a spring

Don’t be afraid to swipe your credit card

After all, you have been working hard

Bon voyage


5) All the best and do well

Shine out and cast your spell

Use your knowledge and spell out the facts

We are hoping that you bag all the contracts

For the important business tour that you are about to do

We all wish bon voyage to you


6) Be safe and take care, I am not saying

Because I don’t want to sound boring

May you enjoy and have fun, is what I am wishing

Whether it is shining or pouring

Bon voyage, for your return I will be waiting


7) So you are off on a business trip

For which, your company is going to pay

Run up your room service bills and enjoy expensive champagne

You work hard all year long, this is your chance to play

Bon voyage


8) You must be a little nervous, I can imagine

For the first time, you are going overseas

Stop worrying, everything will be alright

I hope my message has put you to ease

Bon voyage


9) As you leave

For your business trip

I hope that the new contract

From your hands, does not slip

Bon voyage


10) As you bid your home goodbye

To a foreign land, as you fly

Gather stories one by one

Of the things you did to have fun

Come back soon and have a safe journey

Bon voyage to you and your family


11) May all your travels

Unwrap and unravel

The best of experiences

Sights not worth a miss

As you begin a journey new

I wish bon voyage to you


12) As you travel far and wide

Across choppy seas with high tides

As you travel to cities with buildings high

As you start missing home and heave a sigh

Remember that there are only a lucky few

Who get to take a holiday abroad like you

Bon voyage


13) On a luxurious cruise, hopping aboard

Is a luxury that only a few can afford

May have you have the opportunity to see amazing sights

Bon voyage to you and have a good flight


14) Visiting a new place every time

Will help you experience new cultures fine

Visiting rare destinations known to only a few

Will help you to discover experiences new

Bon voyage to you my friend

My good wishes to you I send


15) One more vacation?

One more holiday?

I am so jealous of you

Is all I can say

Bon voyage


16) Since holidays are meant to be

Fulfilling and carefree

I hope you get plenty of rest

And your vacation turns out to be the best

Bon voyage


17) Whether it is Bali or Bangkok

Tourists like you love to flock

To places most beautiful and exotic

Yours is always the choicest pick

May you have a fantastic holiday

For your safe journey, I will pray

Bon voyage


18) Whether you splurge to travel by plane

Or you save a few pennies and travel by train

Whether you book a luxury cruise

Or to drive to your destination, you choose

Whether you stay in a 5-star hotel

Or you stay in a budget motel

Have fun in whatever you do

I wish bon voyage to you


19) Traveling is the true essence of living

Just like charity’s true essence is giving

As you travel to different places

And meet new faces

May you come back enlightened

With your experiences deeply widened

Bon voyage


20) No matter where you go

I always want you to know

For your safety I will always pray

Whenever you go on a holiday

Bon voyage


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